• Published 6th Nov 2013
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My Very Little Ponies - Yonah21

The Mane Six are on earth, on a search. As expected, they meet up with a human. However, there is something different about them. They are all toy sized. Shenanigans and cute moments to follow. Though something more sinister is afoot.

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Getting you to smile

“Pinkie Pie, be quiet until we get inside.”

I don’t want to risk anyone walking by seeing that I have a tiny talking pink pony in my backpack. There is no way I could explain that.


I quickly get the key out of my pocket and unlock the door as fast as I can, and get inside and shut the door behind me quickly.

“Pinkie, while I am here I want you to stay in the backpack, alright? Stay there and don’t move. I don’t want to be disturbed while I have to do the baking. If I am lucky I might be able to get half of it done by midnight tonight.”

The bakery we have here is rather large, but not large enough for someone to bake all I have to do on his own in one single work day. If I had maybe three other people here with me this could get done but I couldn’t do this by myself. I hope I can get my boss to understand.

“I can help you though”, Pinkie Pie says as I place the backpack down onto the floor. Crawling out of it fully, she looks up at me with her huge smile. “I love to make any sort of sugary deliciousness!”

“Pinkie, you are a pony that is so small you can fit in the palm of my hand. How in the world can you help me?”

“Oh please! Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry and ice cream with extra sugary whipped cream and chocolate on top?”, Pinkie asks as she looks up at me with the widest smile I think is possible in a living creature.

Well…. What would be the worst if I let her? I could at least show her where the actual baking is done. Maybe that would succeed in quieting her down at least a bit.

“I’ll show you where we do the baking. Follow me.”

Stepping from the front of the store where there is nothing save for a few chairs and the cashier’s counter and cash register, I move towards the back as I hear Pinkie Pie hopping behind me. I think she is the only one out of her group that hops like that when walking.

As I step through to the back, I thankfully see the bakery is the same as it has been since I left. Nothing out of place, nothing missing or broken. At least I got that working for me.

The five large ovens still seem to be in good shape as always, that’s definitely good. Normally they would be fine with any amount of orders we get on a typical day, but because of this back-up of orders this will be hard as hell to do.

“Wow, those ovens are super-duper big! We can make hundreds of yummy goodies in there!”

“For those of your size, yes. But we need to make them big enough for us. We can cook a goodly amount inside there, but we won’t be able to do so in time since I have to do all of the baking and mixing and everything. That alone takes quite some time”, I say, trying to think of some way to get all of the baking done in time without sacrificing quality.

“Come on, don’t be a muddy fudgey duddy buddy!” Pinkie hops in front of me to a stool, and after that to one of the tables. Pony hooves on the exact location I am going to do mixing is not exactly sanitary.

“Pinkie, don’t you think you should at least wash your hands-er, hooves, before you cook anything?”

“Oh of course! Silly me. Where are the sinks?”

“I’ll take you to them. Um, if you are alright with it, anyway”, I say as I open my palm in front of her for her to jump onto if she is alright with it.

Without any hesitation she steps onto my hand. It is rather odd that she trusts me so willingly. If our positions were reversed I don’t think I would be anywhere near as trusting as she is. Oh my goodness, if our positions were reversed when we first met, what would Rainbow have done? That would have been very interesting.

“Here you go Pinkie”, I say, and place her in front of the sink and turn on the water for her and I, and grab the soap for myself.

As I start to wash my hands, I see Pinkie decided not to simply sit on the edge of the sink and wash her hooves. Instead, she seems to think this is just perfect for a shower, as she jumps into it right under the stream of water from the faucet.

“Pinkie, you aren’t supposed to jump into the sink”, I say as she uses it as one would use a shower.

She seems to choose to ignore me and instead continue to bathe in the sink. Yet, somehow her mane still stays poofy and bouncy and happy as Pinkie’s personality. I am not sure how she does that.

“Ok, I’m done”, Pinkie says as she jumps out dripping water. So as to not make a large mess I get her some paper towels and lay them in front of her. I am not about to dry her myself, that would be a bit too odd for me.

“I’ll be back in a bit. I have to get some milk and eggs out of the fridge”, I say as I step towards the fridge.

This fridge is something I hate about this bakery. It’s far too narrow, enough so that sometimes I feel as if I am trapped inside of it. Add on top of that that occasionally the door gets jammed, makes for a bad combination.

Well, at least the door is not jammed now. It opens fairly easily, the cold air from inside the fridge hitting me immediately. Stepping inside I walk to the very end of the fridge to get all the milk I might need. And with all we are going to be baking I will probably need a lot.


That noise. I remember that noise. That’s the sound of a closing door. Please tell me it isn’t….

It is. The door to the fridge is closing shut on its own. Damnit! No, not right now!

My luck goes just as I feared it would. Before I get to the door I hear that dreaded sound of it clicking shut.

