• Published 6th Nov 2013
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My Very Little Ponies - Yonah21

The Mane Six are on earth, on a search. As expected, they meet up with a human. However, there is something different about them. They are all toy sized. Shenanigans and cute moments to follow. Though something more sinister is afoot.

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“Ah step aside girls; I can take care of this.”

“Do you see the size of that thing Rainbow? It’ll probably just eat you, and I don’t think you are that yummy.”

The cat still has its eyes locked on the six of them. With how large and overweight it is it probably is used to eating a lot. Devouring six little ponies would be all too easy.

“Now Rainbow, let’s let Fluttershy try here. Maybe she can calm this one down”, Twilight says as her eyes move towards Fluttershy.

While Fluttershy may wish to stay still, she is aware that if any of them has a chance to calm this feline it would be her. She has much experience with animals after all. But not as much with animals of this size.

“Um, I can try, Twilight.”

Fluttershy spreads her wings, flying up to eye level of the feline as its eyes dart straight to her. Its paw moves towards Fluttershy but not malevolently. More out of curiosity than anything else, as if it is about to gently tap her.

“Now now, you need to be nice, ok?”

Fluttershy can feel every breath of the cat as it stares right at her. Each breath it takes washes Fluttershy in warm air. Though it does place its paw back onto the ground.

“That’s better. You’re a very nice and cute kitty, aren’t you?” Slowly and carefully, Fluttershy moves a bit closer to the cat, and gently moves her hoof under the cats chin.

For a moment the cat’s eyes widen and she growls, making Fluttershy back away quickly.

“It’s ok. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.”

Trying once more, Fluttershy moves closer to the cat, but slower. A growl is heard from the cat again but Fluttershy still places her hoof under its chin. This time though she does not pull back.

Her hoof gently rubs the cats chin and the growling quickly stops, and instead a new sound starts that causes Fluttershy to smile. A very loud and very happy purring comes from the cat, while it rests its head on the side of the box.

“Aw, do you like that? I think you do don’t you, you beautiful kitty?”

Twilight lets out a very relieved sigh as Fluttershy continues to rub the cats chin, and turns to the others.

“Alright, Fluttershy calmed down the cat, now we got to get out of here. Rainbow, can you carry us out of here?”, Twilight says, even though she already knows the answer.

“No problem Twilight!”

In what seems like less than a second Rainbow takes Twilight out first. Placing her on a table nearby, she quickly heads back to get all of the others out as fast as she can. Twilight however glances about the room, taking in her surroundings.

The room she is in seems simple enough to her. Not extremely spacy but if she was normal sized it would be comfortable. A large couch lies against the wall, facing some strange metal box. Said box itself has some other smaller metal boxes around it.

Out of everything the table seems to be the largest though. It easily could sit six or seven ponies. Why would someone who seemingly lives alone need a table such as this?

And on that table lies a picture of two particular creatures that Twilight recognizes. One of them being the creature that she saw not more than a minute or so ago, and the other the female that placed them into that box. The way they hold each other and smile so happily Twilight quickly reaches a conclusion.

“Hm. They must be mates. Or at least very close to each other”, Twilight says. “We must be a gift of sorts to him”.

“Ugh. If we are to be a gift I certainly hope he at least cleans us. My mane is utterly horrendous. The streets here are so unkempt.”

Turning to speak to Rarity Twilight sees that Rainbow already got all of them out. She certainly is fast, that’s for sure.

“We won’t be. We will find a way out of here and get back to doing what we came here to do.”

“Ah certainly hope so. At this rate we’ll be here longer than the apples back on Sweet Apple Acres grow on the trees”, Applejack says.

“And if he won’t let us go I will make him let us go.” To make her point Rainbow Dash stomps her hoof onto the table with a grin.

“Let’s try to not have it come to that Rainbow. Right now we should just try and find a way out of here. Rainbow, you go to the windows and see if you are able to open them. Pinkie, you and Applejack keep your eyes and ears pealed in case that creature comes back. Rarity, you and I will look around to find out what we can about these creatures”.

And with that each of them begins their work, just as Twilight instructed. Fluttershy however stays with the cat, keeping it occupied.

As Twilight and Rarity jump from the table to the chairs, and lastly to the floor Rarity speaks up.

“Well one thing is certain about this creature. He has absolutely no sense of fashion whatsoever. Even his mane was horrendous. He simply lets it flop around freely. Now I think he should”-

“Rarity, I don’t think right now is the best time to talk about fashion”, Twilight says.

