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Hi there one and all i hope you like the stories i try to make and everythnign i make is for fun and to make you either smile or cry, i am a fun of anime, mlp, video games and some other tv/cartoons.


This is me first time making a displaced/self-insert fanfic.

What happens when Yami the dark goddess herself asks you if you want to be overpower as all fucking hell and the chance to troll the multiverse? What happens when you say yes? Well read on and see what the fuck happens.

rate t for swearing

the main crossovers will be with Naruto, Bleach, Dragon ball z, My little pony, Fallout and some other amines/tv shows/games

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Spelling and grammar errors everywhere in the description, afraid to read story because of it.

X_X The grammar, the spelling! Oh lord...

I'll read it, but the word coloring is not night-mode friendly.

I thought about it for a while before picking human, saiyan, namekian, and arcosian. It then gave me four labeled sliding bars with percentages on them, at certain percentages it gave different buffs for belonging to that race. I immediately moved namekian up to 10% giving me a Regen Buff for regrowing limbs and orogens at a slowest rate, along with moving arcosian to 25% giving me immediate access to Ki and a significant boost to my physical stats by around 150, and a good boost to my power level as a result. Then I evened it out between saiyan and human as best I could, 60% saiyan 58% human, that gave me full access to saiyan instincts, transformations, and having a tail. The human side gave me minor survival instincts, emotional affected powers, a luck boost be 4 and from both human and saiyan being the dominant races, I kept my human appearance. The emotional affected powers buff basically made my emotions affects my power, giving me a power boost whenever I am pissed off. Along with that, the Saiyan side also gave me a physical stat boost of 50 and the human side gave me a boost of 20 to mental stats


Already laughing my ass off! 😂 The spelling is delicious! XD

...You might wanna read a few of the displaced stories that have made overpowered characters work.


I'm sorry, but what did I just witness?

Grammar needs some work.

I have and I did my best with what I wanted to do.

what parts do I need to work on. it well help me fix what is wrong.

then take it off and read it in the light. (I am not try to sound rude I am just saying this.)

I think this is a parody. If not, say it is a parody. Because if this is your honest-to-goodness best attempt at writing... holy shit, son.

kind of, I take a bit of someone else story but add my own twist there is little of it. and I know I am a bad writer that is why I make stories for others to read so that they could tell me what to work on and fix.

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