My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

My very little ponies

     “Alright Twilight, you will be the first to see this.”

     “But why me? And why do you not want anypony else to see whatever it is you’re going to show me?”

     “Because I feel that you are the most level headed out of all of everyone here, and the most rational. At least most of the time.”

     This is it. After Twilight asked me that question after we ate I couldn't really wait any longer. If I did there was a fairly good chance that she and the others might have found out by watching the television. This way at least I will be able to calm her down if she goes nuts from seeing this.

     But… If she does freak out how the hell am I going to calm her down? Am I supposed to just come up with some magic words to make her feel better? How would I do that? If it was me who heard something like this about my life, I know I would freak out. I mean, yeah, I would calm down eventually, but I would have so many questions still.

     I put such thoughts out of my mind for the time being however while I get my laptop, and bring it over to Twilight. Back when I was more interested in MLP I downloaded the first two episodes. Though even when I stopped really liking it I still kept those episodes on my computer. From the episodes I remember they are still my favorites.

     “Micah, can this thing show images similar to the ones on the television?”, Twilight asks as she looks at my computer screen, and then onto the keyboard. “And I presume that you press those keys to input commands and such, correct?”

     “Right on both counts Twilight. This is in my favorite piece of entertainment technology. It shows images, information of all sorts thanks to the internet, and if you have the appropriate software you can create art on here as well. I might show you some of that”, I say, and turn on the computer, the typical Windows opening showing on the screen.

     “Ooh. Very interesting”, Twilight says as she moves closer to the screen. “The quality of the image seems to be equal to those on your television.”

     “That’s correct. Now, give me one moment to put in my password please”, I say, and angle the screen so that only I can see it. Though Twilight tries to sneak a peek, no doubt out of her curiosity.

     After I put in the password it starts up, and takes me to my homepage. I angle it back so that Twilight and I can both look at it, and quickly she asks another question.

     “What is that picture from? I haven’t seen any buildings of that sort while we were outside. It seems most odd compared to those I’ve seen in this city”, Twilight says, her hoof under her chin as she analyzes the picture.

     “Oh that? It, well… It would take a while to explain, but long story short it is a very, very important place for me and those of my faith. It is one of the oldest sites I know of in that country, and somewhere I wish I could visit. I didn’t get the chance to when I went abroad as I got sick the day we were going to go there. I bet you would love it if you could visit. There is a lot of history there.”

     “It would be amazing if I could go there. There or any other city in your world. Oh! If we could bring you with us, I just know you would love it if you could see Canterlot, Ponyville, Manehattan, or any city in Equestria! You wouldn’t believe it if you saw them!”, Twilight says with a smile as she turns to look up at me. I never tire of seeing that smile. That purely happy smile, either from her or the other five.

     Though if only she knew about what I am going to show her.

     “Heh… Right… And, about that, well… Watch.”

     And then, with one click on the mouse pad, I start it.

     Twilight appears transfixed as music comes forth from the speakers, though that appearance quickly fades away once Celestia’s voice is heard and the opening images are shown. Her eyes go wide, and her mouth hangs open. She walks over my computer keyboard and presses against the screen with her hoof.

     A small part of me wants to pull her back though I quickly toss that thought aside. She is most likely freaking out enough as is. It would probably be best if I leave her be for the moment.

     “How… How is this possi-ah!”

     Twilight jumps back slightly as the intro music suddenly starts blaring out of the speakers. Ugh, that is one thing I have to say I dislike. I never liked that intro. Couldn’t the makers of the show have made a better one?

     “Micah, I have many, many questions, but first of all, what is this?”, Twilight says as she points her hoof towards the screen, which is still showing the intro.

     “It is an intro for the show. Each part of the show, or rather each episode, has it.”

     “I need everypony else to see this”, Twilight says worriedly, and before I have the chance to say a word more she dashes away out of the room.

     “Twilight wait, I wanted everypony to see it one at a time!”

     Crap, this isn’t going how I planned it. This would have been a lot easier if I could have shown this to one pony at a time rather than all at once. Oh G-d I just wonder how Rainbow will react to me keeping this from them. Thank G-d she is toy sized, if she was normal sized and she gets angry, that would be awful.

