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My Very Little Ponies - Yonah21

The Mane Six are on earth, on a search. As expected, they meet up with a human. However, there is something different about them. They are all toy sized. Shenanigans and cute moments to follow. Though something more sinister is afoot.

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Trip to the market

Author's Note:

FINALLY! Dang this took me a while. Though I have to give thanks to TOM, also known as Tired Old Man on this site. He helped edit this chapter, and I have to give him major thanks. Helped notice many errors I never saw, and gave me awesome story ideas.

Also, the market is really like what you see in the link below. If you are ever in Seattle, go there. You really must go to that market. No trip to Seattle is complete if you don't go there.

“Twilight, you ask some of the strangest questions, you know that?”

“I’m just curious, that’s all. So, could you answer please?”

“No! I’m not telling you about our ‘courtship rituals’, as you call them!”

“It’s not as if it is something to be ashamed of. We have our own. Along with simple dates we also-”

“Twilight, please, no more details.”

Twilight is one really curious pony. She hasn’t been annoying about it exactly, but she has been vocal about asking a lot more questions, mostly about Leah and I. Applejack mentioned how I was... attentive to Leah, and Twilight has been asking many questions about our relationship.

“Mikey dear, I need to ask you something.” I hear Rarity interject.

I turn to face Rarity on the couch, very glad to have a distraction from Twilight’s interrogation.

“Yes Rarity?” I inquire.

“Well, while I do not mind these accommodations, I do have something to request of you. Would you mind taking us out into the city?”

“The city? I can’t take you everywhere. You know that. This city has hundreds of thousands of people. Though…”

I think I might know of a place. Depending on the time of day we go it could be a bit less crowded, and the stalls will still be open. Oh why not, I might as well take them there. The market is a nice place to go, and anyone visiting Seattle needs to go there at least once.

“Rarity, how would you like to go to the local market?”

“The market? I was hoping that we could go somewhere else in the city, like a shop to get you better clothes. Or maybe a barbershop for your mane,” Rarity states.

“Rarity, I can’t afford that sort of thing at the moment. I know that you would like to do that but we can’t right now. The market is a rather nice place though, and has some affordable goods,” I claim and glance at Twilight.

“And it is a fairly large part of this cities culture,” I state with a grin.

Twilight smiles immediately, asking, “May I come along please? I would love to see what a human market is like.”

“I don’t see why not,” I state and turn back to Rarity. “So Rarity, what say you? I know it’s not what you would prefer, but it would get you outside at least for a while. And it would get you a look at human fashion that is not from a thrift shop.”

Rarity seems to ponder that for a moment, as she places her hoof under her chin in contemplation.

“Well I suppose. I do hope you are right about there being more high-quality garments at the market. What you have is alright but could certainly be better,” Rarity says as her eyes scan me from my feet up to my head.

“I should have known that you would want to do that, but if it gets you to come along with me I’m not going to complain,” I state with a grin as I get off of the couch.

“Oh! Can I come too? Can I can I can I can I?”

Looking down at my feet I see Pinkie Pie dancing about, hopping over my feet and between my legs.

“Um, I’m not sure about that Pinkie. I worry what you’ll do when you get to the market. I don’t want you to dive into one of the stalls just because you see some sort of sweets,” I say as I reach down to pick her up.

She happily hops into my hand. “Please? Please please please please please? I’ll be a super duper well-behaved pony!”

“Pinkie, I’m not sure it is a good idea. I really think that something will go wrong.”

I only wonder what it is that she will do if she finds the candy stalls. Pike Place Market is quite a varied spot, with everything from fishmongers, craft stalls and candy vendors, to farmers selling their goods and a bunch of family restaurants. If she gets loose and goes crazy, I just know it wouldn’t end well.

“Yep, my mind’s made up. Sorry Pinkie, but you’re not going, not this time. I think you’ll go nuts from everything at the market.” I place her on the table and move to get my shoes.

I ignore her protests as I pull on my shoes. I get that she doesn’t like it, but I can’t take the chance of her coming along. If she got outside in the market and saw the candies that are out there, I really don’t think she could stop herself.

“Micah, just so you know, there is another reason I want to come with you and Rarity,” I hear Twilight say, and I turn to see her walking towards me.

“What might that be? So long as it won’t cause any trouble I don’t think I will have any problem with it,” I state.

“While we are with you in the market, I would like to use some spells. You don’t need to worry. It’s nothing loud, nor is it flashy at all. It’s a simple detection spell,” Twilight claims.

