My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

Arguments and kittens

     Working at a bakery can lead to many different experiences. Sometimes the work is simple, and you don’t have to do any fancy orders. Days like that are very enjoyable. It is still work of course, but I never feel rushed or stressed on those days.

     But sadly this day was not one of those days. Today was the opposite. We had a ton of orders we had to make and get out fast. Cakes, doughnuts, muffins, all of it. And the boss was, well, he was a jerk. For the life of me I can’t imagine why the hell he has been such a pain lately. I haven’t been slacking off work or anything. He actually yanked off the new hat I found thanks to Rarity! I got it back later, but why the hell did he do that?

     Well, at least I am back at the apartment now. And as I do not hear any shouting or sounds of frustration I think today everything should go smoothly.

     “Hello everypony, I’m home,” I declare as I open the door, kicking my shoes off onto the floor.

     I am immediately greeted by Skittles as she zooms straight towards me, smiling. “Hey there big guy!”

     I wave at her as I make my way to the main room, taking off my sweater and letting it drop to the floor. “Hi Skittles. I really hope you didn’t get in trouble today, like having a hawk chase you, or making a mess, or any other possible thing such as that. Not in the mood to deal with that right now.”

     Skittles sighs as I fall onto the couch. “No, Micah, nothing like that happened. What’s up with you? You look pretty tired.”

     Placing my hands behind my head for a pillow, I look at Skittles. “Long day at work. My boss was surprisingly rude today. I don’t have a clue why he acted the way he did. And now that I am home, I want to relax and take it easy for the rest of the day. Maybe make myself a nice snack, watch a film, and go soak in a nice hot bath for a while.”

     “That sounds boring,” Skittles says as she lands on my arm.

     “Boring, maybe, but relaxing. And relaxation is something I desperately want right now. No drama, no driving anywhere, nothing.”

     “Sounds good to me.”

     My eyes move to the side, seeing Twilight walking towards me. “Hey there Twilight. How are you doing right now?”

     “I’m good. And I think your idea of relaxing sounds good to me,” Twilight states, and makes her way up the couch.

     “What do you need to relax for? I’m the one with a job. I’m the one who takes you ponies places, and I also have to deal with a boss who is becoming more of a pain in the tuchus every damn day it seems,” I say as I move from sitting to lying down on the couch.

     Twilight walks over my leg onto my abdomen before stopping. “And I have to worry about our search. With all that I have to worry about I need to relax too.”

     “Hm. Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. At least yesterday when you and Rarity were out and about with me you got some, what was it you said, ‘positive readings’?” I inquire as I raise a questioning eyebrow.

     “Yeah, that’s right. That will definitely help us out. Though it’s still going to be pretty difficult,” Twilight says as she shuffles her hoof.

     Skittles flies down to my abdomen, landing right next to Twilight. “We’ll do fine Twilight. Since you got me along there’s no way we’ll lose.”

     I crack a smile at Skittles’ confidence. “It’s good to see you are so eager. While I don’t know if I can be of much help when you find who or whatever it is you are looking for, I am glad I can help you with this,” I say, pointing back at myself.

     “You definitely have, and I am very glad for that. I’m also glad that your mate Leah never found out about us when she drove you to the market.”

     “Aye. Though I am starting to think I should tell her eventually. She’s my girlfriend after all. And if events like what happened with you and Rarity yesterday, or with Applejack the day before that occur more often, she will probably find out.”

     “Um, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Skittles says, a surprising hint of nervousness in her voice.

     “I think we can trust one person with you six being here. She will probably freak at first but I think that-”


     Oy vey, of course Twilight had to interject.

     “Twilight, come on. I know you are cautious, and I get that, but eventually she will find out.”

     Twilight steps further up, moving towards my chest. “Eventually yes. But it would be best for us if she didn’t know until after we left.”

     “And then she will think I’m insane and I won’t ever be able to convince her I am telling the truth.”

     “Micah… We already have put much faith in you. And we are glad that you have helped us as much as you have. But we don’t want to risk anyone else knowing about us.”

     “Twilight, really, think about this. I only wish to tell Leah. She is my girlfriend, and if she finds out that I kept this a secret from her, she is going to be pissed. I don’t want to have to deal with that.”

     “Still I don’t think that you-”


     I immediately dart off of the couch, grabbing Twilight so that she doesn't fall onto the ground. “What the hell?! I’ve never heard any of my cats do that!”

     Skittles flies over towards the bedroom where the sound came from. “Are the two cats in a fight or something?”