Following a sigh from Rarity, she says, “Very well. I just needed to make clear my opinion.”

Twilight ignores the sigh and looks about the room. The first place she moves towards is something she was relieved to see.

“Well, this is one thing we have in common. Both of our species seem to like to read. Or at least this one does.”

The books seem to be of many different kinds. Some appear to be historical, and those seem to be the biggest by far. Other ones seem to be like a novel. The biggest of those is called ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

But one set of books are in an entirely different language that Twilight has never seen or heard of before. Out of curiosity, she uses her magic to pull out the book slowly and carefully to make no noise.

Placing the book down in front of her, she eagerly looks at the front cover to see more of the strange text, but also a very well done drawing. The drawing is that of a man with a long robe, a beard, and a staff in his hand as he holds his free hand over a large expanse of water, which seems to be splitting open to reveal a dry seabed with what looks like thousands of creatures moving on said seabed.

“So these creatures do have magic. I did not think any of them here could do use magic. And if they are able to do something like this…”

Twilight can only imagine what else they can do if they can split the sea. It is not much compared to Celestia raising the sun or Luna raising the moon, but still. That creature at least must have been very powerful.


“Alright now Pinkie, you an’ I gotta make sure that thing doesn’t sneak up on us, got it?”

“Okey dokey Applejack!”

Pinkie doesn’t seem nervous about this at all, no shock there. Very little seems to be able to scare her. And as always she is bouncing along next to Applejack like a ping pong ball.

They go further into the hall leading out of the main room where they started in, and thankfully do not see the tall creature. Though they do hear him.

“You rotten freaking cat. You are going to stay in here the rest of the day. Then you can come out. And don’t you dare jump onto my clothes as I change. I don’t want them covered in cat fur.”

“Well it seems that fella ain’t going to come out anytime soon. But if he does…”

If he does that would be quite bad. Sure, they might be able to get back in that box and stay still again, though he also might be faster than they thought. If that’s so, and he sees them all, what will he do to them?

“Applejack, Applejack! Look, I found a jump rope!”

Turning towards Pinkie’s voice, she is struck by an idea by what she sees her doing.

Pinkie Pie is near what looks like a possible form of hoofwear of that creature, and has a string going through multiple holes on said hoofwear. While tugging on it, she is shaking it up and down like a young filly with a brand new jump rope.

“Hm. Pinkie Pie, Ah would like your help with somethin’”, Applejack says with a grin while eyeing the string.

“There we go. I’ve finally changed into something more comfortable.”

No thanks to that brat of a cat Clyde. I swear he thinks of nothing but himself. But then again he is a cat so what should I expect him to do? It’s not like he is ever going to act like a dog and actually be loving and nice.

But I should probably not focus on that right now. I am home, I am in a comfortable pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt, and I think tonight would be a lovely night for a Star Trek marathon. The original series of course, nothing beats Leonard Nimoy’s Spock.

Oh! And I can’t forget that since it is Friday I better get dinner ready before-


“What the hell was that?!”

First I hear voices in the hall, Clyde attacks me over toys, and now this? This day is getting weirder by the minute. Might as well go see what Bonnie did out there, since it must be her. If she knocked something over I am going to drop kick that cat over the balcony.

Opening the door to the living room I walk out, saying, “Bonnie! You better not have knocked over my tv again!”

Now, for a split second I am confused. Why? Well because when I lifted my foot forward to take another step, it did not go forward all the way like it normally would. Instead it felt as if it got caught on something.

The problem with that is while my foot stopped moving suddenly, the rest of my body didn’t quite get that same idea. It tried to keep on moving forward. However, instead of going straight and forward I ended up having a lovely little meeting.

My face? Meet hard tile floor. Hard tile floor? Please meet my face.


Dang that hurts! I have never been punched in the face but I am pretty sure it probably feels something like this! Oh G-d please don’t let my nose be broken, please.

“Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rainbow, come on we gotta”-

If I was a cartoon character I am pretty sure my jaw would have hit the floor. What I see in front of me is something that is not possible. By any way you look at this there is just no way that this could be happening.

Four of the mane six. Four of the actual mane six are in front of me right now. Or, the toys I had in that box a bit ago are right in front of me. Except instead of looking like actual toys they seem to be just as surprised as I am.

But where are Applejack and Pinkie Pie?

And how hard did I hit my head for me to be seeing this?

Author's Note:

New chapter huzzah! I hope you all like it! Now excuse me while I go pass out from being so tired.

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