“Detection spell? How do you use it? Do you need to be close to that which you wish to use the spell on?” I ask her as I finish pulling on my shoes.

“No. I have been able to strengthen it enough to get a reading up to… I think from what I have learned of your measurement system, approximately a thousand-foot radius.”

“Well so long as you’re right and that it won’t make a show of any kind, I don’t mind. Cast it as often as you wish,” I state with a smile.

I have got to get her to tell me why the hell the six of them are here. I won’t press the matter when we are out, but she is going to eventually tell me. What exactly is it that she and the others are here for?

“Oh, Micah, darling, I have a question,” Rarity says as she steps towards us, tossing her mane behind her with all the elegance she can muster.

“Yeah Rarity? What is it?”

“How exactly will you carry us? I would not like to be in your pocket again. I made that sacrifice for you when we went to the thrift shop, though I certainly would not like to do so again.”

“Hm… I think I just might have an idea for that.”


“This hat is rather old, and has quite a few small holes in it. They are small enough you can all look out without anyone seeing you at all.”

I haven’t worn this old fishing hat for years. It is rather ratty in appearance, but it should easily fit Rarity and Twilight inside of it. Hopefully Rarity won’t protest this.

Rarity steps towards the hat I am holding. She moves a hoof over it, taking in every single detail of the hat. She definitely does not seem overly enthusiastic about being inside of it.

“If my only choice is being underneath this, or in a lint filled pocket, well… I would prefer this. At least there isn’t any lint inside this hat of yours,” Rarity says as she looks inside of it. “However, you really must get yourself a new hat.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Rarity,” I say with a smile, and place my hand down in front of her to step onto.

Smiling back at me, Rarity steps onto my hand. I take her up to my head and she steps onto my scalp, and Twilight steps onto my other hand.

“Once again, thank you for taking us with you.”

“No problem. If you remember, I planned to bring you both along anyway,” I state as I place her next to Rarity on my head. “Do let me know if it doesn’t fit right for you two.”

The hat fits on my head perfectly, and from what I can tell it fits enough that Rarity and Twilight shouldn’t be uncomfortable at all.

“Ugh, Micah, when we get to the market you are going to get a new hat. I won’t allow you to leave without one,” Rarity utters, her voice muffled under the hat.

“Yeah yeah, sure. But you are at least comfortable, right?”

“Yes Micah, Rarity and I are fine. It is not as big as I’d like but it will do.”

“Good, good. Well, you’re both nice and comfy, and I got my shoes, wallet and keys. So, with that, allons-y!”

“Allo-what?” I hear Twilight utter, confused.

“It’s French for ‘let’s go’. I got it stuck in my head after watching a certain doctor,” I say as I head out towards the door.

“Please! Pretty please please please please please please please please let me go with you!”

“Oh crap.”

Glancing behind me I see Pinkie Pie dashing towards me. That look on her face seems to be a mix of frustration, eagerness, and I swear just a sprinkling of insanity.

“Uh, sorry Pinkie can’t let you come along!”

I quickly dash outside of the apartment and slam the door behind me. Almost a second after the door is shut, I hear a loud smash from behind, followed by a sliding sound of some sort.

“Rarity, Twilight, did Pinkie just slam into the door?”

“I do believe so Micah. She can be rather overzealous, can’t she?” Rarity observes.

“Oh yeah. To put it mildly.”

We leave the apartment, heading towards the street quickly. As we make our way down towards the bus stop, Twilight speaks up.

“Micah, are we going to walk to the market? Or are you going to use one of the motorized carriages I have seen in this city?”

“Carriage. Specifically a bus. A bus is used for public transportation, mostly for those like me who either do not know how to drive or do not have their own method of transportation,” I say as I step onto the sidewalk.

“Which is it with you? Financial difficulties or not capable of driving?”

“Um… Both, actually. I don’t have the money to afford my own car when you take into account the cost of the initial purchase, the upkeep needed, and constant refilling of gas. I also just don’t like driving after I had an unfortunate accident.”

“What manner of accident?” Rarity inquires.

“Well, my mother had me in the car with her to practice driving for the first time when I was sixteen. She had me practice in a school parking lot. It was going alright for a little bit, and I was actually enjoying learning how to drive. In my inexperience, I stepped on the gas in excitement as I was turning a corner in the parking lot.”

“And? What happened after that?”

“I’ll tell you once I can remember the rest of that day.”

We-I mean I continue walking towards the bus stop, and soon enough it comes within sight. Though there is one little problem: the bus is almost there as well.

