Blood Emperor Jircniv, ruler of Baharuth Empire, refused to apologize after sending the Workers to the Group of Nazarik, so, Ainz Ooal Gown decided it is time to vanquish humans from the land. But he can’t do it alone.
Ainz learns about a secret civilization that went into hiding to protect themselves from humans. Maybe they would join him in his crusade.

But their rulers, Princesses Celestia and Luna would accept the alliance, or Lord Ainz would have to ‘persuade’ them first?

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An interesting angle some questions do come up and they are easily answered by more contributions to the story. I'll be watching this.

Oh my God yes my body is ready!


Excuse me but why does the all powerful ainz need "help" from the ponies?

They don't even know how to fight, the only positive part that i find from them "joining forces" together is when the ponies are food, and besides he already has his servants and the guardians.

Why ponies? Just why?🤔

Oh and before you go disliking this, remember this is just my own opinion.

Weird flex but ok

How it ended up like this

you forgot a word

good for htem

self explanitory

I am most intrigued. Let us see where this goes.

Don't kinkshame me!

can you share the link please :pinkiehappy: i do prefer spanish (im latin)

Lemme guess: The Mane 6, Celestia and Luna will be raped, tortured, mind fucked, fuck-fucked, brainwashed, killed and/or resurrected into mindless zombie slaves into joining.

You're doing pretty good with English being your second language. Im still keeping an eye out. I have not been disappointed. Good Work

Aquí tienes:


Cleaning keeps saying she saved her .... but didn't she say in front of ainz the 6 of them we're gonna dispose of her. Shouldn't she be more upset they were gonna turn her into a pet or kill her.

Sorry to say it and others will disagree but discord trumps ainz power wise the only way to beat discord is with the elements which ainz can't use. Plus he can nullify magic cast at him ... instantly teleport ... take away magic items and powers ... transmute things into other things .. what good is a army of undead when he turns them into shrubbery there not alive so I don't see him having a problem with that...time manipulation and travel ...which is weird you'd figure he could stop the elements that way...only reason he loses is because he gets cocky. Reason I bring him up I could see celestia and Luna make a deal with discord before ainz. Take the human world for your own but leave the ponies be. Only reason chrysalis got one over on him he couldn't destroy her citadel with a meteor from orbit without killing fluttershy.

Discord would be stonger than Ainz, yes, but Ainz is a TACTICIAN and could trick Discord so I'd say 60-40 in Discord's favor

Discord and the forces of harmony(elements/tree/etc) would qualify as world items in a sense that they can alter reality in a greater degree, so that is the main reason why it will be hard for Ainz to face them. I agree that bone daddy would have to outsmart him or at least convince the elements users to join his side to have a upperhand. Though makes me curious.... would Discord be released at the moment or is he stoned? Since this is a AU and they chat like they still imprison him still. Have this feeling they would find use for Starlight on her method of immobilizing cutie marks to magic limitation for the ponies and other spell users.

Chrono, I would say Cleaning did the right choice in choosing her path, since any normal pony would let their fear guide them in this situation...I mean being discovered/revealed, have no method of escaping, and she was smart to know these being can literally destroy her similar to how ponies who feared Luna can do to them. Note it was exaggerated fear with Luna, but the six the unicorn encountered is a fear come reality, so she did a good job to staying alive.

Now problem would be the Princesses who have met only one dark user who tried to invade the crystal empire(Nightmare doesn't count much due to being Luna and that would most make them hesitant or scared of dark magic/emotions), which would make them paranoid from accepting the deal immediately. I can see Ainz is going by tactical intelligence as always, which in the show would result with some deaths and some compromises or actual peace by displaying hidden agendas.

Nabel wish you luck with AJ, which is legit one of the ponies she can't kill due to connections with the elements of harmony aka making bone daddy slightly disappointed. I mean bone daddy would at least take this as an advantage thinking the ponies lost an edge, but he would too against discord...unless he can replicate Chrysalis's citadel effect and ensure it's close to the guy....That or spread Tatzlwurm fluids or whatever organic fluids onto his person to make him legit sick.

With the summary alone:

1.- You don't understand the character of Ainz.
2.- You don't understand his motives.
3.- You don't understand Nazarick; beliefs, loyalties, ordeals, and motivations.

Edit: I see that this is a translation of an existing work. Even so, my point still stands.

All right this was a moment I was looking forward to. I'm not disappointed at all. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Something I noticed... If they are going to take care of their 'past mistakes'... What about Discord? He is 'reformed' and a friend of Fluttershy.