     “I don’t think so. Bonnie and Clyde have never fought before,” I state, walking towards my room, carrying Twilight.


     I raise an eyebrow in both surprise and confusion. “Was… was that Fluttershy? Yelling?”

     Fluttershy flies straight towards me, her eyes showing great worry. “Micah! You said your brother is a vet, right?”

     “Yeah, that’s right. Works on a lot of animals. Is something wrong with Bonnie or Clyde? What is it?”

     “The kittens! Her kittens are coming!”

     My eyes widen immediately from those words. “W-what d-did you say?”

     “The kittens are coming! Bonnie is in labor!” Fluttershy states, her wings flapping harder as she seems to get more nervous.

     I place my hand on my forehead, surprised and not sure exactly what to do. “W-well, you can h-help her, right? You live w-with animals!” I say, hoping and praying she can.

     “I… I can’t do much at this size. And she doesn’t look so good right now. Please, you need to get your brother here!”

     I quickly pull my phone out of my pocket, searching for Solomon on my speed dial. “R-right, I-I can call him. He will get here soon.”

     “Please, hurry!”

     Placing Twilight down on the couch as the three ponies look at me, I dial Solomon’s number. “Come on man, pick up the phone!”

     “I hope that your brother will get here soon Micah. The poor creature didn’t look so good.”

     I turn to see who spoke while keeping my ear to the phone, and see Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie coming out of the bedroom. At least this is one instance I can understand them going in there without my permission.

     “But she’s j-just having kittens.”

     “She still don’t look good Micah. Do ya think your brother will get here soon?”

     “I won’t know until I actually talk to him,” I say, and continue to hear nothing more than the phone ringing, with no voice of my brother being heard for a time.

     Until, thankfully, I hear the ‘click’ that one hears upon a person answering the phone.

     “Hey Micah, what’s up?”

     “Solomon! Oh baruch Hashem, thank you for picking up the phone. You remember my cat Bonnie, right?”

     “The cat with so much of a belly it actually jiggles as she walks? Micah, she’s a little hard to forget.”

     “Well I’m glad you remember her, because she is having her babies right now. Get your tuchus over here.”

     “OH! Understood, I’ll be right over there, don’t you worry,” I hear Solomon say, and before I have the chance to say anything else he hangs up the phone.

     “Will he be here soon?” Fluttershy inquires, her ears flat against her head in worry.

     “I hope so. I think that he will be here quickly. I just hope that traffic won’t be too bad. If it is he will take a while longer to get here.”

     Twilight quickly speaks up before anypony else has a chance to do so. “Micah, please don’t tell him anything abou-”

     “Oh for G-d’s sake Twilight, just stop it! I am not going to tell him, alright? I just wish to tell my girlfriend about this eventually. I don’t get why you are so against me telling one person,” I say, facepalming in annoyance.

     Twilight’s eyes narrow as she glares at me. “I am looking out for my friends! This place is dangerous!”

     “You can look out for your friends without being a pain in the ass! It’s not that hard!”

     Twilight’s eyes widen in what I think is shock. Probably from the fact that while I have gotten annoyed with her and the others I have never actually spoken to Twilight with such language or anger. Though she sure as hell deserves it right now.

     However her eyes soon narrow again. “You just don’t get it. We can’t let anyone know about us. You remember that show you showed us? If anyone else finds out about us, we will probably be turned into celebrities here. That’s something that we really, really don’t need.”

     “You seriously think that will happen from just one person finding out about this?! I don’t want to keep lying to my girlfriend! Why don’t you understand that?!”

     “Alright now you two, that’s enough!” Applejack says, quickly moving in front of Twilight. “Come on Twi, let’s go.”

     “And that’s enough out of you now Micah,” Rarity says as she walks towards me. “There is no need for you to use such vulgar language.”

     “I’m not done yet Rarity, I’m not-”

     “You’re done right now Micah. AJ, you take Twilight with you. Rarity and I’ll talk to Micah,” Skittles says as she folds her front legs over her chest.

     Twilight seems to be just as annoyed by this as I am. “But Rainbow, he-”

     “Come on now Twi, let’s go. Ah think you need a talkin’ to,” Applejack states, pushing Twilight away out of the main room.

     I can’t help but allow myself a slight smirk at Twilight being shooed away. “Good. Maybe you can get some sense into her.”

     “She is not the only one who needs a talking to, Micah. You need one yourself, so sit down,” Rarity says as she points her hoof at the couch.

