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Shazam 25

I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.



I had this idea for some time and I'm not the only one to write this type of crossover.

When the Evil Nightmare Moon and her minions escape their prison on the moon, Princess Celestia chosen five mares to be a new team, The Element Pony Rangers! My very first try at show I just started to watch and My childhood show. IT MORPHIN' TIME!

As the season continues, more ideas of my own will be added and Twilight will join her friends. I even have other Pony Rangers stories up. Feel free to read them.

Rainbow Dash is Element Red,
Fluttershy is Element Yellow,
Applejack is Element Blue,
Pinkie Pie is Element Pink,
Rarity is Element Black,
And much later Twilight joins as Element Green,
Hope you enjoy it!
Season 1

Cover made by Zenitram like he for Lance Skyes

Chapters (21)
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I was thinking of doing one myself but more darker.

>>Twilight Mecrer Feel fee to. This is my first one and it already mostly done on Fanfiction

can't wait for the new chapter

are you going to have a the green candle chapter where Twilight losses her powers

3612673 No, Twilight will keep her powers for the rest of the season and the second season, she loses them.

Comment posted by Shazam 25 deleted Feb 26th, 2014

oh man I can't wait for them to meet the mighty morphin power rangers

3613188 I will say that some of the chapters will not be best work, But I put them up.:facehoof:

3613255 it doesn't matter to me if the chapters are good or not I'm enjoying myself in reading this Fimfiction.

3613476 Thanks:pinkiehappy: I'm trying to put up another Ranger Team story. That one will be Pony Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Give it time and you will read it as well.:twilightsmile:

3614144 And it up. It been written by another person and I ask if he want to and he said yes. There three chapters so far and he working on the fourth.:twilightsmile:

Hello. I am agent_cupcakes. If you've done your research on MLPR, you'd know that I'm the writer of My Little Pony Rangers: Enter the Nightmare and Morphin' is Magic. Because my friend xanderman1201 referred me to you, I figured I'd give your story a read just to see what kind of skill you had.

First chapter: I'm sorry, but :facehoof:. It was decently written, but there were two things that really killed it for me. First, you need a proofreader. Second, it's very much based on the first chapter of my Pony Rangers story. In fact, at least half of it was copied word for word. Do you know about plagiarism? I would hope you did. I was about to get angry at you, but then I decided, "You know what? I'll see where he's going with his story. It's not like he copy/pasted from mine completely."

Second chapter: Again with the proofreading. :ajsleepy: Also, practically a clone of MMPR. Still, you incorporated Fluttershy as the character that chapter revolved around very well. The action scenes could use some work, but I suppose you have potential.

Third chapter: OK, I suppose. Still proofreading is needed. However, you've really grown away from my story and I appreciate that. :yay: It's also looking less and less like an MMPR clone with ponies instead of humans, so that's good too. (I saw this one story one time that had anthro ponies. Literally the only difference between that story and MMPR was the names. You aren't that story, so that's good.)

Overall, I think I'm able to welcome you to the MLPR universe with open arms. I still feel I need to get after you a little more about the first chapter, but if you show that you're telling a good story in later chapters, I'll almost forgive you completely. :trollestia: For the time being, I'll keep following your stories. You have potential, but there's room for improvement.

3623302 Thank you I'm sorry about the first chapter, You had the things I needed and that goes the same for Twilight getting the green ranger power, only there a different pony that using it unlike yours. My is Lighting Dust and unlike Derpy, she is not supposedly killed and the power never try's to take over Twilight. And the Dragon-Megazord combined idea. Which was clever by the way, But I can tell you that the whole story are going to be my ideas. I understand I need Proofreader and I'm also a writer on Fanfiction with the more stories then the Power Rangers. I also wanted to ask during my second season were Twilight get her element if I can us a scene where Twilight morph into the white ranger. I'm also not give my team new zords until third season. Do you know anyone that can help me with the proofreading? I join the site three days ago and I'm still learning. Also I'm waiting for the next chapter and you should check out my other ranger teams I got. Again I'm sorry if the first chapter look like yours but you had the things I needed.

3623395 I'd probably be able to help with proofreading if you share the Google Docs link with me. As far as the copying, I forgive you now. I suppose you were limited on options for executing that chapter. I look forward to reading more when I get the chance.

3623410 I have a email account on Google but how do you send one up?

3623460 *Set
Look at the top bar until you see a button that says "Drive" Click it and it should take you to where you can set up your Google Drive.

Darnit. I was going to use Pinkamena somewhere in my story. :pinkiesad2: Well, my plotline did get kind of filled up, so I can't fit her in anymore, so you can have her. :pinkiehappy:

3623539 You can use her somewhere in your story and I'm thinking about doing the other Pony Rangers like I did with Jungle Fury and Lightspeed Rescue as it write their seasons, I have an idea for how the Mane 6 get their Zeo Powers but I'm not sure if I should write it down or wait until my three seasons are done.

Why is there no element of Magic?

3629124 It will appear in the 2nd season. Plus I did Zeo already and I mention the Element of Magic. And I have ideas for the next 5 chapters of this story.

"What has stopped my slumber?" asked Zecora, "This will put my productivity under."

Again from my story. I'm no longer angry, actually. In fact, I'm touched that I've inspired you to this extent. :twistnerd:

3638117 Again, I use it because you had it and I'm not good with rhyming. Remember I use some of the stuff from your story when Twilight got the green ranger power also, though I did change one thing.

I thought it would be like Mighty Morphing Power Rangers were nightmare moon stole the element of magic and took control of twilight with her magic just like what happened to Tommy in Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

I just saw the cover image. It's pretty interesting and I have to admit it looks cooler than mine. :pinkiehappy:

3727693 I think yours and mine are both great.:twilightsmile:

4006505 Thanks!:twilightsmile: The next chapter is almost done that will be up some time later today.

4007234 Yeah, is something wrong about that?:rainbowhuh:

4007241 No! Its my favorite out of all the series, with mystic force at a close second

4007244 Trust me, I them like too!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy: The first Six Rangers are the best rangers of all! Ask any Fan you know that like MMPR. I will state that Enter the Element Pony Rangers and Fight with Green parts 1-3 was copy from agent_cupckaes first season of his own Pony Rangers story, but he told me that he didn't mind. What did you think about this chapter?

4007275 Im on the 2nd chapter, and I'm actually writing a power ranger story, Power Rangers Equestrian heroes, Check it out if you will

4007281 Well you be surprise on some of the chapters and just to give you warning, I base the second chapter off the second episode of MMPR after that, I just went with any ideas that pop in my head.

4007291 ok, I am starting to write my story again

4007311 Taking a break from my Story? Because I don't think you read all of it that fast.

4007385 yeah, break, I just cant seem to focus on any of my stories...

4007396 I mean, I get Ideas almost every night before I go to sleep, but I cant seem to focus on them:fluttercry:

4007397 I get the same thing. I get any ideas before I go to bed but there are times I just can't focus on it.

4007414 Yeah, Im in one of those phases.:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

4007417 Sorry to hear that, Did you know this was my very first story I wrote when I join FIMfiction?

4007443 Yeah, I even have chapters plan for season two as well.

4007492 AWESOME!!!!!!!! also, i am reading Mega Mare

4007494 My Mega Mare right? There another writer that has a story with the same name. My base off the Mega Man games and I'm half way through the first game.

4007564 yeah, not mega mare dash or that other one, ive never played mega man, but I want to now, but in all honesty, you really need an editor

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