My Very Little Ponies

by Yonah21

When Micah's away

     “Please Micah?”


     “But darling, I would be able to-”

     “No, Rarity, I won’t let you use makeup on me. That is one line I shall not cross.”

     I shouldn’t have even mentioned it. I had to mention makeup while walking home, didn’t I? I just had to do it. Even though it was all in jest, she hasn’t let up since.

     “But Micah, it would do wonders for your skin! Truly, it can work wonders!”

     “Again, Rarity, I must decline. I don’t want to-”


     Oh no. Rainbow, what did you do?

     Quickly I run inside my apartment to see all five ponies pressing hard against the open window, trying to close it. At this rate it will take them some time to do so.

     I run towards them and shut it quickly, and I do so not a moment too soon. Almost as soon as it is shut a hawk lands right outside the window, staring straight at Rainbow Dash. That must be what made Rainbow yell earlier.

     “I did warn you Rainbow. You remember, right? I did warn you”, I say, smirking a bit.

     “Aw shut up. I was fine, I only came back to make sure this slowpoke wouldn’t come in the window after everypony else”, Rainbow says, and then turns to the hawk.

     Fluttering towards the window, and glaring at the hawk, Rainbow says, “You’re lucky I had to come back here. I would’ve beaten your feathery butt!”

     The hawk just looks at Rainbow, it’s head turning at one of those odd angles that only birds seem capable of. However it soon responds in the only sound that a hawk seems capable of making. That being a painfully loud screech while keeping its eyes locked solely on Rainbow.

     Five of the ponies back away when the hawk does so, even Rainbow Dash. However, one little pegasus flies up, staring at the hawk.

     “How dare you! How dare you be so mean, picking on something so much smaller than yourself! Especially when they are my friends!”

     I have never seen a hawk back away from something as small as Fluttershy before. It is certainly interesting to see. I don’t know if the hawk is scared, but I swear it is at least having second thoughts.

     “Now you fly away, and think about what you've done. Go on, shoo!”

     Surprisingly, the hawk does just that. Though it doesn’t simply fly away. It actually steps backwards, almost as if it is scared slightly of Fluttershy. Except it didn’t look behind itself, and steps onto nothing but air and falls out of sight before it flies up and away. It looked like something out of a cartoon.

     “You actually scared the hawk into falling off a ledge. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do that before”, I say as I look at the hawk fly away, before looking down at Fluttershy.

     “Oh, um, thank you. I was only doing so though to make my friends safe”, Fluttershy says quietly as ever as she slowly flutters back to the other four.

     “Ya certainly did a dang fine job there sugarcube”, Applejack says with a smile to Fluttershy.

     “Yes, she did. That hawk was big enough it might have been able to carry Bonnie away”, I say as I look at said cat lying on the couch, lazy as always.

     “Um, I am sorry for interrupting, but Micah, darling, would you be a dear and let me out of your pocket?”

     Looking down, I see Rarity looking up at me from my sweater pocket, bits of lint hanging on her mane as she is forcing a grin.

     “Oh my, um, sorry about that Rarity”, I say as I gently pick her up and place her with the other five.

     The moment she is placed on the ground she starts plucking off all the lint, and says, “At least one of us has improved their looks.”

     “Yes, that I have, thanks to you. Again, I do apologize for keeping you in there, but I did not know what else I could do.”

     “I know dear, I know”, Rarity says as she grins slightly at me.

     “Well, um, anyway…. Twilight what have you been up to while Rarity and I was away?”

     “While you two were gone I was attempting to understand your technology. Specifically the large box over there”, Twilight says, and points her hoof towards the television. “What is its purpose, and how does one activate it?”

     “Oh that? Um, it is called a television. It is used mostly for entertainment purposes, and for listening to the news. And don’t ask me how it works. I admit I am an idiot when it comes to how most technology works.”

     “Would you mind showing me please?”, Twilight asks with a smile.

     “Sorry, I can’t do that. I don’t really have the time for it. I have to meet up with Leah. After yesterday I think that I need to make it up to her.”

     “Oh. Ok”, Twilight says, still smiling, though I can tell she seems a little disappointed.

     “Well… I guess I can at least turn it on quick, but then I have to leave. Also, please don’t keep it up too loud”, I say as I head towards the television, and turn it on for her.

     “Too loud? So you are capable of changing the volume of it?”, I hear Twilight ask once I turn it on.

     “Yeah, I can”, I say, and pull out my cellphone, and look at the time. Whoa, I better get going, much more time here and I will be late.