     I hear shouting out of my room, and quickly Twilight rushes back in with everypony else right behind her. Twilight jumps almost right on top of my keyboard, Pinkie jumps onto my leg, Applejack sits right next to Pinkie with Rarity on my other leg, and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy each on a shoulder.

     “Alright now Twilight, what didya want all of us ta see so… badly?”, Applejack says, as her reaction mimics that of Twilight from earlier, and the other four all react in a similar manner.

     “Oh… Oh my goodness.”

     “My dear Micah… What is this?”

     “How the hey is this going on?”

     “Hehe, you look like a big worry wart there Twilight!”

     Or all except Pinkie react like that. I should have guessed she wouldn’t have been as worried.

     Oh, how I wish I had an idea what to say to all of them. I don’t got a clue however. How would one talk to somepony who is seeing this for the first time? I wish I had some sort of magic words that would work perfectly.

     “This is so similar. I… I don’t know how this is possible”, Twilight says, her ears down against her head while she stares at the screen, which right now has Twilight landing in Ponyville.

     “Similar? So it’s not exactly the same?”, I ask as on the screen Pinkie Pie walks up to Twilight for the first time.

     “Well, not, not exactly. It’s close, but not all the words are the same, and-and Spike and I spoke for a while in the carriage before we landed in Ponyville.”

     I hear Pinkie start laughing once she sees Twilight introducing herself to Pinkie for the first time, followed, of course, by Pinkie gasping and running off.

     “Well that part happened just like that! I remember that, I saw a new pony and I walked up to her because I thought ‘I don’t remember seeing her before’ and I realized she was new and I just had to get a party ready for her because everypony who is new to Ponyville deserves a party and-mph!”

     “Alright Pinkie Pie, we get it”, I say, my finger over her mouth.

     I hear a chuckle from Rainbow Dash, and she leans over towards my ear, and asks with a whisper, “I don’t know how you are showing this, but will we see me in this?”

     “Yeah, you’re in it. It shouldn’t be so long until we see you, though first we will be seeing… I think Applejack”, I say.

     No sooner do the words leave my lips, we see Twilight and Spike walking through Sweet Apple Acres and I hear one of them gasping.

     “That’s Sweet Apple Acres. And… There’s me!”, Applejack shouts as on the screen it shows her bucking one of the trees.

     “Micah. I want you and I to talk. Alone”, Twilight says as she jumps off of my bed, walking out of the bedroom towards the main room.

     “Oh crap this isn’t going to be good.”

     “I… I am sure she will be alright Micah. Though you should go to her, like she said. Twilight must have a great many questions”, Rarity says, glancing up at me.

     “Though what about you mares? Are you seriously saying you don’t have any questions?”, I ask, raising an eyebrow.

     “Course we do, but Ah gotta agree with Rarity. Twilight probably needs your help more than we do”, Applejack says as she looks up at me, same as Rarity.

     “But I, I don’t know what the hell I am supposed to say! Will she be angry and I should let her just go at me, will she be needing me to say something comforting or will she be needing something else entirely?!”

     “You’ll think of somethin’”, I hear Applejack say, looking up at me. “An’ though we got a lot of questions too, Twi needs ya most.”

     “Ugh, Applejack, I have no idea what to say. I know in stories and such people always know what to say at the right moment, but I don’t. I’ve got bupkis. If you put bupkis and squat together, and they had a kid, I would still have less than that.”

     “Just listen, and speak kindly. Sometimes that’s all anypony needs. Oh, and don’t say anythin’ stupid.” Applejack’s expression changes slightly, her lips curling into a smirk when she says, “You can do that can’t ya?”

     “Oh, so funny Applejack. Oh so funny”, I say sarcastically as I get off of my bed. “Wish me luck everypony.”

     Each of them says their well wishes as I head off towards Twilight, leaving the show playing for them to watch. And then my mind goes back to what I mentioned just a moment ago.

     What the hell am I going to say to Twilight?

     I really did not think this through. Why the hell did I just show this to Twilight without any plan? I knew I would have to explain this to her somehow so why didn’t I think of anything? Ugh, this sucks! Why did I have to be a baker instead of a scientist, or someone with a basic knowledge of this sort of thing?! Gah!

