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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Take place after Twilight get her element and before Lightspeed Rescue.

After hearing about where the new Element Ranger came from. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle goes in and come out as a new team of Pony Rangers. Jungle Beast! Spirit Unleashed!

Scootaloo as Jungle Fury Red
Apple Bloom as Jungle Fury Blue
Sweetie Belle as Jungle Fury Yellow
Much later, Shining Armor as Violet Wolf Ranger
Much, MUCH later, Babs Seed as White Rhino Ranger

The animal spirits from the show are in here to give them their powers. The Cutie Mark Crusaders first time as Pony Rangers. Shining Armor is added to be the master of the three once he discovers the rangers. Babs Seed join on a visit.

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Why do you like implying Applebloom gets the ability to fly, giving her in ninja storm makes her winds as well as the blue ranger here gets the bat spirit?

3615953 Well, it is my idea. Plus it going to take some time. Next chapter have the weapons and zords as well as a visit from my Element Rangers.

I like the story idea but I would have gone with different color choices, I would have made apple bloom the red ranger if for other reason than because she's an apple, I would have made sweetie bell as the yellow, and scootsloo as the blue because of the shark fan.

3616373I see, well if you want you can write your own story. The next chapter will take some time though, Trying to find the names of the first three weapons.

ok, im going to be very honest about this...to start with, decent concept is decent, but after that...u really need to go over this with a proofreader or editor, as the story reads like it was written by a kindergartener...poor sentence structure, grammar and spelling mistakes aside, Jungle Fury as a whole was one of the weaker power ranger series in whats known as the 'Disney Age'. thats right kiddies, Disney got their greedy little paws on Power Rangers and all but drove the franchise into the ground and buried it. my advice, therefore, is to take less of a retelling of Jungle Fury for ur inspiration, at least as far as morphers and the rolecall go...behold, the Original...Jungle Rangers...

3617472There only one thing I like about U.S. Jungle Fury and that it theme. I'll let you know I'm going to do all the Power Rangers Shows, even from Disney. And I am sorry for my grammar, there are some words I can not spell and use easier one to take care of it. And I assure you am not a kindergartener, am a 23 year old that just started watching MLP and like Power Rangers when I was a kid. Sometimes I type so fast I miss misspell words.:twilightsheepish:

3617502 Gekiranger had a similar theme going on, but they did it right, and first btw. i never much liked the sunglasses morphers in Jungle Fury, and im not saying u cant still go with something similar to Jungle Fury in storyline, but this is ur own story and u have a chance to perhaps improve on the base framework that uve been given. also, u have to admit that Gekiranger has a much better rolecall montage than Jungle Fury, and its even applicable to the CMC with a little edit in colour assignments.

first off, Sweetie Belle, as the Blue Ranger. being a Unicorn and the brainy one of the group, Sweetie would be very aware that having a solid plan of action as well as knowledge of their enemy would be required to secure victory. she would be constantly striving to improve her technique and strategies as a result. armed with a bo staff, she would be even more effective, as to use a bo well, requires a Fantastic Technique.

Apple Bloom, the Yellow Ranger. an Earth Pony and a farmer, she has been brought up to be honest by her family, and that is what fuels her strength. what will be will be, and she accepts that, but that does not stop her from hoping that tomorrow will be better. arming her with sai daggers, a former farming implement, would be appropriate for her Honest Heart

last but not least, Scootaloo, the Red Ranger. forever the daredevil on her scooter, Scootaloo has suffered injuries before, and come out stronger as a result. she is brave, though not overly analytical like Sweetie nor as physically powerful as Apple Bloom, she still has strength in her Unbreakable Body. arming her with a traditional Pegasus weapon, the wing katana, would be best i think...

and even beyond the CMC, u plan for their mentor to be Shining Armour, a stallion already well known for his Iron Will, something that will clearly be enhanced by becoming the Wolf Ranger. Babs Seed visits and becomes the Rhino Ranger because she has Amazing Ability...and that leads to a smatting of character development, something that Babs never really got in the show.

just think about it...

3617589 I understand what you are saying. I'm more use to the USA vision of the Power Rangers. I read you switch Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle colors plus what you say might help me out on the next chapter. I was trying to find the US version of the weapons names and I plan on have the zords in as well. After that are the other three jungle masters of the elephant, bat and shark. After that maybe bring in Shining Armor and if you go to my homepage, there a list of each Ranger team with ponies on them however some teams don't have members and I'm open for ideas.

3617637those weapons were Jungle Chucks, Jungle Bo and Jungle Tonfas...

I think Cherilee would make for a better Violet Wolf Ranger because she could train apple bloom, sweetie bell, and Scootaloo after class and she could make an excuse for way they are with her like she is tutoring them

3643253 I like the idea but I do have something in plan for Cheerilee, The CMC's won't just be doing Jungle Fury, they will also be doing Dino Thunder where Cheerilee becomes the second Black Dino Ranger and the CMC's are doing RPM as well.

3643303 I was thinking that story can be taken place when there are close to the ages of the main six then have Twilight Sparkle be the Black Dino Ranger you now kind of like Tommy

3643333 Believe me, I heard that before but you see, Dino Thunder take place sometime around In Space and Twilight will not join, I'm mixing the seasons up as I do the main six seasons with the Mane 6. If you know the order, Dino Thunder is before Jungle Fury on TV but I change to when it after. Plus Miss Cheerilee is a teacher like Tommy so I thought why not.

