My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21


     Thankfully all of the kittens are doing well, last I heard from Solomon. Each and every one of them is healthy, and Bonnie is doing quite well also. Clyde of course is good as well, the lazy slob. And of course, as Solomon is my brother, he won’t charge me a penny for looking after the little creatures. That is a major benefit of having a veterinarian as a brother.

     Along with that I am extremely glad that Twilight and I were able to ease the tension between us. Though it would be far better if the apology wasn’t interrupted by Fluttershy. Sure, we got the basic ‘sorry’ out of the way, but still.

     I would like to think of something that I could do for her. Something that she would really enjoy that she wouldn’t be able to do in Equestria. And as I think of that I notice that there isn’t all that much she can do in Equestria that she can’t do here. I mean, yeah, she won’t have the technology here in Equestria, but there should be something else that she would love.

     Maybe one of the other ponies would have an idea.

     I leave the bedroom to look for them. They should have some manner of an idea for what Twilight would like to do. And shortly I see five of the ponies. Twilight is not amongst them, as she has gone back to my collection of books.

     “Hey there ladies. What are you talking about?” I inquire, sitting down next to them.

     “Howdy Micah. We’re talkin’ ‘bout the kittens. They were some of the prettiest little things Ah’ve ever seen,” Applejack states with a smile.

     All of the ponies echo murmurs of agreement, and all smile just as Applejack does.

     “Do you think we can see the little babies before we leave Micah?” Fluttershy asks, flying up to my eye level with a hopeful smile.

     “I don’t see why not. And when you do you will probably be able to see all the other animals, which I bet you will definitely like. But before I forget I have a question for all of you,” I state as I look towards Twilight, still reading.

     “What would that be dear?” Rarity asks, before following my gaze towards Twilight. “Would it by chance concern Twilight?”

     “Yep. I’m trying to think of a way to apologize to her. I want to do something for her that she won’t be able to do back in Equestria. Do you have any ideas for that? Any at all?”

     “You and I can bake her a delicious super duper yummy cake! Wanna do that?” Pinkie Pie asks as she somehow jumps from the floor up to my shoulder in nearly the blink of an eye.

     “Um… No thank you, Pinkie. I want to do something else for her,” I say, and gently place Pinkie back on the ground with the others.

     “She is a major egghead. Maybe you can take her to a library? You have those here, right?” Skittles asks, flying up towards me.

     “Yeah, we have those. But she has libraries in Equestria, and has read plenty of my books already,” I state, pondering my options.

     Applejack speaks up next. “Do ya’ll got any museums ‘round these parts?”


     I quickly grab Applejack, bringing her up to eye level. “Applejack, that’s a perfect idea! I know just the one to take her to! It’s not too expensive, nor is it too far away! It will be perfect!”

     “Whoa now, steady there pardner, take it easy,” Applejack says as she steadies herself. “Ah don’t want you to go and drop me from bein’ all excited.”

     I calm myself, and place Applejack back down carefully. “Sorry, sorry. That was just an awesome idea. I know she will love it.”

     “Who will love what?”

     I look at Twilight, and see that she has left her reading, and has walked over to us. “What are you talking about?”

     I smile a very wide smile, and say, “Well, Twilight, how does going to a human museum sound to you? Would you like that?”

     Twilight’s jaw instantly drops. “A-a human museum? An actual human museum? Really?”

     “Heh, yes Twilight. An actual human museum. The one I have in mind isn’t as grand as some of them, but I think that you would probably enjoy it. So would you like to go?”

     Twilight begins prancing about in circles, a very happy smile on her face which definitely gives me my answer. “Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!”

     Applejack and I laugh at the sight, which gets Twilight to stop. A visible red blush appears on her cheeks as she looks slightly embarrassed.

     Twilight sheepishly grins. “Um… Yes, please.”

     “Alright then. It will take at least an hour, maybe more to get there. I’ll go get ready right now,” I state as I get up to get some cash and my shoes.

     Pinkie jumps onto my leg as I get up and grabs my pants, looking up at me wide eyed. “Can I come with you? I bet it will be super duper fun!”

     “Pinkie Pie, I don’t think you’d like it that much. It is a museum. It would probably be pretty boring for you,” I state as I pry her from my pants, causing her then to cling to my hand.

     “But I want to go outside! Please! I wanna go with you!” Pinkie Pie begs, pouting.

     “Well… Twilight, what do you think? Should I let her come with, or should it just be you and I? Your choice,” I say, looking to Twilight as I try to pry Pinkie off of my hand.

     “Of course she can come! Everypony can come with us! Oh, maybe I should bring a pencil and some paper! Do you think I should take notes? Could you maybe take notes for me? No, no I always prefer to do it myself. Will we have enough time to see all that is inside?”