“Oh damn it!”

As fast as my feet can carry me, which sadly is not that fast as I’m not that muscular, I run towards the bus stop. As I do so my hat nearly falls off, and I feel my hair being yanked on.

“Micah! Slow down! We’re going to fall off!” I hear Rarity shriek as once again I feel another sharp tug on my hair.

I put a hand over my hat to keep Rarity and Twilight from tugging on my hair any further. “Rarity, please shut it! You’re going to be fine!”

I increase my pace as much as I can to reach the bus as it is just starting to pull pass the stop. Oh come on, don’t pull away! I don’t want to have to walk all the way towards the market; that would take forever for me to do.

And then, of course, I trip. I don’t know whether it was because of a stray rock on the sidewalk, a simple slip on the concrete or what. But before I can say “face, meet concrete,” I hit the ground. Hard. I am surprised that I didn’t break my nose from the impact.

“G-d damn that hurt!” I shout, moving my hand over my face, checking for any and all manner of cuts or scrapes. And, what a shock, there are a few there.

I also notice as I move my hand over my face that I no longer have my hat. Once my hands go over my scalp, I also feel no tiny ponies either.

Quickly I scan the ground and find them inside my now upside-down hat. From what I can tell from their faces, if this was the cartoon they would both have little birds flying about their heads. Though as I think on it, I probably would as well.

“Ugh, are you two alright?” I inquire as I pick up the hat with the two dizzy ponies.

“Uh, yeah, I think so. But I-oh! Micah, are you ok?” Twilight says with a slight gasp, covering her hoof with her mouth as her eyes widen.

“Do I look alright? From what I can tell I got quite a few scrapes from that fall,” I declare as I rub my nose, wincing for a moment. This is the second time I got my nose banged up.

“Micah, maybe we should head back to the apartment. Fluttershy should take a look at you,” Rarity says as she tries to smooth out her mane, her eyes showing concern the same as Twilight.

“Maybe that would be a good idea. We aren’t too far away from-oh crap!”

Without wasting a moment’s more time, I pull the hat on with a short ‘whoa’ from Twilight and a shriek from Rarity.

“Micah, what’s going on?” Rarity asks.

“How did Leah happen to come down this part of the city two days in a row?”

I can see her black truck coming right towards us, and see her hand waving out the window. It is pretty odd that she has come here two days in a row. Good thing I noticed her when I did, otherwise she would have seen Twilight and Rarity.

Leah steps out of her truck with a smile, and strides towards me. “Hey Micah. How are--damn, did your face decide to pick a fight with the sidewalk?”

“Very funny. I was trying to catch the bus to go to Pike Place Market, but tripped. Got a little bit messed up,” I say, motioning to my face.

“Hm. Well I don’t see why you should have to walk back home because of that. I’ll drive you, and clean you up a bit,” Leah states as she grasps my hand and pulls me up.

“What? No, no you don’t have to do that. I think I would prefer to just walk home, thanks,” I nervously utter, and try to form a convincing smile.

“Oh come on, you want to get to the market, so I’ll get you to the market,” Leah declares as she drags me into her truck, shutting the door as I am pulled inside.

Well, this definitely isn’t how I originally planned for this day to go. First I trip and fall face-first onto the sidewalk, now I am in Leah’s truck. And to top it all off, I got two tiny talking technicolor equines in my hat.

“Now hold still, I’m going to put some disinfectant on the cuts. It’ll sting a bit,” Leah says as she pulls out a first-aid box from under her seat, and grins at me as she pulls out a ball of cotton and a vial of disinfectant. “You behave and you’ll get a lollipop.”

“Oy vey. Leah, I’m not a five-year-old, ok?”

“Come on, you know I’m joking with you, so stop complaining,” she says, and douses the cotton with seemingly much more disinfectant than needed.

“If you’re joking, you need a refresher course on being funny. I don’t recall me-OW!”

It’s odd how much that simple disinfectant hurts. Really, couldn’t someone invent a kind that doesn’t sting?

“You might not be a five-year-old, but you still react the same way kids do when they get this stuff put on their cuts,” Leah states while she dabs the cotton over all my cuts and scrapes.

“Ugh, be quiet. It stings alright? I think it’s normal to voice one's displeasure to pain.”

Thankfully Leah ceases her efforts, and tosses the bloody cotton ball to the floor of the truck. Soon her demeanor changes from that of a caretaker to lover, by means her lips forming a rather sultry grin.