Ok, ok calm down. Maybe this time it is not stuck. Last time it wasn’t so maybe this time it isn’t either. Just take some deep breaths…. In…. And out….

Alright. Just grasp the door handle, and then open the door.

I said open the door. Open the door. OPEN THE DOOR!

Damn it. Damn it damn it, it’s stuck! No come on not now! There’s no one outside to open the door this time!

Wait…. Maybe Pinkie could get me out.

“PINKIE PIE! Pinkie Pie get me out of here!”, I shout as I bang on the door as hard as I can with my fists.

Blast it why the hell won’t she hear me?! I, I can’t be in here! I don’t want to be in here! I can just barely stand being inside an elevator let alone being stuck in here!

“Micah? What are you doing in there?”

“Oh thank G-d. Pinkie, open the door. I can’t open it from inside, so I need you to do it for me, alright?”

“How’d you get stuck sillyhead? But don’t worry, I’ll be there in a”-

“Pinkie Pie, if you don’t get me out of here right now I swear I will turn you into a muffin and feed you to my cats! NOW GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

I swear it seems like an eternity until I finally hear her hooves moving. Why the hell is she taking her time?!

Finally I hear her right outside the door, and hear what I think is…. Jumping? Wait, I think she is jumping on the doorknob to open it!

Please please please please open.

The second the door is opened just an inch I immediately fling it open wide and jump out of the fridge, and don’t stop moving until I am on the other side of the room. For now I want to be as far away from the fridge as I possibly can.

I slowly slump down to the floor, my head resting in my hands as I try to calm down. Why the hell am I like that? I can’t take being in a place like that. How can anyone stand that? Being stuck in a cold, small room with no way out. Just like when what happened in school…

Guys, let me out!

Nope! Maybe I’ll let you out after school. This is what you get for ratting on me to the principal.

Please! I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise!

Yeah yeah, I know you won’t. Because if you will then I’ll just do this again. See ya later.

No, don’t go! Let me out! LET ME OUT!

When Pinkie Pie let Micah out by jumping on the doorknob until it opened, she nearly got thrown off the door onto the floor. But Pinkie being Pinkie, she just hopped off gently and easily.

“Okeydokeylokey Micah, let’s get to…. Hey, what’s wrong?”

Pinkie notices Micah just sitting on the floor, shaking slightly. Why is he just sitting there? And… Is he crying?

“Oh now don’t cry Mikey Wikey”, Pinkie says as she climbs onto his foot. “Just turn that frown of yours upside down. It’ll be alright.”

“Pinkie, p-please, just shut up”, Micah says to her as he rubs his eyes. “I don’t want to talk r-right now. I really really don’t. J-just give me a moment.”

“Talking can make it better. Talking might give you a big big smile”, Pinkie replies as she walks up to his knee. “And then when you are all smiley and happy we can start baking yummy nummy gooey goodies!”

“Why did it take y-you so l-long to open the door?”

“What? Silly, I opened it up for you quickly. I heard you being loud so I got over there to get you out.”

Micah moves his hands from covering his eyes, showing that they are watering. Pinkie’s smile, while still there is not as wide and jovial as it was a moment ago.

“You took f-forever! What w-were you doing, just goofing around when I was trapped inside there?! Why the hell d-did you take so long?!”

Pinkie’s normally permanent smile disappears and is replaced by confusion. “What are you talking about? I opened it for you super-fast.”

“I just… Never mind. Let’s just get baking. We need to get to w-work, we wasted enough time”, Micah says as he gets up and hesitantly heads towards the fridge. Before entering it again he places one of the stools in between the door and the door frame, probably to stop it from being shut again.

Coming out with eggs and milk he places them on the table before he turns towards a bunch of cupboards not far away, and Pinkie jumps right up onto a stool, then to the table.

Pinkie isn’t sure why Micah is acting like that, but she knows enough that for some reason him being stuck really scared him. And Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, she feels a need to fix that. Everyone needs to smile.

“Micah, how’s about you go get all the sweet sugar and flour? I got an idea to make all the mixing go lickety quicky”, Pinkie Pie says with a bounce in her voice.

Pulling bowls and mixers and most every cooking utensil one would need out of the cupboards, Micah says, “Pinkie Pie I don’t think th-that you would b-be able to get this done quickly.”

“Oh yes I can! Just get everything we need and get it opened up and I can take care of it.”

Micah looks at her, confused, but nonetheless gets everything one would need to bake the cakes since he planned to start with them first. He gathers all of the flour, sugar, eggs, milk, chocolate, vanilla, and everything else one would need to make delicious goodies, and gathers all the mixing bowls, sheets to pour batter onto, simply everything.

“Thank you. Now, I want you out of here while I do all I need to do. It has to be a surprise.”

Micah goes wide eyed when Pinkie says that, and says, “You seriously expect me to j-just let you have free r-reign of the kitchen?”

“Only for five teeny weeny bitty minutes”, Pinkie says as she hops towards him.

