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A when a certain overzealous unicorn's summoning spell goes wary The Legendary Godzilla is summoned to Equestria! However, Godzilla finds that his formidable power has been nerfed and left the size of a pony! What's worse are those infernal shackles on his wrists!

Godzilla has always managed to survive with his own strength, but now with his power greatly reduced he will need allies just to survive. But the King is in luck Equestria is just the place to form friendships.

But trouble follows the King where ever he goes. Only now he's got more than just his life on the line!

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Wow. That's so interesting! Great job!:pinkiehappy:

Good....has.....patantioal...is that how you spell it

A Godzilla crossover with MLP :raritystarry:
You have me intrigued
Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

4447172 The king being weak and small just no

4447943 don't worry he isn't called the 'king' for nothing and I promise the king is gonna make a name for himself here

Hmm, I will monitor this story...

Keep going with this story.

''forgive me commentators for what your about to read'':ajbemused::fluttercry::derpyderp1::derpyderp1:
I think Godzilla is about to FIRE THE LAZER"A!!!!!!

Im guessing that as soon as the golden shakles are removed he will return to his full size and power

Even as a hatchling (or a little after) Godzilla was able you use atomic breath (yes very weak, but good to defend), why didn't you have him use it? Also don't make Godzilla soft, that kills it for most fans as he is not weak willed and soft heart'd.

4590004 This chapter is sort of meant to show Godzilla's 'survival of the fittest' attitude. Of course this ideology is going to clash with Equestrian philosophy and well....

:raritydespair: there will be DRAMA!

ps: That moment when the Chimera both launched and singed the Chimera was meant to be a display of his atomic breath. :twilightblush:

soooo...if that's what he could do when he's roughly pony sized imagine what he could do at his true height!!!

I do not like the fact that Godzilla is getting feelings for applejack, because he is Godzilla.

4591189 OK, but the truest philosophy is Destruction and Creation (can't have one without the other) and Godzilla have been given the title God of Destruction before.

Equestrian philosophy is of it's Dark Age and they have rejected truth to live in Innocents (they show that a lot), they live in 'Harmony' and reject 'Chaos' and doing so reject 'Balance' (Life and Death, Creation and Destruction).

Also if you want to bring little moments (of softness) to Godzilla do it with 'Balance' knowledge characters like: Gilda, Luna or even Spike.

Haha! I did not see chibizilla coming!

4592259 I'll try to have the 'equestrian' moments and 'kiju' moment's evenly balanced.

4592878 I'm pretty sure no one did. Lol

4591986 I am taking some artistic liberties. So if you don't like the concept I beg you to remember that it's not canon. Its all just my personal take on such amazing characters.

I was just expecting a smaller version of Godzilla, but I guess I can live with chibi too

I prefer my Godzilla green. But I'm flexible:ajsmug:

:facehoof:*FACEPALM* sigh What happened to Godzilla Nuclear pulse? You know this :




I know Godzilla can't be op so he can be even in the story, But I want a explanation on how he can't do it. Like Goku in Dragonball GT explain since he have the body of a child that means is body is to weak to have is power like when he's an Adult. So far all that happen to Godzilla is that he shrunken from his normal size, Shrunken body doesn't equal Less Power.:ajbemused: I mean Marvel Godzilla was shrunk but that didn't make him any less powerless.

So When the Chimera had Godzilla in a strong hold why didn't Godzilla though or at least his body did react to expelled that power?

4638749 Sorry. Even though I'm a Godzilla fan I haven't seen everyone of his abilities. But I like the idea of a nuclear pulse so I'll consider it. As for why I chose to shrunk him....meh that was more of a narrative choice. I can do more with him as the same size as the ponies than him always looking down on them ( which he kind of does any ways).

so when the next cheater be?.:ajbemused:

4780966 working on it...I'm having a bit of a break. I was editing some old chapters though.

4781123 when is the new chapter going to be?

i had high hopes for but now no not at all you mad the king of monster a im not going to say but i have lost all hope or this stoy i dont feel like this is godzilla

5010614 hmm can I ask where you felt...disillusioned by my Godzilla. Maybe I can address the issue if it is within reason :)

5025481 godzilla is the king of monster he will allways fight to the end hes nature furry he wont cry saying no no no not like this this how i die he will fight and godzilla is highly radioactive he will have power no matter his size he will be weeker but hes still strong i believe this the 2014 godzilla your use but your godzilla dose not feel like godzilla i seen hell even godzilla 90s was better story that turns him in to a pony and take all his power away its some pony not godzilla godzilla the brige is a good story if your going to turn godzilla into a pony godzilla in pony from should still be able to take on luna

5052478 Hmm...I see. As for the earlier scene i wanted to indicate that it was a nightmare he was having and so we see Godzilla in a vulnerable state. The reason he doesn't fight Luna is two fold one he understands what's its like to defend something one cares about, and two he sences his own disadvantage in her dream realm (upon reflection I guess I could make it more obvious the whole conversation is happening in his head).