     Just, just don’t think about that right now. Just try to be there for Twilight, and listen to her and help out if you can.

     “Um, so, Twilight, you said you wanted to talk. I’m all ears”, I say as I step into the main room, and see Twilight.

     She’s laying on the couch, curled up with her ears lying flat against her head. I cannot see her eyes however as her tale is covering most of it, save for her ears. Twilight reminds me a bit of my cat when they are tired, curled up in the same manner with the tale next to the head. I can’t help but think that looks adorable.

     I move towards her, sitting down on the floor so my face won’t be so far above her and is closer to her own level. That would probably make her feel a bit more comfortable at least.

     “I would ask if you are alright, though I think the answer to that is rather obvious”, I say softly.

     The unicorn moves her tale from over her head, glancing towards me. Thankfully she does not appear sad or angry, but I do think nervous would be an apt description.

     “Hi. I guess you have no idea about how… How your world shows such images as that from Equestria, do you?”, Twilight asks as she gets to her feet.

     “You have no idea how much I wish that I could answer that. But I have no idea. There are such things as the multiverse theory, but I for one don’t put much stock in such things as that”, I say, recalling that theory. I wonder how people think that sort of stuff up in the first place.

     Twilight sighs, keeping her ears flat as she moves to within no more than a foot away. She doesn’t look as calm as she was just a moment ago. I definitely don’t like that look in her eyes.

     “Micah, please, are you sure you can’t think of any reason for how this is possible? I just, there has to be some reason. There has to be!”

     I jump back a bit at Twilight’s ending shout, not expecting that from her.

     “I, I am sorry Twilight. I said before and will say so once more, I don’t know. The only thing I can say is that before I met you I… I never imagined that any of this was possible”, I say, and edge away from her a bit, scooting away from the couch.

     Twilight looks more and more worried the longer she looks at me, her eyes locked with mine. I only wish I knew what was going through her head right now. I mean, yeah, she is obviously upset, and anyone would be. Though I just wish I knew what the hell to say.

     “Twilight… I-”

     I let out a short gasp in shock when I see a purple blur leaping straight at me, landing right on my chest, her magic grasping my shirt collar.

     “Micah, please, please tell me we’re not just your imagination!”, Twilight shouts, her eyes showing a mix of fear, anger and sadness.

     “What? Twilight, why in the world would you think that? You’re too smart to buy into something like that”, I say, picking her up off of my chest, gently holding her in the palms of my hands.

     “But here we’re just a show! We’re nothing more than something for you to watch and laugh at for entertainment!”, Twilight says, as she continues to shout. Though at least now she isn’t yanking on my shirt collar.

     “That may be but that doesn’t change the fact that I know you are not just my imagination, or from the imagination of others”, I say softly.

     “But how do you know? What if after you hit your head when you fell, you were just hallucinating? What if you still are? You said yourself you thought you were dreaming!”

     “Though only for a while! When I woke up the next day I figured out I wasn’t. Trust me, you are real.”

     Wow, this is getting repetitive. There are only oh so many ways I can say that I know she is real. There has to be something I can say to help calm her down.

     “But you don’t know that! All of this, it might just be one big dream! I, I just-”

     “Twilight, calm down!”, I say, placing my finger over her mouth. “Just, just give me a second to think, alright? Please?”

     Slowly I remove my finger from her mouth and thank G-d she stays quiet. Though it is now that she is quiet I am better able to see how she is faring.

     I notice there are tears forming in her eyes. Actual tears. This is the first time I have seen her or any of the others ever cry in person. I remember that Pinkie looked somewhat upset before at the bakery but she never had tears in her eyes.

     But Twilight? She was one of the more serious ones. I cannot remember many moments when she was like this. I mean, sure she would get emotional sometimes, after all who doesn’t? Though this is still rather odd for her.

     However that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t show her any concrete proof for how I know she is real.

     Just listen, and speak kindly. Sometimes that’s all anypony needs.

     If this was a cartoon, a lightbulb would have just appeared over my head. I better thank Applejack for that idea when I see her next.

