My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

New roommates

“Well Pinkie that went way, way better than I thought it would.”

“It was great! We made so many yummy treats!”

“Yeah, no kidding. We actually got all the orders done. I didn’t think I could do that. Or, more accurately, we could do that.”

After everything got mixed the baking went much, much easier. We just had to put the pastries into the ovens and make sure they didn’t get burned. And, because of that, we were eventually able to get everything done before I closed up.

Once we finished and I closed down, Pinkie went into my backpack again for the walk home. I’m not too worried about being seen since at this point it is fairly dark, and people rarely walk about the streets this late in this neighborhood.

“But we did! We made a bunch of goodies! But why didn’t you have any of the leftover chocolate?”

“I don’t like chocolate Pinkie. Never have.”

I hear a very loud gasp coming from my backpack, and look back to see Pinkie’s jaw almost down to the sidewalk.

“What?! Why don’t you like chocolate?! Everypony likes chocolate!”

“I just don’t. Never have. Ever since I was a kid I just could never stand it, almost makes me sick”, I say as my apartment building comes into view.

“But… But not liking chocolate? I get not liking icky vegetables, but chocolate?”

As I walk further towards my apartment, and then up towards my floor I hear Pinkie continuing to ponder this new information she has heard. It is almost as if everything she knew about the universe was just proven wrong to her.

“On another note. Do you think Twilight and the others will tell me why you are all here? That’s something I would really like an answer for”, I say once we reach the door to my apartment, and I touch my mezuzah.

“Maybe. But I can’t tell you. I made a Pinkie promise not to tell anyone”, Pinkie says with a smile.

Figures. I should have expected something like that. And from what I remember of Pinkie Pie I would not be able to get her to tell me. She is not one to break a promise.

“Micah! There you are, I was wondering where you were. I knocked on the door to your apartment for a while but you didn’t answer. I guess you were at the bakery?”

That voice is one that I instantly recognize. But why is she here now? She shouldn’t be here until tomorrow!

Turning around I look to see Leah at the end of the hall. And my goodness she looks as beautiful as I remember since I left.

Her black hair is down to the middle of her back, open and flowing like usual. Her dark skin is a very interesting contrast with her choice of a white blouse. Her features are sharply defined, specifically her cheekbones. Her eyes, instead of gray like mine, are a dark brown. Leah’s body is in my opinion a picture of perfection. She has curves and certainly likes to show them. And I never, ever tire of seeing them.

“Pinkie Pie, get down in the backpack, now”, I whisper quickly to Pinkie, hoping that she will do that. I don’t know how I will explain to Leah that the ‘collectibles’ she gave me are actually living creatures.

“I missed you Micah”, Leah says as she reaches me and pulls me in for a kiss. Oh G-d, thank you for letting me feel these lips again finally. But it would have been better if she met up with me when I didn’t have these ponies in my apartment.

“And I missed you Leah. But I thought you wouldn’t be here till tomorrow”, I say after she breaks off the kiss.

Raising an eyebrow at me, she says, “Micah, are you saying you don’t want me here? After being gone for such a long time?”

“No! No, no not at all, I just, um, this is very unexpected is all”, I say with a nervous grin. “I was hoping to plan for tomorrow, to make it special, that’s all.”

“That’s very sweet of you. But you don’t need to”, Leah says as she wraps her arms around me with a grin. “Besides, I did say I would be giving you much attention, didn’t I? You gave me plenty of attention the day before you left.”

“Maybe we can wait until tomorrow, so we can give each other as much attention as the other wants?”, I say, hoping that she will go. I never thought I would rebuff Leah’s affections. This is certainly a first.

“Alright, what do you have in there you don’t want to show me?”, Leah says as she moves for the door. “You obviously have something in there you don’t want me to see, what is it?”

“Nothing, it’s nothing”, I say, trying to persuade her not to go inside.

“Hm. I don’t think I am convinced quite yet.”

Leah’s eyes narrow as she moves towards me. I know that look. And it is one look I never like.

I back away from her until I feel my back hit a wall; stopping me from moving any further whatsoever. Leah wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she can still be intimidating as hell.

“Give me the keys. You are hiding something, and I want to know what it is”, Leah says as she holds out her hand.

I really hope that the five of them still in there will know to hide when the door is opened.

I take the keys out of my pocket, and hand them to Leah who quickly puts the keys into the door, unlocking the door and opening it. Whenever Leah looks at me like that I can never say no.

I quickly follow her into my apartment, hoping that the others won’t be so foolish as to try and attack her.

“It’s her; it’s the same jerk that put us in the box!”

“Quiet Rainbow Dash, we don’t want anypony to know about us that doesn’t have to know.”

“I agree with Twilight. Really Rainbow Dash, you are already on Micah’s bad side. Should you do anything you would only make it worse.”

Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack are all hiding behind the couch as they look at the female human they saw a few days ago step inside, with Micah not far behind her. They heard her outside when she was knocking some time ago. While Rainbow Dash didn’t like it they decided hiding for now would be best.

“I mean it Leah, I have nothing to hide here. I’m not keeping anything from you, I swear”, Micah says to her as she steps further into the main room.

The five of them notice Micah put his backpack down, and notice a small pink companion of theirs poke her head out, before she goes back inside again.

“So Pinkie did go with that fella to his bakery. Ah’m glad she’s alright”, Applejack says softly once she saw Pinkie Pie.

Leah continues to search the main room for a while before she leaves and heads to another room. The moment she leaves, Micah gently takes Pinkie out of his backpack and places her with the other five.

“I don’t know why Leah’s here, but please, please be quiet. I don’t want anyone else to know about you six”, Micah says softly and moves to leave, but stops for a moment.

“And Twilight, I still expect some sort of answers once Leah leaves.”

Before Twilight has a chance to answer Micah leaves to head after Leah.

“Well, at least he doesn’t seem to be upset”, Twilight says as she watches him leave.

“Yep. He’s smiley and happy after our time in the bakery! We made so many yummy cakes, muffins, and doughnuts! Though apparently he has something called clausopobia”, Pinkie says, though is shushed by everypony.

“Clausopobia? What is…. Pinkie, do you mean ‘claustrophobia’?”, Twilight asks her.

“Maybe, that might be it. He got pretty scared when he was stuck in a freezy fridge. But I was able to get him to smile again”, Pinkie Pie says triumphantly.

“Oh my. That must have been awful for him”, Fluttershy says sympathetically.

“What the hey does claustrophobia mean?”, Rainbow asks.

Twilight was about to speak but doesn’t, as she sees Leah and Micah come back out into the main room.

“Well? Did you find anything Leah?”, Micah asks.

“No… But I still feel like something’s off”, Leah says as she folds her arms over her chest.

“Well, obviously there is nothing wrong here. But I do have a question for you. Where did you find those MLP collectibles, and why did you send them to me?”

“Oh. Well I just was out and about in Seattle like I often am and saw them in a store. They seemed a little different for some reason. Not sure why. And I know you like the show so I thought you might like them”, Leah says. “Speaking of those, where are they?”

“I still have them in the box, somewhere. I’m currently deciding where the best spot to put them is”, Micah says. “But next time, please give me something that is not a collectible. A movie, a new game, something like that might have been better. I like the show and all but it isn’t exactly my favorite.”

Leah smiles, and says, “I will keep that in mind.” Wrapping her arms around Micah, and moving a hand to caress his cheek she then says as her smile turns to a sultry grin, “Are you sure though you want to wait until tomorrow for me? I had some very lovely ideas for today that I know you would enjoy.”

“Oh. Uh, well, while that sounds amazing, um, today I might like to pass. After working at the bakery almost all day, I would like to rest”, Micah says.

“Wow. You must either be stupid or truly exhausted to pass up on that. But tomorrow I will be here, so you’d better get plenty of rest.”

Leah kisses Micah again and moves towards the door, with Micah following behind her.

“I will, don’t you worry. See you tomorrow”, Micah says as Leah leaves, and shuts the door behind her.

“Oh thank you G-d, thank you so so much for not letting Leah find out about this”, I say as I slide down the door until I hit the floor.

Thank G-d the five of them were smart enough to hide behind the couch. I don’t think Leah would be upset or hurt them if she found out, but I still wouldn’t want to have to try and explain it to her.

My eyes turn to the six ponies as I hear them walking out from behind the couch.

“So I was right, that female and you are mates”, Twilight says once she and the other five get closer.

“The picture on my table, the fact she is the one who ‘bought’ you, and since I have mentioned her before didn’t tip you off?”, I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“I mean to say that her behavior confirmed it. With how she spoke it is obvious you two seem close since she clearly offered to, um, take part in certain activities with you”, Twilight says with a nervous grin.

“Heh, yeah, true. She has never been a fan of subtlety”, I say with a slight chuckle.

I get up off of my tuchus, and head towards the fridge and pull out a bottle of soda to drink. It would be better of course if I had water, but dang it I want something sweet and tasty. Pinkie Pie must be rubbing off on me.

“By the way, remember what I said earlier? About answers?”, I ask, as I get a cup out of the cupboard and pour me a drink.

After a noticeable silence from all six ponies, I turn to look at them. All save for Pinkie have a nervous look about them. Ugh, great.

“Oh for goodness sake, really, I get you have something big going on. You crossed worlds for a reason after all. And since you tied me up I think I deserve to be told something”, I say as I put the soda away and then drink from my glass.

“We cannot tell you everything. But we can let you know some things at least”, Twilight says as she looks up at me.