     Twilight continues to list off any and all concerns I think anybody could have. I, meanwhile, look at the other five ponies.

     “Well, you want to come along? Twilight is obviously fine with it so I see no reason for you all not to come along,” I ask them all.

     “I think it would be a lovely outing. I will gladly go with you both,” Rarity says.

     “I’m definitely going! Thanks Mikey Wikey!” Pinkie Pie ecstatically states, hugging my hand tightly.

     “I-I don’t know, but, since you are all going, I guess I’ll come along too,” Fluttershy says with a slight smile.

     “Ah don’t see no reason why not. Sure, Ah’ll come along with ya,” Applejack follows up, nodding.

     “I don’t know. A museum sounds boring to me. I don’t think that’s my thing,” Skittles says. “I’m not sure if I want to go.”

     “Are you sure about that Skittles? You’d be stuck here by yourself, that’d be pretty boring as well,” I state as I move to grab my shoes, Pinkie Pie still happily clinging to my hand.

     “I know. But a museum? A bunch of old stuff that is just there to look at and nothing else? Boring.”

     “What if I told you we had flying machines of our own there that you can look at? They don’t exactly work now of course, but they are still interesting to look at,” I say, suggesting pretty much the only thing that she might be interested in there.

     That seems to catch Skittles’ attention, as she flies up to my shoulder. “You’re not lying, are you?”

     “No Skittles, I’m not lying. I would never do that with Applejack nearby,” I say, glancing at said pony who has gone back to conversing with the others.

     “Well… Alright, I’ll come with ya. It better not be too boring though!” Skittles says with a smile, flying off of my shoulder.

     “Good. Well everypony, get yourselves ready. The moment I get my shoes together, it’s off to the museum!”


     “Here we are ladies. I hope the bus ride wasn’t too annoying for you,” I ask the mares, who are in a shoulder bag. It has enough space to hold them all, thankfully.

     “Ugh! Micah, really, next time you must carry us in something more clean,” Rarity states in disgust as she pokes her head out of the bag.

     “Hey, get back in there! We’re going to go inside and I don’t want you seen by whoever’s at the entrance!”

     Rarity protests as I gently push her head back into the bag. “Oh, so much dust and lint in here!”

     I allow myself a chuckle as I go into the entrance of the museum. It isn’t anything great or magnificent compared to many others in the state, but it has history, which is something I enjoy greatly. Prices are fairly decent as well, which is definitely a bonus.

     “Hello sir. Just yourself I take it?” the ticket handler asks me as I approach.

     “Yep. Just me.”

     I give the required amount of cash, and I quickly step through. Thankfully this place doesn’t require you to leave your bags at the front or out of the museum entirely. It would be hard to bring the mares in otherwise.

     Twilight pops her head out of the bag, as does everypony else. The first thing they see is of course that which everybody else sees when they first enter.

     “‘In those days when the earth was young, trees were scarce; the land at large was open and easy to go over; there was no moon, no sun and the people lived in a kind of perpetual twilight. They mingled with the animals; birds, beasts and men having a common tongue’. I presume that this is a part of a tale of your people?” Twilight asks, after reading off the entire sign.

     “Not my people really, but that of the first people here, aye. Native Americans, as they are called today. However that is a broad term for quite a varied people, I admit. We have some artifacts and cultural items of theirs here,” I say, looking in the direction where they are.

     Twilight grins wide enough to rival Pinkie Pie’s, and actually jumps out of the bag. Though I catch her before she gets away.

     “Micah, you can let me go, really. I will be fine here!” Twilight adamantly states as she tries to squirm out of my hand.

     “Twilight, I don’t want to risk you getting seen. There aren’t many people here today but I don’t want to risk it.”

     “Yeah Twi, ya should calm yourself down a notch,” Applejack interjects as I place Twilight back in the bag.

     “Sorry, sorry, I just, I want to see everything!” Twilight says, trying to get a good view while still being in the bag.

     “I get that Twilight. Just try and calm down a little bit, ok? I will take you towards the exhibit,” I say, and start doing so immediately in hoping that Twilight won’t try to jump out again.

     No sooner do we arrive at the exhibit does Twilight begin to examine everything in front of us. Everything from traditional masks, to tools, old daggers, and clothing, along with a life size recreation of an old Native American house is there.

     “Well, Micah, they certainly dress far differently than you do. What material are those made of, pray tell?” Rarity inquires as she and the other ponies all look about the different artifacts around us.

     “Um… To be blunt, the clothes here at least are made of deer skin. I know that sounds odd to you, and probably freaky, but please let me explain.”