     “Let me tell you some things that Pinkie, Rarity and Skittles and I have done the last few days. Will you let me do that? Will you please let me do that, with no interruptions?”, I ask softly, gently wiping away a tear of hers.

     Twilight doesn’t speak, but she slowly nods in the affirmative, her breathing getting a little steadier.

     “Thank you”, I say, smiling.

     “First, Pinkie Pie. You remember when she went to the bakery with me, right? That day when she hitched a ride in my backpack?”, I ask, speaking as softly and as gently as I can. Again, after I speak Twilight nods.

     “Did I tell you about the stuff she and I got into when we were there? Exactly what happened? I know you are aware of me being in the fridge for a while since I got accidentally locked in, but did I tell you about some other things that occurred?”

     “No. No you didn’t speak much about it. I, I just know that she helped you at the bakery”, Twilight says as I hear a sniffle from her.

     “Ah. I guess then I didn’t tell you that she helped me with a huge order by somehow creating one of the weirdest contraptions ever? One little action by her and suddenly all the mixers were mixing, and all the right ingredients were pouring into the bowls perfectly. Ah, and after that, to make me smile, she tickled me silly”, I say, my lips curling up into a smile as I recall that event.

     Twilight, for a short moment, like a split second actually shows a smile. A small, very slight grin. It was there very shortly before her expression changed back, but it was there. So what I said seems to be working, at least a little bit.

     “What does that have to do with-”

     “Ah ah, Twilight, I’m not done yet. Next, is Rarity. You should have seen her reaction when she first saw the clothes at the thrift shop. She just seemed terrified! Her reaction to them was similar to when she first saw your messy mane. She actually screamed from the sight of the shirts!”

     That was definitely an odd day. I remember I was weirded out from the fact that I had a tiny unicorn helping me pick out clothes. Specifically when she had me turn around to check my tuchus to make sure the pants fit me right. Though the clothes were nice, I have to admit. And Leah also certainly liked them too.

     Twilight laughs for a moment, wiping away some of her tears as she says, “That sounds like her Micah, but still I don’t-”

     “Now now, Twilight”, I say, placing my finger once again gently over her lips. “Still not finished. You agreed I could speak until I am done.”

     “Alrighty now, time to regale you of my time with Skittles. You remember when Skittles flew outside, when it was extremely rainy, right? I got back into the apartment and I was totally soaked from head to toe. What I didn’t say is that Skittles scared the hell out of me by flying right behind me, and right after a strike of lightning she imitated the sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if I jumped almost as high as Pinkie Pie can, she scared me so much. You should have heard Skittles, she was laughing like crazy. But she also took the blame for my clothes being soaked, so Rarity wouldn’t get ticked.”

     Like before, Twilight's expression changes. I hear a slight chuckle coming from her, even though her eyes stay watery.

     “That definitely sounds like Rainbow. I thought that Rainbow Dash wasn’t telling everything that happened”, Twilight says with a smile and wipes away a tear with her hoof. “She actually made you jump from being scared?”

     “Oh yes, she did. And after making me jump I tripped and fell flat onto my back. While I was ticked at her I have to admit that was pretty funny”, I say, glad to see her cheering up a little, even if her tears remain.

     And the fact I threw Rainbow’s own logic for a loop afterwards was rather nice too.

     “But I still don’t see why you talked about that. It, it doesn’t change anything”, Twilight says as her smile goes away once more.

     “I said all of that for two reasons, Miss Sparkle. One was just to cheer you up since you were upset, like anypony else would be from hearing such news as what you have heard. And I know it helped a bit, don’t think I did not see you smiling.”

     “And what’s the other reason?”, Twilight asks, taking one step towards me.

     “I do not feel that my imagination would be able to think up those sort of things. Especially because I have not seen all that much of the show, nor do I remember much more than the basics about the show, and the six of you. If you were only my imagination I do not believe those events could not have occurred.”

     “But, but that still doesn’t change that you don’t know. You, you still don’t know!”, Twilight shouts, her eyes closing and crying. I can feel her heart beating away fast like a drum under her coat as I once again move a finger gently over her.

     Wait. I don’t know if that will do anything, but, it is the only thing I can think of right now.