     “You’ve got to be kidding me Rarity. I’m in the right here, not Twilight. She won’t let me tell one single person about you mares!”

     “Because it would be stupid to let anypony else know!” Twilight shouts as Applejack hurries her along down the hall, Pinkie Pie now helping Applejack.

     “Don’t be so mean Twilight. Mikey Wikey’s just a bit upset,” Pinkie states as she prances on, holding Twilight’s mane with a hoof as they disappear down the hall.

     Fluttershy however doesn’t go with Twilight, nor does she stay with Rarity, Skittles and myself. “Um… I-I think I’ll go stay with Bonnie until your brother gets here,” Fluttershy says as she heads back into my bedroom.

     Well this day has definitely not gone as I hoped it would. First I had to deal with crap at work, my cat is having trouble giving birth, and now Twilight is being a pain in the ass.

     “Micah, please sit. We need to talk,” Rarity says, her hoof pointing towards the couch.

     Sighing, I lay down on the couch. “Talk away, I’m not apologizing. Twilight deserved every word of what I said.”

     “I wouldn’t say that Micah,” Rarity states, and jumps up onto the couch and walks onto my abdomen.

     Skittles soon joins Rarity, landing right next to her. “Twilight may have gone a bit overboard,  but so did you.”

     “Oh really? I don’t think so. Twilight doesn’t get it. Maybe if she would realize how annoying this all is she would get why I am upset with her.”

     “I believe that Applejack and Pinkie Pie will help her understand, though Rainbow Dash is right. You still went overboard dear,” Rarity says.

     “No I did not. I was in the right,” I say, getting annoyed more and more with this. I wonder though what Applejack is saying to Twilight.

     (In the bathroom with Twilight, Applejack and Pinkie Pie)

     “Twi, you gotta calm down. Micah’s right to be upset.”

     “But he doesn’t understand! It’s too dangerous for anyone to know! I only told him what we are doing is dangerous because that was all I could tell him!” Twilight declares, stamping her hoof in frustration.

     “Twilight you don’t need to be so loud. Unless you want me to bring Micah here! Want me to go get him Applejack?” Pinkie Pie asks as she hops near the bathroom door, where they are speaking privately.

     Applejack sighs, and facehoofs. “No Pinkie Pie, this is somethin’ that only we should hear right now.”

     “What is it then Applejack? I see no reason to tell Micah anything, or be fine with him telling his girlfriend,” Twilight says with an annoyed sigh.

     Applejack speaks with a hint of curiosity. “Twi, have you ever had a special somepony?”

     Twilight raises an eyebrow before responding. “Not that it’s any of your business, but, no. I, um, I haven’t had a special somepony. I’ve never met the right stallion.”

     “Well that explains a lot. Do you know one of the most important bits of having a special somepony?” Applejack asks.

     “No. But I think you’re going to tell me, aren’t you?” Twilight inquires as she sits, presuming this might take a while.

     “Darn tootin’ Twilight. One of the biggest parts of having a special somepony, is that you don’t keep big secrets like this from each other. It never ends well,” Applejack states, shaking her head.

     Twilight leans in closer to Applejack. “So Micah and Leah can speak to one another about it when we are gone!”

     “Twi, if he does then his mare will think he’s crazy as you were the day you thought the princess was gonna send ya back to magic kindergarten.”

     Twilights ears flatten, her eyes looking away from Applejack. “That… That was not something I’m proud of.”

     “Ah get that. And I ain’t saying Micah should have used such foul words with ya. But you need to see where he’s comin’ from. Ah can tell that he loves his mare. And Ah don’t think ya wanna risk ruining that for him.”

     “Oh! Applejack are you saying that Twilight is Micah’s special somepony?!” Pinkie Pie asks with her wide toothy grin.

     “What?! No, no I’m not his special somepony! I don’t have anypony I like like that!” Twilight states adamantly, backing away from her a bit.

     Applejack sighs, face-hoofing once more. “Pinkie Pie, Ah was talkin’ ‘bout his mare Leah, the one that brought us here in the first place? Ya remember her?”

     “Ooooh. I remember now, yeah! She has really long black hair and Micah thinks she is very very pretty!”

     Applejack rolls her eyes before looking back at Twilight. “Anyway, Twi, do ya get it? If Micah keeps us a secret the entire time we’re here, it ain’t gonna end well for him. His mare might even leave him,” Applejack says as she takes a step closer to Twilight.

     “I don’t mean for his mare to leave him. I just… Applejack, you know why it’s so dangerous for anyone to know about us. I don’t know if we can risk it.”