     All of the ponies look up at me, and at first I worry they will be rather upset, though Rarity speaks up first and surprises me.

     “Micah you don’t need to be so worried. While I admit I wouldn’t ever wear something like that, I know that things are different here. You do remember when we were in the market and you mentioned that you ate meat, do you not?” Rarity asks.

     “Good point. Though still, as I was saying, I will explain why. Back then they did not have stores like we do now. So they had to make the most with what resources they had. I got to say they definitely lived up to the saying, ‘waste not’.”

     “They definitely sound like some hardy folk,” Applejack says. “Looks like they got themselves some farmin’ tools there.”

     “Quite right Applejack. The first people here mostly fished, but some did farming as well,” I say to her, and glance down at Applejack and the other four ponies.

     Wait. Four ponies? Oh no. No, she didn’t.

     “Twilight! Where the hell did you go?!”

     Thankfully it does not take me long to find Twilight. However she is right where I wish she wasn’t. She is just about to climb onto one of the mannequins.

     “Very interesting. How long ago did the people of this culture live here?” Twilight asks as she looks up at one of the Native American mannequins.

     “Well I believe they first lived here thousands of years ago however, very few live here now. Sadly for quite some time their culture has been in a decline,” I say as I pick her up, and place her back into the bag.

     “Really? Well then, what happened to them?” Skittles asks.

     “Let’s just say other humans came along after a while and things didn’t exactly go well,” I state, and move on towards another part of the museum.

     “What happened though? They didn’t just disappear did they?” Twilight inquires as she is put back into the sack with the others.

     “No. What happened was that while these people were here first, after a while others started to arrive. And the new arrivals decided they were the ones who should own the land, and through a mix of lies, disease and war they ended up taking almost all of the land they have,” I state as my eyes move over the mannequins and artifacts.

     “Though they aren’t all gone. Things are pretty hard for them nowadays but they are still around. Like you said earlier Applejack, they are a hardy folk. These folk in particular are from-”

     “Oh come on Micah, let’s move on! You said you have some flying machines to show us!” Skittles adamantly states as she flies out of the bag.

     “Rainbow, I think we should stay here. I want to learn more about this culture,” Twilight states as she sends Skittles a glare.

     “We can always just circle back. It’s not like we are in a big hurry after all. I think the plane chassis is in this direction,” I say, and move towards the more modern part of the museum, out of the Native American and early settlers exhibit.

     “Oh, but I want to see more of this! Human culture is so interesting!”, Twilight whines, but says no more as we continue on.

     Thankfully the layout of the museum is just as I remember it and I am able to arrive exactly where we need to be. This room is set up for the WW2 history of the state, mostly factories and such things. And also some other things I am definitely not proud of.

     “Where is the flying machine? I don’t see it,” Skittles asks as she looks both left and right.

     “Try looking up, Skittles,” I say with a grin as I point and look straight up.


     A rather simple statement, though an understandable one. I had the exact same reaction when I saw the life-size recreation of a World War 2 plane. I don’t know exactly how large it is nor do I know what manner of plane exactly, but it is at least able to fit a crew of four.

     “This thing can fly?” Skittles asks as she flies up towards the plane. “How can you make this big hunk of junk fly?”

     “With powerful engines and propellers, and many other things I have no idea about as I am just a baker. This one is pretty old. Nowadays we have planes that can fly faster than the speed of sound.”

     “You have a machine that can do that? How? I have never heard of any machine that could possibly go that fast!” Twilight says, seemingly amazed by this information.

     “I thought only I could do that! Does it make a sonic rainboom when it goes that fast?” Skittles asks me as she flies back down to my eye level.

     “This one doesn’t, though we have some that can. I wonder if they could go as fast as you. They also don’t have any rainbow behind them as they fly. However they definitely could take more of a punch than you could, them being made out of metal and all,” I say.

     “Well anypony who wanted to mess me up would have to catch me first! And nopony ever will!” Skittles states with a smile, and to drive the point home she zooms about the room, becoming nothing more than a rainbow blur.

     “If they did they would have to endure even more of your boasting,” I say softly so she does not hear.

     “Micah, um, excuse me, but what’s that paper on the wall?” Fluttershy inquires as she points her hoof towards said paper.

     “Oh… that. That is a news article of a rather awful bit of history here,” I say as I walk towards it, and begin to read it aloud.

     “‘Attention all citizens and residents of Japanese racial origin; take notice that under Executive Order 9066 all persons of Japanese racial origin are to report for relocation immediately. The head of each family, or the individual in whose name most of the property and possessions is held, and each individual living alone, will report to the Civil Control Station to receive further instructions.’ The rest is mostly military and government jargon,” I say as I scroll my finger down the paper.