     I bring Twilight, still crying, close to my face as I continue to gently and soothingly move my finger over her, similar to how one would do so with a pet or moving a hand over a troubled friend.

     “Twilight listen to me. You are real. You are not a figment of my imagination. You are not simply a work of fiction made for children to laugh at. I have yet to meet anyone or anypony like you.”

     Slowly, Twilight looks up at my face, our eyes meeting once again. I only wish those eyes weren’t filled with tears.

     “You are a wise, intelligent young mare. You have a passion for learning that is greater than nearly anyone or anypony else I have seen. When you want to learn something you never stop until you know the answer. I don’t think such things can ever be replicated by ones imagination.”

     “And there is something else right now that I feel. I can feel the very beating of your heart. I can tell from that, from it beating like a drum how worried you are. Along with that I can tell you have a strong heart. You would have to have one to have gone up against all the threats you have faced”, I say, as she wipes some of the tears from her eyes.

     “Nopony with as strong a heart and mind as yours could be my imagination. I know, I truly know, you are real. Not my imagination, not a piece of fiction, but you are rea-”

     Before I am able to finish speaking, Twilight jumps towards me once more. This time she grabs onto my cheek, holding tightly as she can. I gently place a hand around her to help hold her up.

     She doesn’t speak a single word, and all I can hear is her still sobbing. For a while as she holds me I don’t know exactly how she feels. At least that is the case until she speaks.

     “Thank you, Micah. Just… Just thank you.”

     “Aw, that’s so cute!”

     Turning towards the sound of the voice, I see five little ponies looking at Twilight and I from the hall. Each one of them has a smile, Pinkie’s of course being the widest.

     “Um, might I ask how much you heard?”, I ask, as Twilight also looks towards the five of them.

     “We heard every bit of it since y’all started shoutin’”, Applejack says as she and the others walk towards us. “Was dang hard not to hear y’all.”

     “Yeah… I suppose it would be, wouldn’t it?”

     “Are you alright now Twilight?”, Rarity asks, as I let Twilight down next to her and the others.

     “I don’t know exactly”, Twilight says to Rarity, before turning to look up at me. Slowly though, her lips curve up into a slight smile. And then she says something that is at least a somewhat positive sign.

     “But I think I will be.”

     Now it’s my turn to smile as I see her finally seeming at least somewhat happy. Though, as seems to happen often as of late, before I have the chance to say something, somepony else beats me to it.

     “Group hug!”

     Pinkie grabs Twilight and the others somehow all on her own. With Pinkie, I no longer question that sort of thing. She pulls them all into tight enough of a hug that I swear Twilight is starting to turn a slight shade of blue.

     Then however, Pinkie looks up at me, saying, “You too big guy!”

     Well I did not see that coming.

     “What? Really? I wouldn’t want to-”

     Next thing I know, I have Skittles, Pinkie, and Applejack grabbing my shirt collar and trying to tug me down. It is rather amusing to see them try to do that. If they were normal sized I don’t doubt they could be able to pull me down, but now all they can do is tug just a bit.

     “Come on Mikey Wikey, we need a full group hug!”, Pinkie says as she continues to try and pull with Skittles and Applejack.

     “Are you sure? I don’t think I am small enough for you to hug”, I say with a smirk.

     “Oh come on now and get down here”, Applejack says as she lets go and rejoins Twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy.

     “Well, since you asked so nicely.”

     To get down close enough to them I have to lay down fully on my stomach, my face close to them for any sort of hug to be possible. It’s a bit odd, but it should work. And almost as soon as I do that, I feel all six of them around me. Each one of them smiles and has their eyes closed, save for one.

     Once again, Twilight’s eyes and mine meet. But, now there is one difference. One wonderful, oh so welcome difference.

     There are no tears.

     She says no words. Not a one. But just her having no tears is enough for me right now. She simply smiles before closing her eyes and getting in closer, holding me closely.

     I don’t know how long we stay there. We don’t say a word to each other, not any of us. We just stay there, holding one another. And While I do not have all the answers for them, though I wish I did, I do know one thing.

     I will be here for them. I shall always be here for them. For as long as they are here, I shall be there for them, and help them as much as they need me. My friends. My very little ponies.