“Then please do. I think I deserve to know at least something about why you are here”, I say, and take another drink of soda. “Whatever it is I hope it at least won’t put me, Leah, or any of my family in any sort of danger.”

Twilight doesn’t say a word, nor do any of the other ponies. Not exactly something I was hoping to hear.

“Is it something that could put me, Leah, or my family in danger?”

“…. There is a possibility. It isn’t very likely, so long as we are careful, but there is a possibility”, Twilight says as she shuffles her hoof on the floor.

“Then tell me everything that you can. After tying me up and pinning me on the floor, I think I am owed that much.”

Fluttering towards me Rainbow butts in, saying, “But do you really think that”-

Rainbow Dash is interrupted by Twilight, who turns to glare at her.

“Rainbow Dash, we are not going to tell him everything. But he is right. He should know some of our reasons for being here. It is only fair”, Twilight says quickly.

Rainbow doesn’t say anything, though I can tell she is not exactly happy about that. At least Twilight is able to get her calmed down.

“Anyway, yes, as we said before we are here for a search. And what we are searching for certainly is dangerous. The objects of our search will be difficult to find. Even more so considering the state we are in.”

“Yeah, any search would be complicated if you are the size of a toy”, I say with a slight smirk.

“Yes. That’s very true. The spell I cast was not meant to keep us like this. Though until I can reverse it we are stuck like this. The only good thing about this is that we weren’t noticed by them when we got here. And about our search, what else I can tell you now is our search is for a group, they are very dangerous, and you should be careful. As I said before you probably won’t be in danger, but there is a chance of that.”

“Well, I am glad you have told me as much as you have. I also thank you for being honest with me about the possible dangers. However that still leaves one thing that I am sure you have been thinking about just as I have been.”

Nodding, Twilight says, “Yes. While some of us disagree, I think it would probably be best if we stay here while we do what we need to do. It would be safer for us here than it would outside.”

Yeah, this is something that I thought might happen. Not that surprised about that.

“I think I might know who among you is against that idea”, I say, looking towards Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

“Actually, Ah ain’t so ‘gainst it now”, Applejack says, to my surprise.

“Seriously? I did not think you would be saying that Applejack.”

“Well the more Ah think on it, this probably is the best for us, least for now. At least here we don’t got to worry ‘bout getting in trouble or any other of you folk finding out ‘bout us. And, well… Ah want to ‘pologize. Ah might have acted too harshly when we first met”, Applejack says, and pulls off her stetson as she looks up at me with a frown.

“That would be putting it very lightly, since you tied me up and banged my nose up rather badly”, I say, looking at her. “However, regardless, your apology is accepted. Though do me a favor, and never treat me like a rodeo animal again”, I say with a slight grin.

Applejack grins slightly, and dons her stetson once more. Well, that makes one apology. I wonder if I will ever get Rainbow to apologize.

“It is very good of you to apologize Applejack, however I still believe we do not yet have an answer about whether or not we may stay here”, Rarity says as she takes a few steps forward.

“Well, while I do wish you could find somewhere else to be, as I am certain having six ponies living in my home will take some getting used to, I can’t simply turn you away. So you may be here, but only under certain conditions”, I say and place my glass down, and sit down on the floor with the six of them.

“Such as?”, Twilight asks with a raised eyebrow.

“First, if you find out anything, anything at all that might place myself, Leah, or my family in danger, let me know at once. Two, no violence here. If you get upset that is fine, but if you get violent you are out of here. And three, while most of the apartment is open to you, you don’t go into my bedroom without my permission. Anywhere else in the house is open to you, but not my room. And last, but what I think is the most important, an apology for tying me up in my own home and getting my nose bashed.”

The six of them turn into a huddle for a moment and all I can hear from them are whispers. I can make out each individual voice, save for Fluttershy, but I do not know exactly what is being said.

Shortly after the whispering starts it ends, and Twilight turns to me with a grin.

“You are right, we did act rashly. For that we apologize. It was not right of us to tie you up like that. And, we gladly accept your terms."

Twilight puts out her hoof, though as she glances at my hand she pulls it back.

“Sorry about that. You cannot exactly do a hoof bump considering your anatomy and size, can you?”

“No, though if I could I would. Now, as this has been decided, I think I am going to go and turn in for tonight so that”-

“Um, ex-excuse me?”

“Fluttershy? I’m sorry but I can just barely hear you”, I say, and lean down a little bit closer to the six of them as Fluttershy nervously and slowly steps forward.

“Oh, I’m sorry. But, well, while you were gone all day we weren’t able to eat since everything here is so big. So, um, if it’s alright, I would really appreciate it if maybe you could make us a little something? But if you don’t want to”-

“Stop, stop. I wish that I could just go sleep as it is late, and I am tired but I can make you all a quick something”, I say, and turn to look at Pinkie. “Want to help me make something for my new roommates?”

“You betcha!”