     “I don’t understand. Did your government force people to leave their homes? Why would they do that?” Twilight asks me, her confusion clear from the look in her eyes alone.

     “My government did do that, yes. During World War Two, a very horrible time, my country was at war with another nation, called Japan. Out of racism and fear and hysteria, my government decided that it was in the nation’s best interest to imprison those living in this nation who were Japanese. Even those who were American citizens, which the majority of those who were imprisoned were. In my opinion it is amongst the most shameful parts of our history.”

     Though there are of course others. Near genocide of the natives who were here first, slavery, no real rights for women until the twentieth century, and even more. It always annoys me when people try to whitewash history. That is one of the worst things a person can do.

     “Ah don’t understand. Why would anypony make someone lose their home? It just… It just ain’t right,” Applejack says, shaking her head in confusion.

     “We humans have our faults. We have done great evil, no one can or should deny that. It mainly stems from our differences, be they a different nationality, ethnicity, religion, or even different genders. As long as folk are different it shall always continue. I do not see it ending anytime soon.”

     “Micah, while I know you aren’t like that, are all human governments like that?” Twilight inquires, looking at the paper.

     “Sadly a lot of them were like that until about a few centuries ago. Even back then they were not that great. At that point we started to not be as insane, and began to be fairer. Though in the last hundred years we have seen the greatest improvements. Religious freedom has increased, rights for women has grown, and in any decent country slavery has been outlawed for a long, long time. So we have been able to improve our governments, and ourselves. Even though it took quite a long time to do so.”

     “So you have learned from the wrongs of the past to make yourselves a better future,” Twilight says. “Every society should do that.”

     “Aye, that’s right. Thankfully, while we have a ways to go, we as a whole are quite willing to learn from our mistakes,” I say as I look down to Twilight and the other three ponies.

     Three? Hold on… Skittles is still in the air, looking at the plane, and in my bag are Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity.

     “Damn it Pinkie Pie! Where are you now?!”

     “I don’t know. She can be surprisingly sneaky when she wants to be,” Fluttershy says as she looks around for her.

     “Choo choo! Let’s go!”

     I quickly run towards the voice, up the stairs towards the second floor. “Oh no no no no don’t be where I think you are!”

     “Where are you going Micah? Pinkie should be fine,” Skittles says as she easily keeps up with me as I continue to run up the stairs.

     I reach the top of the stairs and run towards where I just know Pinkie Pie is located. “This is a museum, Skittles. I don’t want to risk Pinkie Pie messing up anything!”

     “Oh hi there Mikey Wikey! I’ll be done in a while, don’t worry!”

     Yeah. I was right. She found the model train station. It is a recreation of the old train station that used to be here. It existed for quite some time before it was eventually renovated into a courthouse. The model of it is the old station, the surrounding areas, and the train itself is actually large enough for Pinkie Pie to fit inside. Which she is, in the conductor’s compartment.

     The train stops right in front of us, with Pinkie Pie leaning out the window, and (I can’t believe) she is wearing a rather bad-fitting conductors hat. “All aboard everypony! Let’s go on a ride! Two bits per pony!”

     “Pinkie Pie, what are you doing? You can’t just mess with a museum exhibit like this,” I state with a sigh, and follow up with a facepalm.

     Sadly Pinkie is not the only one that is interested in the train. “This is quite a very well done train set Micah,” Twilight says as she moves right next to Pinkie Pie, looking over the train.

     “Twilight, please, get away from the train set. I don’t want to risk any damage to any part of the museum,” I state as I look down at my bag to see if anypony else decided to jump ship. Or bag, in this case. Though it would seem everypony has left.

     “Well Ah’ll be, this train is the perfect size for us. Ah don’t got any bits Pinkie, but when we get back ya got my word Ah’ll pay,” Applejack says as she walks onto the train with a smile.

     Everypony else walks onto the train, and surprisingly Skittles does so as well. I have to wonder at this point if there is any point in me trying to get them to stop. Most likely no matter what I say they will still do this.

     Twilight peeks her head out of one of the train windows. “Micah? May I tell you something?”

     “Ugh, yeah, Twilight, ask away. What is it?” I say with a sigh as I lean against the wall.

     “I just wanted to say thanks for bringing us here. I love it, and I hope I will be able to see the whole thing,” Twilight asks with a hopeful grin.

     “Well… Ah screw it, alright. But only as long as you do not get onto or try and ride any more exhibits,” I declare as I grin slightly.

     Pinkie Pie quickly speaks up before anypony else has the chance to say anything. “Oh! Mikey Wikey! You want to ride with us?”

