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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Biollante, the first plant like Kaiju, combine with cells of a rose, a human and the cells of Godzilla Sr. She's also the elder sister of Xenllia (a.k.a SpaceGodzilla,) and Godzilla Jr. A few week after Junior and Xenllia defeated Grand King Ghidorah, Biollante appears in Equestria and spend the day with her brothers and the mares they had attached too.

Part of my What if stories for Tarbtano Story The Bridge. Characters use with his permission and Picture belong to Faith-Wolff. Warning first time writing Godzilla characters, might be Out of Character. Turning it into a two shot.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 18 )

You might want to work on your grammar a bit. And it's Tarbtano, not Tabtanbo.

Nonetheless, this was fun. Now how did Biollante get to Equestria?

I'll explain that in the second chapter. And I know about my grammar, but no matter how many times I try to fix it, I still get told about my grammar. It annoys me, but I'm not mad about it.

Nice! I give it a 6.5/10 (6.5 out of 10)

like you said, it's your first Kaiju fan-fic so the personalities were a bit off.
I only found TWO thing that's a bit off:
1. Bio wouldn't say "morons" all the time. she's not that rude.

"It can't be. How is that..." Biollante said, not noticing she could talk.

she could always talk.
(but then again, this is YOUR take on her. I can respect that.)

but other then that, it's a good so fare! definitely canon-able.
can't wait for part 2.

1. Biollante said that because she was worry about them. She call them that because she not just angry how they are always fighting when not on her island, but because she so happy to see them again.
2.While you make a good point, it because Biollante so shock that she could sense her brothers again, she overlooked on how she could talk in her new body. You know, because her new form doesn't have a mouth.

Also one of the members from the Amalgam'verse group make this as Non-canon. So it Non-Canon.

This was amazing I smiled through out all of it of how good it is.

You did see Godzilla vs Biolantte the 1989 film right?

Not in a long time. There are many Godzilla Movies I haven't seen in years, or never seen at all. Like the 1954 Godzilla, I never seen it.

I remember most of them by heart
They were my childhood

Nani?! not canon?!
dang it.

well it's still a good story so fare!

(edit: uhh I think her pony form DOES have a mouth. her hair is just in the way.......I think........ I could be wrong.)

Well, I don't see a mouth at all. I look closer at the picture and didn't see a line that show off a mouth. So she has no mouth in my view. But that doesn't mean she can't talk. Anyway, thinking on the next chapter a bit. Going to have Biollante meet Celestia to explain her actions first. Then have her spend time with Luna and Blade Dancer.

If this were canon, I'd be happy to see biollante in the bridge.

I can forgive all the spelling and grammar mistakes because the story is still readable, but in your story description, it's Tarbtano, not Tabtanbo. Sorry, that was really bugging me.

Other than that, this story was really heartwarming. Thank you for writing it.

9425689 Sorry about that:twilightblush: I did fix his name now. And thank you for reading. There more coming down the road and I already say what was next. Just need some time to think on how it going to go.

so the Biollante one-shot is done.

Mothra mosera and battra meeting lea?
well Ok then.

and Battra being an edge-lord as always. XD
wait a second........KIRYU!?
dang it! I was going to use him for my story. X(

wait ..... if this story is non-canon, I suppose I'm free to do my take on Bio and Kiryu!

but still, canon or not, this was a good story.
let me know when the Kiryu and Mothra/Battra stories come out.

9431059 Will do! I just need a name for Mothra and Battra before I start. I don't want the readers to get confuse between Lea and her mother.

how about this
mom: Mothra Mosera*
daughter: Mothra Lea.

(Mosera was the japan name for Mothra)

there, you got your names!
your welcome

9432155 Okay, there that name and another one someone else give me, Mothra Senior. The reason why I don't want to use Mothra Senior is because I can get her and Godzilla Senior mix up. I'll think about the name you gave me.

I am liking what I'm seeing quite a lot. Plus seeing the sister of the our two main kaiju is always a treat! My only big concern is your grammar. Is English your first language? Because it seems like your tense used like past tense seems a bit off.

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