My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

Not a dream


Uh, mm, what?


I lazily reach out my hand towards the alarm clock, feeling around for it as I mumble. “Freaking alarms… Hate the dang things… So loud… So poofy…”

Wait… Poofy?

“Hiya sleepyhead!”

My eyes open just a bit, looking to see where that voice is coming from. It sounds so familiar to me for some reason. Reminds me of that dream I had last night. That was certainly one of the weirder ones I ever had.

As I turn to where the voice is coming from my vision bit by bit becomes less blurry. At first what I thought was a pink blob becomes more and more defined. The pink blob has a head, cotton candy like hair, and a tale.

“Did ya have nice dreams?”

Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie, of the mane six is in front of me. If she is here, like she and the others were last night, and I am awake....

Ok. That’s it. Time for some answers. If this happened once it could have been a very, very lucid dream, but twice in a row? I don’t think so. No way.

Grabbing Pinkie, I quickly get out of bed and see the door to my room is already open somehow. Why would they have opened the door to my room? Did they just want to keep an eye on me?

“Hey girls, he’s awake!”

Quickly I see Rainbow flying right at me, but this time I am ready for her. I raise my hand in front of her and feel her fly right into it.


Before she has the chance to fly away and try again, or possibly kick me in the face I grab her as well. Unlike Pinkie though who seems to not be too worried and not struggling at all, she does not take this as well.

“Hey! What are you doing?! Let go of me!”

“Quiet down, I don’t plan on hurting you, even though you lot got me banged up last night. I only plan on asking questions”, I say to her. “Which is more than I can say you lot did yesterday.”

Rainbow continues to struggle as I enter the main room, and the moment I do so each pony looks up at me.

Twilight looks up at me from a book I must have interrupted her from reading. Rarity seems to have been looking in a window at her reflection as her mane looks halfway cleaned, and Applejack looks simply shocked, probably since I have Rainbow in my hand. Fluttershy…

Fluttershy has turned my cats into traitors. Bonnie and Clyde are surrounding her, and I can hear them purring from here. I am going to need to train those cats what they are supposed to do to intruders.

“Micah, what are you”-

“Twilight, shut up. Yesterday I let you ask me a whole bunch of questions while I was tied up on the damn ground”, I say, and glare at Applejack as I mention that last bit. “Now, it’s your turn to return the favor.”

“Return the favor?”, Twilight asks as she backs away.

“Seriously Twilight? You are a smart one, you know what I mean. I answered your questions; it is time that you answer mine. Starting with why you are here.”

“No way! You put us down now ya big ape, before I knock the snot out of ya!”, Rainbow Dash says as she continues to try to force open my hands.

“Rainbow Dash, you can’t even open my hand. And besides, if I let go of you I have a feeling you will probably just kick me in the face anyway.”

Looking at Pinkie Pie, who is not struggling, I say, “You though I will let down.”

As I place Pinkie down onto the floor, Applejack speaks up. “How are we s’posed to trust ya? Ya might tell somepony else why we’re here.”

“Oh, sure, that’s going to happen.” Adding as much sarcasm to my voice as I can, I then say, “Everybody here will believe me when I say there are six talking pastel ponies that are capable of flight and magic and are from a tv show.”

“TV show? What’s that?”, Pinkie asks as she bounces around my legs.

“I might explain later”, I say to her, and turn back to Twilight. “As I said, I want some answers. I won’t harm you, that I promise, but I do think I deserve to know what the hell is going on.”

“Micah…. I can’t tell you.”

“Oh for-why can’t you tell me? Seriously, who am I going to tell? Who will believe me if I tell them? No one will! Or if they do they are probably insane.”

Twilight looks at each of her companions, her eyes conveying much worry. Whatever reason they are here I bet it is important for her to be so secretive about this.

“I can’t tell you everything. But I can say we are in search of… Something”, Twilight says as she shuffles her hoof against the ground more.

“In search of what? Is it a person? Is it some magical item? Maybe a creature from your world? What is it? If it is something dangerous I think I should know since at the moment you are in my”-


“Oh come on!”

“After I check this we will talk again. I still expect an answer.”

Twilight looks at Micah as he walks away, opening his hand to release Rainbow Dash who immediately gives him a kick to his back as he walks away. Twilight worries for a moment what Micah would do, though all he does is glare at her before walking towards that strange ringing sound.

“What are we gonna do Twi? Ah don’t think he should know why we’re here”, Applejack says as she moves closer to Twilight, enough so that she can whisper in her ear.

