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My Lemons are Handpicked

Go away, nothin' interesting here.


YAY! Tristam is awesome! at 0:42 starts a total eargasm!

These are all just my favorite songs. :twilightsmile:

Electro Swing

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Does 'meh' mean its was just so and so? Or are you having a bad day? :fluttershysad:

You're welcome! How was your day? :pinkiehappy:

1120671 I mostly play scout, and sniper. Demoman, is the hardest class to play, but he's the 2nd most fun, the fact that you can hold a bomb in your hand, sticky jump (Launch yourself with stickies) across the entire map, and right when you land, hit someone with the grenade in your hand, and they EXPLODE Instant-Kill :rainbowkiss:
I'm a nerd when it comes to this game, this is where I spent most of my freetime when I was 11.

1120426 Ah, which class do you think you'd play the game as?


I've seen em all. Snipers the austrailian where his parents think he's a crazed gunman. Heavy's a russian sounding thick head who calls his gun sasha. The medic has a bird called archemedies.

1111412 I'm guessing scout. That's the first one, and only one you mentioned T_T


i dont even know how to start with you.....Do you even know who ya talking to? kinda a big deal.

1111402 Are you a CoD player? If so, it's more likely you'd hate TF2... I am a CoD player, and I absolutely love TF2... but that's an entirely different story. I'll send you videos of meet the classes of TF2. You can watch it, and choose which class you like the best, and when you play, you'll play that class if you want to. Here's the vid. I'll put them all in one.


you good sir. had my curiosity...now you have my attention and curiosity

1111313 Big problem... Well, Steam's not too hard to get. Besides. It's fast and easy download, no viruses guarenteed. Also, the game I wanted to play with you on steam, is free. I bet you'd like it. If you're not a CoD player.

nope/ no skype either. i gots a facebook but thats it.

1108952 Alrighty... That's over now. Do you have a steam?

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