     “Well, see you girls later, gotta go see Leah. Remember the rules, alright?”, I call, and head to the door as I hear a collective ‘yeah’ or ‘alright’ from behind. Hopefully they will keep to that and not make a big mess or anything.


     “Rarity, Ah saw you got the feller a new getup.”

     “Why thank you for noticing Applejack. It took far too long to find something that would work with him, but alas, I succeeded. I do think he shall pleasantly surprise his mare tonight.”

     “I don’t get why they even need clothes”, Rainbow Dash says as she flutters towards Rarity and Applejack. “Everypony else doesn’t need them.”

     “Well when Micah was trying on the new clothes I picked out for him he only did so when my back was turned. I believe it is because of modesty. He even needed to be talked into allowing me to check to make sure his clothes fit him correctly”, Rarity says, recalling the experience from earlier.

     “He seems pretty weird to me”, Rainbow says, landing next to Rarity. “I mean, sure he has been alright, but he’s just odd.”

     “RD, dontcha think that you probably are weird to him too?”, Applejack says, turning to Rainbow.

     “I’m not weird!”, Rainbow protests. “I’m just awesome and cool! Nothin’ weird about that.”

     “Darling, don’t-”

     “Girls, you have to come see this!”

     Curious what it is that Twilight wants them all to see, all five of them quickly head towards Twilight, who is watching the metal box that Micah turned on a short time ago. While before it had a simple black screen, now it is bright and colorful, with moving images across it.

     “Landsakes, what’s that thing?!”, Applejack says, her jaw almost on the floor.

     “I don’t know… I’ve never seen anything like this before. It seems however to be a series of pictures placed very closely together, while also playing the appropriate sounds at the exact same time”, Twilight says as she writes down all that she sees. “A fascinating bit of technology.”

     “Oh look, cake!”, Pinkie says as on the screen, an image of a human pulling out a cake from an oven is shown. She immediately dashes straight towards it, practically glued to the screen as she licks at the cake with the widest grin possible.

     “Pinkie Pie, dear, I do not believe that is a real cake. It’s nothing more than a picture”, Rarity says, grinning slightly from the amusing sight before her.

     “Blech! And a bad tasting one too! It tastes nasty!”, says Pinkie Pie as she gets off of the screen, prancing back to the others.

     “Look, the picture's changing!”

     “Quiet Rainbow Dash, I think I hear somepony speaking”, Twilight says, shushing everypony else.

     “Truly, the tales and songs fall utterly short of your enormity. Oh Smaug, the stupendous.”

(This is what was on the t.v.)

     As the images continue to flash in front of them, everypony stays quiet, save for the occasional gasp from one of them. Twilight is amazed by how real everything appears. She did not think humans were capable of technology such as that. Only magic has ever been able to replicate things with such realism!

     Rarity, while interested as well, is interested for a different reason. She is enamored with the clothing depicted on the screen. The humans there have such different outfits than what she has seen other humans wear here, but she loves it. Specifically the short glances she got of one male human with a long blonde mane. The outfit is amazing to her. She only wishes she could see more of it.

     Fluttershy only looks while behind Bonnie and Clyde. She cannot deny it seems interesting, but it also frightens her. Mostly because it looks so violent. And while it was obviously not real, it comes as no comfort to her. The part that frightens her the most is the end, when the creature she thinks is a dragon spoke and short forth fire. She actually lets out scream at that part. Or as much as Fluttershy is capable of screaming.

     Pinkie Pie just appears giddy to see something new and interesting, but Applejack is the most interested, especially during the action packed bits. She lets out many hoops and hollers while watching the images in front of her.

     Rainbow Dash however seems to not be too interested. While Applejack was very vocal about it, she did what she could to not show how much she enjoys it. It looks like it is a geeky, nerdy thing that only eggheads would like. Not like the Daring Do books. Now those are cool.

     Though even she is interested. She just doesn’t plan on letting anypony else know.


     “Oh now Bonnie, where are you going?”

     After Fluttershy and everypony else watched the metal box for a time, they each went to doing something different on their own. Twilight went about organizing all that she wrote, being very meticulous as always. Applejack has been speaking with Rainbow Dash about what they recently saw, with Rainbow feigning disinterest. Rarity went towards Micah’s room to see what else he might have for his wardrobe, though stopped herself when remembering his rule about his bedroom. And Pinkie has since been  in the kitchen looking for any sweets that might have been hidden away.

     Fluttershy however has been staying with Bonnie and Clyde, or she would have if Bonnie stayed still.

