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This story is a sequel to The Blue Knight

Eight months after the East Street killing, the unsteady peace the citizens of Canterlot have enjoyed is shattered by the changeling invasion. In the midst of the attack, the Blue Knight returns, proving the theory that he was killed too was wrong and sending Canterlot into a panic. Unable to regain the love of the city, the Blue Knight focuses instead on the return of the mysterious white unicorn who left him scarred and hated.

With the return of the Blue Knight, River Lily hopes to reconnect with the stallion she considered a friend. Investigating every clue she can find left in the aftermath of the Blue Knight's appearances, slowly she begins to piece together a much bigger puzzle than she ever could have expected. Meanwhile, Lavender realizes that, with the true return of the Blue Knight, her time has come to reveal herself to him and to finally determine the identity of the masked stallion.

Caught between the conflict of loyalty and morality, Hoodwink consigns herself to grow past the naivety and ignorance a filly of her age suffers from. Determining to become more than just the helpless filly the changelings targeted, she starts her journey to find the truth behind what is going on and why Canterlot seems to be the focal point of it all.

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Nice to see this series return.

Great to see this is back.

So, our intimidating white unicorn stallion finally has a name, one that would make Celestia herself tremble: Grandpa.

The antagonist has finally shown up.
and The Stallion is white, just like our Hero. I wonder...

“Yes we are, but I assure you, we will do nothing to harm them,” he instructed her carefully. “We need to acknowledge the great service they’ve done us ponies since they took power, protecting us from all manner of evils, and while it doesn’t excuse their mistake, we can fix that by becoming our own self-governing body. They were the gentlest tyrants known to history, and for that we must be thankful. They even gave themselves the same ailment as us to ensure they would never become the enemy they banished long ago.”

I love antagonists with somewhat reasonable ideals and goals, its better than the old and boring "I'm evil because I'm evil"


The antagonist has finally shown up.

He's been here the whole time, or has he?

finally, Tim Drake equivalent of Equestria join Batblood Blueblood side :trollestia:

Silently, the mare nodded at him and began to make her way through the dark tunnel, disappearing from sight. With a deep sigh, Blueblood turned and slowly made his way back through the rank dungeon. He had discovered in his youth that there were secret, forgotten routes from his tower to the dungeons deep in the mountain, thanks most likely to the times hundreds of years ago when they were necessary. There were no windows or doors the entire journey down, meaning that if one were to discover it, they would have to be in his room and find the strange false desk that sunk into the ground to reveal the small tunnel into the walls.

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