“I know that Applejack”, Twilight says. “But I don’t think we could keep something like that a secret forever.”

“Why do we even need to tell him? It’s not like we have to stay here. We were alright before we wound up in that weirdo store after we got to this world”, Rainbow says as she flies over towards the others, fluttering in midair.

“Oh no, Rainbow Dash, I am not going to step out there when we could stay inside where it is clean, safe, and sheltered”, Rarity says adamantly.

“We’ll have him make a Pinkie Promise not to tell anyone”, Pinkie suggests with her ever present grin.

Sighing, Rainbow says, “Pinkie I really don’t think he’d keep that promise.”

Twilight was going to speak up again, but stops once she hears Micah speaking up once more from another room.

“Yeah, hi boss…. What? No, no I could come in if I absolutely have to but it is Saturday…. Sir, really, I will make up for that with extra hours next week but today I would really, really like to not have to come in today… Why? Uh, sir, you would not believe me if I told you…. Sir please, I have come in every other day to work there whenever you needed it, even on the high holidays, just give me this one day…. Ugh, fine, fine! I will be at the bakery soon.”

“Bakery?! He works in a bakery?! Oh I wonder if he makes the sweet sweets I make at Sugarcube corner! Does he make doughnuts, cakes, muffins or does he make all of them? I wonder what his favorite fl”-

As the previous day, Applejack has puts her hoof over Pinkie’s mouth to quiet her.

A few minutes later Micah steps back to the main room with a backpack of sorts that he puts down on the couch when he comes back.

“Alright. When I get back, I am going to expect some answers. You will have to give me at least something. I told you many, many things yesterday and you have to give me something, anything in return. I would continue to try and get you to tell me something but for now I have to go to work.”

Twilight wonders what he used to speak with his employer as she remembers him mentioning there is no magic here. But she shall speak with him about that later.

“But what if we still can’t tell you?”

Everypony looks back, seeing Fluttershy peeking her head up above the cats surrounding her.

“Well…. We will deal with that when I get back,” Micah says as he grabs his backpack again, and heads towards the door. Before stepping outside he looks back at the ponies once more.

“And Applejack, for your sake, you'd best not tie me up again when I get back.”

Micah shortly steps outside, the door shutting and locking behind him a second later. And the moment it is shut Twilight speaks up.

“Alright girls, we need to decide what we are going to do when he comes back.”

“Well I think we should tell him something. The young fellow does have a point after all”, Rarity says.

Rainbow quickly chimes in as before, saying, “No way. I still think we should get out of here.”

“Excuse me, girls? I, I think we have a problem”, Fluttershy says as she comes out from behind Bonnie and Clyde.

“Yes Fluttershy? What’s wrong?”

“I… I think we’re missing somepony.”

“Dang it I need to get myself a new job. Preferably one where my boss won’t forget the deal about not having to work on Saturday.”

Though what are the chances of that happening? Probably about the same as anyone believing me about the fact there are talking ponies from a kid’s show currently living in my apartment. So not that good.

At least I live close to the bakery. It doesn’t take more than about ten minutes walking to get there. Though walking there during rainy Seattle days is not that fun at all. Whenever it is rainy I almost always get splashed by a passing car driving through a puddle.

Shortly though I get there to see a piece of paper jammed into the door. I pull it out and read it.

Micah, we got a lot of orders when you were away. Due to some… Personal issues, I cannot come in today to work on them. I left you a list of what needs to be made today. I expect them all to be done by the time you close up.

Oh crap. Piled up orders. That is not good. Well, it shouldn’t be that much right? My boss might be annoying but he never lets things back up too badly. He hates it when that happens. Let’s see…


Cakes for a church social, cupcakes for a sweet sixteen, and doughnuts for a local bowling league?! What is he thinking?! This isn’t done with some premade mix; we have to make it all from scratch! What, did he just forget all of that?!

“There is no way I can make all of these muffins, doughnuts, and cakes in time. It’s impossible for me to do this alone.”

“I can help!”

No. No way. It can’t be. She should still be back at my apartment.

“Can we start now? Huh huh? Can we can we? If we start now that means we can have the cakes soon and if we can have the cakes soon then we can have the muffins and later we can make the yummy doughnuts!”

I turn to look behind my shoulders and see that who I thought was here is here. Pinkie Pie is sticking her head out of my now open backpack, smiling widely as she goes on and on. And on, and on…. And on.

This will probably be a most interesting day.