He is still strong for his size, and his scales are still strong as well. Its abilities having to do with his radioactivity that is effected. I plan to elaborate more on that particular side effect in future chapters though. :)

I hoped this answered a few questions.

Hmm... I'm liking this story pretty good! I simply never cared for the ones where Godzilla becomes a pony, don't know why but I never did.
And regarding your question? Personally as Godzilla is now he'd lose to Luna but he'd put up one hell of a fight! He might stand a better chance if the real world and not the Dream world though, but in the end I think Luna would win regardless!

5103680 I'm glad you like it. I also find stories were Big G becomes a pony to be...odd. But their still good stories :)

Yea Luna has a home field advantage here and G-man knows it. He'd still fight her but he just so happened to sympathize with her. Now the question is what will Luna do? :)

This didn't show up in my update list for some reason if I hadn't checked on my feed I wouldn't be here.

Forgive me for being nitpicky but...technically Spike has claws and teeth...so by Mac's logic...isn't Spike , the friend to all Ponyville, dangerous?

5506845 :ajsmug: by that logic yes. And yea Big Mac may not necessarily like Spike all that much

Are Trixie and Ditzy Do or Derpy Hooves still be involved with Godzilla at some point? Are they think Godzilla is a threat?

5822609 To me Trixie and Ditsy Do are intrigal to the story, but are still side characters. I think of them and their escapades as a sort of comedic side plot, partly inspired from Timon and Pumba :derpytongue2:

In fact it may be a while before they even meet the King of Monsters in person. :derpyderp2:

As too wheather Godzilla is a threat, by simple virtue of who he is...we'll just have to wait and see :raritywink:

*le sigh* Godzilla better find a way to get his true power back fast or else he'll have to test wether or not is heat resistance also diminished.
Also, grammers pretty glaring, but its readable. More and soon please:twilightsmile::yay:

If you want you Dragon intimidating you need it to have it stand out instead of a generic dragon we've seen in MLP like in DragonShy, Owl Well That Ends Well and Dragon Quest.

You should look at those videos and see how the world around the two dragon reacts to their presences.

Death Wing (World of Warcraft Cataclysm) created natural disasters around him before flying creating a fire storm from behind him.

Smaug when heading towards lake town all the villagers was unsettle by the dragon coming.

Like for example
"The earth quake under the stomping of his foot. Crack spits the ground opens under his feet.","He/She roar a death defending sound to the skies splitting the open airs, clouds vaporize as they rip apart.", and "Fear was in the atmosphere as the dark presence made itself known to the open, waking world before it."

Your need to make your dragon 'iconic' and 'memorable' for you story. Everybody love a good villain and memorable villain is the way to go.

Look how they created smaug in this documentary
(From 1:40-22:26 to 39:00-50:04)

Go find real animal like snakes, viperfish and bats. All the while adding unique texture like bugs or crustacean for inspirations.

Your story need to have a pacing, because it feel it getting closer to being over already when the conflict comes around. You should have a structure of having detail notes to help have build up to both Godzilla gaining friendship and trust from the other with him coming to accept them if that what happens. Build up to when Godzilla comes face to face with Trixie LulaMoon and Ditzy Doo (Derpy Hooves). Build up to the big confrontation to the villain Dragon and the king of the monsters and finally build up between whether he choose to stay in Equestria or go back to his home world.

They're need to be some pros and cons on whether he choose stay in Equestria or go back home. Like Does he have family like Minilla and junior? Does he miss his friends like Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra, or even Miki Saegusa? Does he have unfinished business with the human races? Make sure his goals are unclear, but clear enough that The audiences can understand him a little bit. So anybody who isn't a Godzilla fan can learn about him like the ponies can.

Any way enough critique, I enjoy the chapter so far just need some improve the story structure to see pacing in paragraph.

I look forward to the other ponies enter action to the situation and though on they're new scaly visitor.

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