     “One single human? Ah think that is one risk we can take. Maybe you can tell him he can tell her, but just wait till the right moment,” Applejack says, and places a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder.

     “Well… You may be right. At some point I suppose he could tell her. Though I have a question for you Applejack. The way you were talking, it sounds like you got that knowledge from personal experience,” Twilight states as she raises an eyebrow questioningly.

     “Ugh, Twi, it’s common sense. It’s just somethin’ Ah know. You may be book smart but ya don’t know much else do ya?” Applejack inquires with a slightly smug grin.

     “I know plenty, Applejack. But I admit I didn’t know about how that would affect Micah. I’ll go talk to him, and apologize.”


     “If you think I went overboard, please, explain to me how I did so. Really, go ahead,” I say, gesturing towards Rarity and Skittles.

     “Micah, darling, answer this. Have you ever had to lead a group of six in a world you have never been to before?”

     I place my hands behind my head as a makeshift pillow, as I think this might take a while. “No, Rarity, I haven’t. I thought that was rather obvious. A fellow like me would never do that. It is sort of out of my league.”

     “Then you do not understand what it is that Twilight has to do here. She has a lot on her mind,” Rarity says as she motions to her forehead.

     I raise an eyebrow questioningly, and say, “And that gives her an excuse to be a pain in the-”

     “Micah please, stop using such language. It is not right for a gentlecolt such as yourself,” Rarity says, shaking her head in what looks like dissapointment.

     Skittles speaks up before I have the chance to say anything more to Rarity. “He can say what he wants, Rarity. Lay off a bit.”

     I allow myself a smug grin. “Thanks Skittles, I’m glad that-”

     “But I’m gonna say what I want too. You shouldn’t have gone off at Twilight that much.”

     “Seriously Skittles, you too? Listen, I think that she can take what I said,” I say as I fold my arms over my chest.

     “It doesn’t matter whether she can take it or not, Micah. Regardless of whether she can or not, that doesn’t mean she deserved it,” Rarity says, climbing over my arms onto my chest.

     Skittles flies and lands next to Rarity. “Rarity’s right. And I don’t think she was excusing Twilight’s behavior, right Rarity?”

     “That’s right Rainbow Dash. Twilight also was in the wrong. But, back to what I was trying to say earlier, you do not understand all that Twilight has to do.”

     I allow myself what I believe is a much permitted sigh of frustration from this. “Ugh, fine then. What is it that she has to do, since you are so intent on telling me?”

     “Twilight has to manage our safety. You know she’s in charge, and as such she is worried about our well-being. At the exact same time she has to also seek out the threat we are pursuing. Don’t you think that affords her a little bit of an excuse for stress?”

     I sit up on the couch, placing my hands under Skittles and Rarity as I do so they don’t fall. “I don’t deny that. I just… It is really, really annoying how I can’t tell even my girlfriend about this. I at first didn’t think I would tell her, but now I don’t think I can hide this from Leah.”

     Rarity smiles up at me slightly. “I understand. And Twilight will in time as well. Just give her some time to not be as worried. I promise, eventually she will come around.”

     “I really hope that you’re right Rarity. I don’t want to have to keep this a secret much longer,” I state as I get off of the couch, now standing up. I also notice Skittles looking back.

     Skittles raises a hoof towards the hallway. “Why dontcha go and ask Twilight now?”

     I move my gaze to where Skittles is pointing, and see Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie all walking back towards us. At first I was worried that Twilight might be upset or angry, but actually there doesn’t seem to be a trace of anger upon her face. I can definitely say I wasn’t expecting that. Whatever Applejack and Pinkie Pie said must have worked well.

     I place Rarity and Skittles onto the couch before walking towards Twilight, and sit in front of her. Twilight shuffles her hoof for a moment before being prodded gently by Applejack.

     “Micah, I’m… I’m sorry. I did not think about how keeping us a secret could possibly affect you and your mare. I wouldn’t want you to lose your relationship with her because of us, and I am very sorry for that,” Twilight says, not meeting my eyes with hers.

     My eyes widen as I definitely wasn’t expecting that. “You are? Truly? You’re not joking or anything?”

     “Truly. I just didn’t want anything to go wrong. I didn’t realize that having to keep a secret like us from your mare was so difficult for you, but thanks to Applejack I do now. And should you decide to tell her about us while we’re here, I understand,” Twilight softly states, and looks up at me.

     I glance back at Rarity and Skittles. Rarity makes a ‘go on’ sort of motion with her hoof, as does Skittles, before she flies over towards me and perches on my shoulder.

