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Film and Flam try not to scam Equestria once by selling an old drink their father used to make. Eventually that stupid home-made soda will make them famous.

A small thing I wrote only because I had the idea. I wanted it to be short, so here it is.

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good job with the story!

Great story! :pinkiehappy::heart:

You're very welcome.

Screw them both

Pega-C Cola for life!

Cola is one of my favourite cold drinks, so this was pretty entertaining to read.

Thank you for your comment! Appreciate it :twilightsheepish:

They forgot the cocaine.

It’a great! Could we have a sequel? There could be ponies wanting water, they get sprite, and love it as well. Also, I can’t tell the difference between cola ans pepsi. But great pony puns!

Great idea! Maybe I'll write something like that soon.

Thanks! If you do, all I want is partial credit in the description. Hope you have fun writing!

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