For a while Micah thinks about how that could end. Pinkie might very well end up making a huge mess of everything, and possibly waste a whole lot of ingredients. Not just that but for all he knows her hooves might still be dirty, and if they are anyone who eats the food will get sick, he would get in even more trouble.

Though… Unless somehow Pinkie knows of a way to get everything mixed together really fast, there won’t be a way for Micah to get the orders done. So this might be his only chance.

“Only five minutes?”

“Yep! Just five itty bitty minutes!”



What the hell is Pinkie doing in there?

Since she pushed me out of there I have heard weird noises coming from inside there. I have no idea what the hell it is but it sounds like she is putting something together. Though I will find out what it is she is doing soon enough. She has thirty seconds left.

“Pinkie! You better have something good in there! If I don’t get these orders done I’ll get fired!”, I shout through the door.

“Almost done! Just wait a teeny tiny bit more.”

Ugh. I really hope that she won’t make a huge mess of things. After what happened in the fridge earlier I don’t want her to screw things up any more than she did already.

Though… Maybe I over-reacted a bit? I probably shouldn’t have shouted at her like I did. She got me out pretty dang fast after all. It wouldn’t be the first time I over-reacted to being trapped. Leah certainly put me in my place after I did so to her once that happened in the hospital.

At the very least I should say sorry. She seems alright and happy but I do think an apology is in order.

“Okeydokey, you can come in! I think this will work great!”

“Alright. And, um, by the way Pinkie, I want to say…. What the hell is all this?”

That is the only thing I could say when I saw what Pinkie put together in the kitchen.

She put together some strange sort of device. I think it’s called…. A Rube Goldberg machine? Yeah, yeah I think that’s it. But what the hell is it going to do?

“Well since you have so much stuff to do I had an idea! We just need to pull this little string here”, Pinkie says as I see her on the table with a string right by her. “Then everything will be so much easier for you!”

“You’re joking right? I just got to pull this one string and it will just magically work perfectly?”

“Yep! So you ready to do this and make yummy goodies?”

Well…. At this point I don’t have much of any other option. I just hope that this will work. I pull the string as she instructed, and wait to see what will happen.

The string, when I pulled it, pulls onto another rope, which then pulls on a makeshift lever. Said lever then leads to many other devices being activated.

And after some time we have the end result. The milk is tipped over to pour into the mixing bowls, along with the right amount of sugar and eggs and everything else we would need to bake everything in the orders. Even the electric mixers start up just right.

“What the hell? Pinkie Pie, how in the world did you get everything to work just right? This… this should be impossible!”

“Sorry, not telling. But I did it because I want to see a smile on that face. You seemed so upset earlier, I thought this would make this frown turn upside down! I don’t like it when ponies don’t smile”, Pinkie says. “So you’d better smile! Or I’ll make your cake yucky!”

“Pinkie Pie, I don’t”-

“You’re not smiling. You’d better smile!”, Pinkie says as, somehow, she jumps all the way onto my shoulder and stares me dead in the face.

“Um, Pinkie I can’t exactly smile on demand.”

“Well I will make you smile! Pinkie Pie will never leave someone in a frown”, Pinkie says, moving her hoof against my shoulder while she does so.

“Hehe Pinkie Pie don’t move, please! I’m ticklish there!” My shoulders and neck are my only ticklish spots. Though since I am only ticklish on those areas I seem to be extremely sensitive to tickling there.

Pinkie’s smile turns slightly devious as she glares at me. I know that glare perfectly. My brother, sister, and Leah have all given me that glare at one time or another. And the same exact thing always follows.

“Oh no. No, Pinkie Pie don’t you-“

Pinkie doesn’t waste any time, and dashes about my shoulders and neck, tickling me as much as she possibly can. And, as I was sure was her goal, causes me to smile while she does so.

“Yay! Pinkie Pie can make anyone smile!”, Pinkie says with delight as she tries to wrap her hooves around my neck.

“Heh, I suppose that you can”, I say, as I continue to smile even though she stopped tickling me. “I think I just might have needed that.”

“Aw, you’re welcome Mikey Wikey.”

“Also, I want to apologize.”

Pinkie stops hugging me for a moment, and she backs away slightly to be able to meet my eyes. “Apologize? For what?”

“For being upset earlier and taking it out on you. Like what I said when I was stuck in the fridge. I lost my temper and I should not have done s”-

“Oh, it’s ok. But, why were you upset about being in there?”

“…. Ask Twilight to explain claustrophobia to you when you see her.”

Author's Note:

New chapter again, yay! I originally planned for it to be entirely funny, but decided to change some things around. And, that is a stutter he has, in case you are wondering. I don't know how to write that properly. As someone who has a stutter at times when I get nervous, I have to tell you, it sucks.

And claustrophobia does too. I don't have it anywhere near that bad, but I do have a mild case of it myself.

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