“Well then, maybe I should give you a reason to voice pleasure,” Leah says as she places a hand under my chin.

My eyes widen immediately from her being so forward. I mean, it’s not like I don’t mind this at all. I am a guy, but still. We haven’t done anything of this sort in a car for quite a while.

“Now? Here? Leah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Anyone could see us,” I say, scooting away a bit from her.

“Don’t worry so much. If anybody comes by we’ll stop. Besides, I’m not planning to totally strip you. I just want to have a little fun,” Leah declares as she slides her hand down from my chin towards my chest.

“Well, um, while that is certainly tempting, and I would not mind doing so at your place or mine, right now I would very much prefer if we could just go to the market. I really, really would.”

“Seriously? You’re not joking? How hard exactly did you hit your head?” Leah inquires as she brushes a bit of loose hair behind my ear.

“Not joking. Now, if you still are interested, I would love to meet up with you later in the week. Would that work for you?” I ask Leah, and gently grasp her hand and place it away from my chest.

“Hm. I think that could work quite nicely,” Leah says as she keeps up the same grin, looking me over as she starts up her truck.

“Glad you think so,” I utter, relieved that she dropped the subject.

Most days if she ever wanted to get passionate I would eagerly join her, but with Twilight and Rarity right on top of my head? Hell no. I am not about to ever let those ponies see that. I can only imagine what questions Twilight would have afterwards; and that’s if my hat somehow managed to stay on during that, which I really doubt would happen.

The drive to the market street area is mostly uneventful, filled with nothing but small talk along the way. Work, family, what we have been doing in our spare time, the usual. I try though to keep all of our conversation short and simple, just wanting to get to the market as soon as I possibly can.

Leah parks the car once we reach the market, and reaches over to open my door. “I hope that you have a nice time at the market. And I look forward to later this week.”

I send a smile her way and lean towards her, planting a kiss on her cheek. “I do too. And in return for putting up with me, I’m willing to do anything you want when we meet.”

“You better. Now go and enjoy the market.”

“Will do love,” I say as I step outside.

As Leah drives off, I look about the market. It doesn’t look like all that much from the street, though once someone walks inside it is obvious how large it truly is. With multiple floors and so much space I am not surprised they were able to fit in so many different stalls.

“Leah seems to be very eager to mate with you, Micah. Is such a libido normal for your species?”

Sighing, I walk towards the market. “I can’t answer that as I don’t know enough to speak of my entire species. Sure there would be some who have less of a libido, though there would probably be others who have even higher ones.”

Rarity speaks up next. “Well you certainly did choose a decent mare. She looks quite lovely. Her hair is amazing, long and black as it is. Oh what I would give to style human hair such as that!”

I continue to make my way towards the market entrance. “Well, if by some miracle my scalp sprouts a lot more hair before you go you may practice on me.”

“Why thank you Micah. I do hope that eventually you-what in Celestia is that?!”

As soon as she shouts, I already have a hunch why. Looking towards the fish market area, my hunch is confirmed. The workers there are already selling their goods. However, the way they handle the fish with themselves and customers is different compared to most places I have gone to. Most stores or stalls gently hand the fish to each other. Not the case here.


Less than a second after I hear those words I see a flying sockeye salmon soaring through the air. It leaves the hands of one employee and lands perfectly in the waiting hands of another who quickly wraps it, then hands it to a customer.

“They seem to be enjoying themselves. Do they always work like that?”

“Every single time I have been here they have. They are kind of a tourist attraction for the city. One nickname for them is the ‘Flying Fish Market’. They have very fresh fish, always of good quality.”

Twilight responds with a distinct nervousness to her voice, “There is something else I am wondering Micah. How, well, exactly how much meat do you have in your diet?”

“Ah. Well, uh, don’t get upset with me please, but humans in my country at least eat a lot of meat. A little too much for our health, actually. I eat only kosher meat however, which limits my options quite a bit.”

Rarity speaks up next before Twilight has a chance. “Kosher? Micah, what does that mean?”

“Um, just some dietary laws that I keep to. It would be sort of hard to explain.”

There is no way in Sheol I am going to tell them about shechita. No way. I don’t want them to freak out about that. Wait, hold on a second.

“Why don’t you seem so upset about me eating meat? In your world a lot of animals we eat, like cows, chickens and such seem to be fairly intelligent, if not downright sentient like you.”

“Not all beings are herbivores. It isn’t like we should expect every creature we come across to eat like we do. I admit, if the animals you ate were as smart as we are, or as they are in Equestria I would be upset. But obviously things here are different. Just, please don’t try and feed us any meat.”