     That cat for some reason has been unable to stay still lately. She has been running towards Micah’s room again and again, each time taking something from the main room with her. Usually a blanket, or loose sock, or just about anything soft that you can lay on.

     “Now Bonnie, those aren’t yours. Why don’t you let them stay out here? It’s not nice to take things that don’t belong to you”, Fluttershy says to bonnie as she grabs a pillow on the couch between her teeth, and starts dragging it towards Micah’s room.

     “Now what’s up with that critter? She’s grabbin’ anything she can get her claws on”, Applejack says, noticing it now as well.

     “I’m not sure”, says Twilight as she drops her pencil, looking at the feline going in and out of Micah’s bedroom.

     “Well animals do that sometimes. Though they only do that when…”

     Fluttershy’s widen, realization finally setting in. She remembers the times near her cottage when animals have done that. Every time it was a female, and a they always showed the same type of behavior as Bonnie is now, gathering materials that could be used for a nest.

     “She’s pregnant!”


     Everypony is speaking with Fluttershy when they heard the news. Almost everypony is so excited to hear the news, and looking forward to when the new kittens would get here. All save for one, that is.

     Pinkie Pie is too wrapped up in her search for any sweet goodies to hear. Normally if she heard she would have been excited as everypony else. Though when she is determined to find sweets, she is not going to stop.

     “Where would he hide his goodies?”, Pinkie Pie says to herself as she jumps from the floor and up to the counter, using the drawers she pulled open as stairs.

     Each drawer near the floor she has checked has nothing sweet. Each one has kitchen utensils, regular wheat bread, or canned vegetables. Where are the sweets?!

     While on the counter Pinkie has no more luck than when she was on the floor. So, she of course decides to go to the next best place, the cupboards. But how to get up there?

     Pinkie needs think on that for only a second as she suddenly gets what is in her mind the perfect idea. Pulling open every drawer, she pulls out anything she can grab and carry. Be it a loaf of bread, a small pan, or a spatula. She turns them into a tower for her to use to climb up to the cupboards to access whatever she might want from them.

     And as she opens the first cupboard, she hits the jackpot immediately.

     Many delectable delightful delicious dishes are discovered, ranging from wrapped up corn bread to whipped cream covered muffins, to many kinds of non-chocolate doughnuts.

     If anyone asked Pinkie Pie she would swear that she saw the light of the sun itself coming off of the delicious sweets in front of her. But now she has to think of another issue.

     How is she going to get all of these goodies down?

     “Her being pregnant would explain her behavior. And it would explain at least part of her being so heavy. Any creature when pregnant would put on weight, regardless of how much they weighed before.”

     “I know Twilight! I am so happy we will have more adorable creatures around! I wonder how many she will have…”

     “Fluttershy, you should calm down. I haven’t seen you this excited for-”


     “What in Celestia’s name was that?!”, everypony yells, hearing a crashing sound from the kitchen which everypony runs towards.

     Applejack runs in first, saying, “What in tarnation happened in he-WHOOOOA!”

     When Applejack ran into the kitchen, instead of stepping onto tiled floors, she instead stepped onto a slippery, cold substance. And unfortunately for her she was unable to keep her footing and went sliding on the floor, right into a pink pony who herself is covered in frosting as well.

     “Heya Applejack! You want some sweets too? There’s a bunch of ‘em here, I found cupcakes, muffins, doughnuts, sweet br-”

     “Pinkie, what are you doing?!”, Twilight shouts as she looks at the huge mess in the kitchen. “How did you make such a mess?!”

     “Oh… Well, I was looking for some sweets, and I didn’t find any. So I decided to climb up up up to the cupboards. But to do that I needed to make myself a ladder and so I went and got a bunch of stuff to put together for a ladder and climbed reeeealy up high to the cupboards and found so many yummy nummy sweet treats! But there was so much and I accidentally-”

     “You accidentally tripped and everything fell down, right?”, Twilight finishes for Pinkie with a sigh.

     Pinkie nods with a nervous smile, while Applejack tries to get to her feet. For a moment she is able to stand, but she quickly falls back onto her stomach, casting a glare at Pinkie Pie.

     “Hehe, sorry.”

     “Well, we might as well start cleaning up. We better make sure it is all clean before Micah gets back”, Twilight says.

     “Ugh, alright. By the way Applejack, heh, I like the new look”, Rainbow says as she snickers at the frosting covered Applejack. Or she was before her face was covered by frosting, followed by another pony snickering.

     “Ah like yours too RD.”