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I exist. I also write fanfiction. My favorite color is the taste of the letter 7 with a hint of luckless. Updates will be expected every 14 and 28 PH time.


In the power invested by His Royal Highness Sombra, The Warlords were tasked in controlling crime in their various territories, recruiting former criminals and disgruntled upholders of the law. Reaching where the law couldn't and protecting the kingdom from threats from within. They wield power and influence behind a banner of might.

Serene Grace The Crimson Warlord has hunted down the unsavory criminal elements for little over a decade. Her gang, The Flavor of The Week has taken down many criminal enterprises and controlled gang activity. The City of Manehattan was once a cesspool of crime and corruption until Serene's predecessor.

Serene Grace has always eliminated the Kingdom's problems with cold and brutal efficiency. Her cute and unassuming stature allowed her to pull the strings on many people, allowing her to manipulate them for her cause. To those who knew her as the Crimson Warlord feared and despised her. But when her stone heart is given life what happens? Will she break down from the pressure, allowing rise of degeneracy? Will she abandon her duty for her heart desires?

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Comments ( 2 )

Not a bad story at all, love the unique alternate timeline. Characters are well thought out and their descriptions are very vivid. There is a spelling error in the long summary,

Reaching where the couldn't and protecting the kingdom from threats from within.

outside of that I like this story and look forward to seeing how it will do.

Thanks for your feedback! I didn't notice the error... I usually write at night after work. I try to characterize the members and their skill by their specific days. With the boss being the most charismatic and dangerous and more of an unknown factor to most. With that in mind things flowed.

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