     “Um, no thanks. While I appreciate the offer, I will pass. I don’t think I would be able to fit, nor would I want to be shrunk down so I would fit,” I state to Pinkie.

     Twilight is the next to speak. “Why not? I don’t think it would be too hard.”

     “I don’t know if you would be able to properly shrink me, along with my clothes. I know you might be able to, but I don’t want to risk that. I’m not about to let you have a chance, however small, to see me in all my naked glory,” I state, preferring to be blunt about that.

     My statement apparently might have been a little to blunt, as everypony blushes slightly. I think I also might have spotted Applejack glancing at a… Certain area. Though of course she only did so for a second. First Rarity checked my tuchus, now Applejack takes a glance.

     “Oh. Um, I, I understand Micah. Fair enough,” Twilight says as she looks away.

     Skittles speaks up, quickly changing the subject. “It’s been a long time since we were in a train. We haven’t been in a train since-Mph!”

     Rarity has her hoof shoved into Skittles’ mouth, and I can see from Rarity’s face how much she hates this. She pulls her hoof away as Skittles’ gets the message, and tries to vigorously wipe her hoof clean as she looks at me.

     “My apologies, dear. It’s just… Not quite ready to tell you everything yet. We will though, I promise you,” Rarity states once she finishes cleaning off her hoof as best she can.

     “Hopefully before I eventually tell Leah”, I state.

     Twilight speaks up next. “Certainly. Though you are right, Rainbow. It has been a long time since we have been on a train like this. It hasn’t been since we were in Equestria. I do hope when we get back the library will be in good shape."

Twilight's eyes slowly begin to widen in some form of realization, until I swear they take up almost her entire face. "Oh no… the books must be in horrible shape! I will have to do so much work to get it all perfect again! And Spike, oh, I hope he’s alright!”

     Pinkie Pie is the next pony to speak up, and surprisingly does not smile. “I miss Sugarcube Corner. I miss all the yummy goodies," Pinkie Pie states as she licks her lips, seemingly remembering. "But I also miss the Cakes. Do you think they miss me? I hope they do. When I get back I’m going to find Pound and Pumpkin Cake and cuddle with them and play with them all night!" Pinkie's eyes then widen to match Twilight's, as she states somewhat worriedly, "Oh, and I really hope they remember to take care of little Gummy too.”

     Rarity joins in as soon as Pinkie finishes speaking. “As soon as I get back I will have so much work to do. My boutique will have such a backlog of orders! My creativity has been utterly stifled the entire time I have been here."

Her tone changes swiftly, and she tries to put up something of a smile, though her worry shows through. "I am just thankful that dear Sweetie Belle will have mother and father to look after her.”

     Once Rarity ceases, Fluttershy is the next to speak in her typical quiet fashion. “Thankfully the animals are all able to look after themselves, if they have to. Or… Or at least most of them can."

Fluttershy suddenly gasps, her hooves covering her mouth in fear. "Oh my, the little babies, some of them are orphans! They can’t look after themselves!”

     Fluttershy starts shaking slightly from worry, though she ceases doing so after Rarity embraces her. It is always adorable to see that sort of thing.

     Applejack pats Fluttershy’s back with a hoof before she speaks with a slight grin. “Ah miss Sweet Apple Acres. Ah just know as soon as I get back there will be a lot of work to do."

Her grin however soon changes to a more somber expression. "Big Mac, tough as he is, can’t work the whole orchard all on his own. Granny Smith ain’t gonna help. Too hard for her. And lil Applebloom can’t work yet. Though it will be definitely worth havin’ so much to do to be able to see ‘em all again.”

     Even Skittles’ seems to be a bit worried about things back in Equestria, though she does not seem to be as willing to show it. Not really a surprise. “I think everypony is going to be alright, but, I do hope I will be able to help when I get back. I haven't exactly gotten a lot of flying practice while I have been here."

Skittles' worry begins to show the most though, with her ears flattening against her head as she continues on. "But I do worry about Scootaloo. I hope she will be ok.”

     It is not often that the six of them are like this. Having them all be worried like this is never fun. Not when they first saw the show, or now. Sure it is better they actually voice their concerns rather than keep them bottled up, but it doesn’t make the worry lessen. At least not by much.

     Pinkie Pie seems to notice everypony being a little upset, and begins shouting in her typical jovial fashion. “Come on everypony! Let’s stop worrying and start moving!”

     Without a word more, Pinkie Pie starts the train. “Bye bye Micah, see ya later!”

     Rarity and Fluttershy actually fall back a bit from the sudden movement, and quickly they all start moving away down the track. They all look rather cute doing that.