“You don’t need to worry about that Twilight. I promise you I won’t be doing that at all. You won’t be getting anywhere near meat while I’m aro-”

“Heads up!”

I quickly glance up, just in time to see a salmon soaring straight towards me. This could be a bit of a problem.

My hands fly up to try and catch the flying fish, and thankfully I am able to do just that. However, it being a fish, and a freshly caught one at that, it is rather slippery. Though I was able to catch it, the fish continued to slip about in my hands, the end result of that being it hitting me in the face, to the amusement of those around me.

I toss it back towards the stall from whence it came. “There are many reasons why I don’t much like fish. This is one of them.”

Not wanting to hear their laughter at my embarrassment, I quickly step away towards other parts of the market, specifically towards where I think I remember the clothes are at.

“Micah you absolutely must wash your hands before you touch me again. I don’t want any vulgar fish smell on my fur.”

“Well excuse me. It was either grab it with my hands or just let it fall onto my torso. I think getting my hands dirty is far more preferable, don’t you agree?”

“Well… Yes, you are right.”

I allow myself a smug grin as I step further into the market. The further down in my chosen direction I go, the stalls change from food to that of clothing, trinkets and carvings. Most stalls try and get my attention, however I do what I can to ignore them. I only want to spend money on a new hat. After that, I’m going back to my apartment.

“Micah, I think that it would be best for us not to stay here too long.”

I lower my voice a we walk further and further into the market, so as not to draw too many prying eyes. “Why is that Twilight? It’s just the market. I’ve been here many times before”.

“My spell has gotten some positive readings. We’re not in any great danger, I promise, though I believe it would be best if we get back.”

“We will Twilight. We will. Just let me get a new hat, and then we can go, ok?”

“Really Twilight, we can wait for a while longer. A chance to improve one’s fashion must never be denied! Micah deserves it!”

I smile at her statement as I continue walking. Rarity can be a little uppity and snobbish at times, but she’s a good mare. Certainly deserving to be the bearer of the Element of Generosity.

“Ok, ok. Just, don’t spend too much time out here please?”

“That, my friend, I can do.”

And it would seem we will be able to leave sooner rather than later. Without going too much further into the market I come across a rather well-stocked hat vendor. Said vendor has fedoras, bowler hats, ball caps, and many, many more.

“Now there must be something I can get for you here Micah. Maybe... Hm. What do you think?”

“You’re asking me that Rarity? I don’t have a clue about all of this. You’re the fashion expert.”

“Oh! Oh, there Micah! Get that one right there!”

“Rarity, we are under a hat. Unless he is psychic I don’t think he knows where your hoof is pointing.”

“Oh… Right. Sorry about that, Micah. Let’s see, how do I describe it to someone with no fashion sense…”

“Ok, let’s narrow it down this way. Is it one of the upper or lower racks?”

“Upper racks. Top most one to be precise.”

I scan the top rack, seeing still a dozen different types of hats. “Alright then, that narrows it down. What’s the color?”

“Brown. ‘Tis a rather unassuming, modest hat, not flashy at all. I do not think you would like a flashy sort of hat. Am I correct in thinking so?”

“Yes, you are,” I state as I grasp the only hat that fits that description. “Would this be the one you are speaking of?”

“Yes, that is the one. Do you like it? I think it would look rather dashing on you.”

“Yeah, I think it will work.”

The hat is a rather simple kind. I think it might be, what is it, an ascot cap? I think that’s what it’s called. Nothing fancy, as Rarity said, but it looks decent enough. If there weren’t any people around I would toss the hat I am wearing now into the garbage and replace it with this.

“Maybe if you go see that new movie you want to see so much, you could wear this. Or perhaps next time you go to the store. Or anytime you go out really. There is never a day when a pony shouldn’t look their best.”

“I think you mean, ‘when a human shouldn’t look their best’, Rarity,” I declare with a smirk.

“Of course, of course, right. Well, Twilight, we have a new hat. Are you sure we can’t stick around to maybe get Micah a few more things? Maybe a nice shirt?”

“I really think we should get going. I’ve got a lot of positive readings here, and I don’t want to stay here any longer.”

“Twilight, eventually you have got to tell me everything. You owe me that much.”

“I will, I promise. Eventually I will. You have my word.”Man, I'm surprised Micah took this humbly. This sounded like a thinly-veiled insult.

What's the co-she just said what the color was at the end of the last line!

Frick, sorry about that. Glad I got an editor now

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