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Just a guy who wants to read some stories, join in on the community and maybe write a story or two. Anyway, just wanna have some fun and enjoy this place.


Hi, my names Ignis Ragnorak and besides my unreal name I was a pretty normal guy. I use the term "was" because now, I live a life that is anything but normal. Now you might be thinking "How is your life anything but normal?" and to answer that I have three words. My. Little. Pony. That's right I live in the world of Equestria but that's not all, I have magic from Fairy Tail, the quirk One for All from My Hero Academia and the Matrix of Leadership from Transformers. How did this all happen, well your going to have to read this story to find out how I got my powers, ended up in Equestria, and became one of its newest guardians.

WARNING: mild cursing and death, but no brutality

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This looks interesting. I think I'll keep an eye on this story.

Hmmm could use a little better pacing but other than that it's good

Just please don't make him a Mary Sue

Nice start please make more

Why the Matrix of Leadership? Unless he can turn into a cybertronian it literally won't help him in any way.

when's the update? i wanna see more of it!


LEAVE MY YUNO OUT OF THIS! :twilightangry2:

just curios, how often will this be updated?

Ignis had slowly started to lift himself off of the ground, though not without difficulty. Ignis was determined to get up as fast as possible, he would not let these fillies die. After a couple of seconds, he was able to stand up on his feet and look directly at the Timberwolves. They were about to attack the crusaders, and that was when Ignis had started to run. Though the pain that was shooting throughout his back Ignis did not slow down, because if he did he knew that the crusaders would be no more. Then, as he was running, Ignis felt a strange sensation go threw his body. He had no idea what it was until he looked at his right arm, and to say he was shocked would be putting it lightly.

Ignis's arm was covered in red glowing lines, and they were ripping off the entirety of his sleeve. After recognizing what this meant, Ignis raised his arm into a punching position and was trying his best to run faster than he already was. Luckily, the Timberwolves hadn't noticed him until he was a couple of feet awat from them. While being so close, Ignis thought that he'd recite what the mentor of the previous user of this power had said.

'Clench your buttcheeks kid, and yell this from the depths of your heart!' Ignis had screamed inside his head. It was only now that the three Timberwolves, who were conveniently lined up next to each other, had noticed that Ignis was running at them. Though what intrigued them was that one of his appendages was balled in a fist and that said appendage was glowing.

"Sssmmmaaassshhh!!!!!!!" Ignis had yelled as he buried his fist into the Timberwolf's side. The moment he threw his fist into the beast, it had broken apart due to the sheer force of the hit. After the initial hit, a giant force of wind was thrown in the direction of the other Timberwolves. The force of the wind alone had shattered the other Timberwolves and had caused a massive blast of wind pressure straight in front of Ignis that had continued on for a while. The force of the hit had also caused enough wind force to blow everything around him away. This, however, meant that the crusaders were also blown away from Ignis, luckily though they were able to grab onto a tree to keep themselves from being sent furhter into the forest.

After the wind pressure had died down, Ignis was left standing less than an inch away from where one of the Timberwolves stood. He couldn't believe it, he had just used One for All in an actual battle and had saved three lives. He felt as though he was on cloud nine, until he remembered that the crusaders were still here in the forest. Ignis had turned to where the girls had been crying, but found nothing. He was confused until he remembered that he had just used One for All, then he started to worry that the girls were stuck in a tree or thrown deeper into the forest.

After hearing her question, Ignis followed her eyes to see what she was staring at. When he saw the object she was staring at, he understood why she asked. The object in question was Ignis's right arm, though it didn't look like an arm. His arm had been hanging limply on his right side, it was a light black from his bicep to his wrist but his hand was a dark black. Now that Ignis was paying attention to his arm, he realized he couldn't move it, he couldn't even feel it. This was more than enough proof for Ignis to come to his conclussion, his right arm was broken.

He should have asked for super regeneration 😅

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Is a new chapter on the docket to be made and you're just experiencing writer's block or is the story dead?

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