3643380 you could make twilight stay behind alone with one other pony because in the show the red ranger and the silver ranger are aliens

3643412 Yeah I did know that but I want the Mane 6 to stay together and wasn't sure how it was going to work, plus with other rangers teams in my head I can't really go with all my ideas.

Comment posted by VanguardLuard deleted Dec 18th, 2013

3643462you could put the dino gems in a secret royal bunker in the Everfree Forest then Shining Armor recuts them

3643519 If you want you can write your own version, I'll be glad to help in any way I can. And I do got others Pony Rangers stories check them out if you want.

3643610 I do need some help on this on story mostly spelling it's a reenactment were on character takes the place of anther but some changes to the story

3643714 I heard you, there are some words I can't spell but I'll try and do your have Google Drive?

Spirit of the Loin.

seriously? this again?

3681509 I thought I got that right, I don't know what happen.:facehoof:

3681527 u should also look at further English lessons...those will tell u not only how to spell, but also how to use proper grammar and suffixes. because ur writing still looks like it was written by a kindergarten student...look, u cant just swap out 'hard to spell' words with words u know how to spell, it makes ur writing too confusing to read...and it generally pisses ur readers off

3681560 Trust me, I know. I took specials classes so my writing is not very good.:facehoof: And that wasn't the misspell word I was talking about ether.

3681654 thats hardly an excuse...i would strongly advise that u not post anything more until u can get a proofreader, someone to read over ur work and point out where u can improve as well as help u to edit...oh, and if ur going to stick with the standard Gekiranger/Jungle Ranger weapons...PLEASE DONT USE THE SAME PLOT AS JUNGLE FURY! having Scootaloo not know how to use her weapon is fine, but having Applebloom and Sweetiebelle act like old pros? NOT IN ANYWAY BELIEVEABLE! take into account the characters ur working with, they r not students in a martial arts temple who have been training every day of their lives, they r three fillies who have never held a weapon EVER. it worked in Jungle Fury because Blue and Yellow were in the top three of the school while Red was of a much lower rank, it would make sense that he would be less skilled than the other two and have to catch up. THIS IS NOT THE CASE HERE, neither Applebloom, Sweetiebelle, or Scootaloo has ever trained with Tonfa, Bo, or Chucks, nor have they ever seen such items before, thus, none of them would have been any good with their weapons...they only just started learning how to fight! i get thet they might be getting some help from the Animal Spirits, and though that pushing things a little, its believable...up to a point...

3682598 Hey mine idea! Only reason Sweetie Belle and Apple Boom use them like pros is because of their Animal Spirits like you said. Plus with the Jungle Masters coming up, the new weapons will be harder for them to master. I'm not same the same plot, I using the idea to help me get started. Again, I'm sorry but that the way I am. Plus I glad people point that stuff out and help me be a better writer.

3682747 ok, but that just raises a new problem...y is the Tiger not helping Scoots to the same degree as her friends? if it is the case that the Spirits r aiding them, then it stands to reason that the Tiger would be helping Scoots just as much as the others r helped by their Spirits. i know u said u got Agent_cupcakes to proofread for u...but from what i can see, u didnt even both letting him read anything over before u posted...

3682783 One, I decide that on my own but it started helping her. Two, I still waiting for him to finish proof reading the first chapter Element Pony Rangers. He hasn't told me he done yet.

3682820 well, that i can very easily believe...i read that chapter...my advice would be to put all ur active stories on Hiatus until the proofreading is done...posting more just adds to the work load...

Would you require some help on this chapter? Because I'm more than willing to help you with this.

3911012 Any help would be great. The next chapter is one of the three Jungle Master and that Master Phant. If I got his name spell right.

3911642 Yes, only he won't be a ranger until all three masters have show up. After that, he will be a ranger.

3911669 Okay then. I'll send you a good detail on a Private Message soon. :twilightsmile:

a PRJF crossover, nice. Interesting idea having Dai-shi and Camille have relatives to fight the Jungle Fury pony rangers. I'm surprised the Element Rangers have dinozords instead of thunderzords given the white ranger and white tigerzord.

4116997 Once I start season two of the Element Pony Rangers, I'll explain why they don't have the Thunder Zords.

So how will you introduce Babs? I think it should be a retelling of "One Bad Apple" only Babs finds the thing that gave the white ranger his power (I forget what it was) and uses it to do whatever she wants and becomes drunk with power, and this leads to s one-on-one battle between her and Applebloom.

4332976 Babs is going to show up after Shining Armor become a ranger and the CMC get Jungle Master Mode. However, there will be no one-on-one with the two apples, but instead Babs will be afraid of her power and when she learns that her cousins are rangers, she'll use her Rhino Spirit to fight back. That the plan. Nice idea though.

4333052 I never said it was bad, I like the idea, it could be use one day.

LOVE THIS STORY AS WELL:pinkiehappy: can't wait to read more:twilightsmile:

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wait did i post the same thing 2 times on this story:rainbowhuh: if so i'm so sorry i thought i didn't post it and posted it by misstate if i i did post 2 times :fluttercry::applecry:

4544075 i think you already did i see one saying comment made by sakuralovelight deleted

4544191 Yeah, that was the repeat comment you post.

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