     “And, I also want to say sorry Twilight. I didn’t think about what exactly you are going through, and it was rather immature of me to swear at you as I did. So I apologize for that. Had I thought more about that I wouldn’t have gone at you so harshly,” I declare as I absentmindedly twirl my hair.

     Twilight smiles slightly before speaking again. “Thank you. I suppose we both messed up, didn’t we?”

     “Heh, I think you are right. I think we should have spent more time talking and less time shouting at each other,” I say with a smile.

     “Definitely. I don’t plan on acting like that ne-”

     “Micah! Micah come in here!”

     I get to my feet at once upon hearing Fluttershy’s voice. Without wasting a single second I move as fast as I can towards the bedroom. Oh please please G-d don’t let anything be wrong with Bonnie. I’ve had her and Clyde for too long, I don’t want either of them hurt. As I rush inside my room, I worry what will be there.

     And what is here, is utterly adorable.

     “Bonnie’s really tired right now. But she did a really good job,” Fluttershy says as she rubs Bonnie’s head with her hoof.

     It’s rather hard to focus on what Fluttershy is saying. I am too focused on Bonnie. Or, rather, Bonnie and six of the most adorable kittens I have ever seen. One kitten is totally black, like Bonnie. Two of them are striped with a mix of black and white, and two more are mostly black but with random white blotches on their bellies and faces. The last one is also mostly black, save for one single white paw. All six of them however are so tiny.

     Pinkie Pie quickly jumps right next to Bonnie and the kittens. “Oh! They’re so cute! Happy birthday kitties!”

     Pinkie Pie somehow pulls confetti from somewhere in her mane, tossing it up into the air in celebration before leaning right in front of the single black kitten which is wandering about along Bonnie’s belly. “I wonder what your name’s going to be!”

     “I… I don’t know what their names should be, but right now I don’t care. These little guys are just adorable,” I say, smiling from ear to ear as I gently pick up one of the kittens, the one with the single white paw who immediately starts mewing ever so quietly in my grasp.

     “Oh now now, it’s ok, it’s ok, don’t cry,” I say very softly as I gently move a finger over its little head.

     “Oh my stars, the little things are so cute,” I hear Rarity state as she and the others join Pinkie Pie in looking at the newborn kittens. “Though, Fluttershy, why are their eyes closed?”

     “All newborn kittens are like that. Their eyes don’t open for a while,” Fluttershy says softly. “Their ears are also stuck shut for a little bit too.”

     I place the kitten in my hands back with the others and its mother. “Regardless of that, they are still adorable. I think baby animals are always adorable.”

     As all the ponies start checking on the kittens, I see Skittles trying to nonchalantly get closer to one of the black and white striped kittens that has wandered off on its own a little away from the rest of the litter. I notice her looking around, as if to make sure nopony else is looking at her, before she smiles and whispers towards the kitten.

     “I know you can’t hear me, but I bet that you’re going to be the coolest. You’re already super brave, going off on your own like this. But don’t tell anypony I said that,” Skittles says and rubs the kittens nose with hers for a split second.

     Heh, it looks like nobody, pony or human can resist the adorableness that all baby animals have. Not even the great and powerful Skittles.

     “I am glad I was able to help her so much. I was really worried about her,” Fluttershy states.

     “Well, I am not that surprised. After all, you are great with all sorts of animals. Though just to be safe I will still hand her, the kittens, and Clyde over to my brother. Better safe than sorry, even though they all look healthy,” I say.

     “Hang on, where is Clyde anyway?” Twilight questions.

     I do not have to answer however as said cat slowly saunters into the room, but not before letting out a yawn. I guess he must have been in another room sleeping the entire time.

     Clyde walks towards Bonnie, and leans his head towards the kittens. He gives each of them a sniff and a short lick before looking at Bonnie, who he tries to lick as well. Though, she does not let him. When he gets closer, her ears flatten against her head, and she growls. The last thing she does however surprises me the most.

     She rears back, and slaps him across the face with her paw loud enough I would swear it makes an audible ‘slap’ sound.

     I don’t know if cats can look surprised, but if they can, Clyde does right now. He shuffles back, tail between his legs as he meows in what I swear is a confused tone.

     I allow myself a laugh at the rather amusing sight. “Fluttershy, I don’t know cat language, but I think Bonnie just said either, ‘Where have you been?!’ or, ‘Look at what you put me through!’”

     “Honestly Micah… I don’t think you’re that far off.”