Are they also going to let Ainz 'take care' of Sunset Shimmer? As she is now a human.

Waiting the next book...

im disappointed in how short this is you could have just added to this story instead of making a complete new one

9347827 Depends on whether or not Kaliann25 gets the EG movies involved. The mirror/portal could very well lead to a different human world, rather than somewhere outside Equestria's borders. Canonically, the EG world had no to very little naturally occurring magic before Sunset's Heel-Face Turn.
(looks and sees AU tag)
Please disregard the last sentence.
It's a toss up. Does he want to? Does he not? I don't know.

Please will there be a book 2?

I just binged this entire book and now I can't wait for more

I don't think 16k words can barely be counted as a binge. Well, that's if you compare it to me... And when you look at me I normally go on reading nonstop for hours on end... This fic would be what? I'd say less than a few hours. Try reading half a million words in less than a few days.... Worth it...

Anyways it is sad that this is the only 'book' as the title says. It would have been fun to read.

You're not wrong also I read entire hundred chapter books before so technically this is not bend reading...

Actually, I just found that there's a similar story in fanfiction (it's not similar, it's literally the same) and there's the Book 2. Though it's in Spanish...

Twilight: PANICS/is Twilighting!
*green glow*
"Okay, now i am calm again"


It is mine a s well, all my works are posted there in my mother languaje ad then translated in here.

The reason I haven't here is because the Overlord canon have changed a lot since I originally posted the story.

It is mine a s well, all my works are posted there in my mother languaje ad then translated in here.

The reason I haven't here is because the Overlord canon have changed a lot since I originally posted the story.

Ah yeah, well too bad then.

Book 1: Infiltration (part 1)

Ainz wrote in a WAY TO OVERLORD III book...
So those are his official memoirs?

“As you wish!” said Cleaning Miracle, bowing before the Princesses.

Cleaning Miracle???
So her talent is... Cleaning?
Huh. For a clean get away??

Ainz himself didn’t like the idea, but he couldn’t disappoint Demirge and Albedo.

U' is missing.

Also may I suggest changing "important losses" to "significant losses"?;)

A cleaning maid is part of the circle and a spy...

Unlike OL, Fim promotes talents are kinda limited... Why would a maid be super important?

Ainz are more guards in maid outfits. Because Japan.

Mlp... Uh... It's just hard to swallow.

Fleur is the only pony, to my knowledge, which is a guard in disguise. She is skilled and acts prim. Certainly she would be an excellent spy. Also she a unicorn and if fancy taught her a thing she should be a fine diplomate.

The woman blushed furiously. “Oh, Lord Ainz, I don’t deserve the honor to be called your right hand. But, you can put a ring on my hand whenever you want it…”

Nailed her character

An amusing story mix you got there.

Does he not realize that he will only be killing the racist, specious humans that are basically his enemies? And not all of humankind because he doesn't seem to realize that there are humans in karn village, and that there is a human in his tomb. Meaning that to he will only be killing the humans who deserve it the rest will go under his rule. So basically he isn't responsible for genocide just making the human species endangered.

Agreed with you. Besides, Twilight is being a FRICKIN OOC Bitch!!!! 😡 So much for being a Princess of "Friendship" my ASS!!!!!!! :twilightangry2:

WAIT WHAT?! Complete ;-; I wanna see what happens

Nvm saw the message about it being posted in fanfiction and went there. Reread the last chapter pf book one, I see it’s a bit different in composition pf events than the English version but nothing bad about it.
El español es mi legua madre tambien asi q soy afortunada al poder disfrutar ambas verciones. Voy a empezar el libro dos ahora y ya vi tu mensaje al final del capítulo 7 q dice q tienes en mente el libro uno y dos pero por el momento no el tres. Espero q te llegue inspiración pronto para poder leerlo todo. Eres un excelente escritor/-a (perdona no conosco tu genero y prefiero no asumir) y me encanta lo q as imaginado aqui.

Try the OL novels <3
(just stay away from the 'alternative bonus novel' ... its a dull bore

ps! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/365577/report-on-the-occult-energies-of-equine-commradery
Trust me on this one ;) Enjoy

psps. there are 1-2 Warhammer i could recommend. It's frightening how good they are!
One is how we all imagine the story to 'End' and one pretty much explains 'Why/How' EQ came to be.
I felt enlightened reading those :))

Ofc its all down to personal preference.

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