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This story is a sequel to MLP: Rebirth of the Queen

It's been six months since the dawn of the Age of Monsters, as the papers call it. The world is slowly starting to acclimate to the idea of the return of Titans, taking up their old kingdoms. The world stands watching anxiously, not knowing when or where a new Titan would arise.

What's that saying about speaking of the devil, and he shall appear? Apparently, it never occurred to Equestria that they should have been careful about what they wished for. Because the Lord of the Skies is quite intent on reclaiming what belongs to him. Meanwhile, scientists work to learn the secrets of the Titans. Perhaps in one case science has gone too far. Now, two Titans are set to clash...

Rodan, Kamacuras, Titanosaurus, and Biollante property of Toho

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 124 )

The first chapter was great, love what was done and can't wait to see how this all plays out. Loved your other story and I know I'll loves this, no real feedback aside from keep up the great work. It looked amazing to me and I can't wait to see more.

Okay, after everything from the first story, I have to admit, I'm excited as hell for this one. Count me in!

Keep note that this opening chapter was so undeniably eighties in general all-around silly cheesiness. Thank Daring's oneliners for that. Also keep note, it won't stay this way.I had to homage the silliness of the eighties before I dive right back into grim seriousness.


Yeah, I am trying to top myself, as evidenced by the fact that two Toho giants are now going head to head along with one fairly well known one-off monster in Titanosaurus. Poor guy, really. He got mind-controlled by space aliens, had to go up against Godzilla and got killed in the process without having a chance to explain himself.

#Justice for Titanosaurus.

Hopefully, he'll get a slightly easier time here, eh? Ah well, Biollante, if I do her right, should deliver in spectacle and tragedy in equal measure fulfilling the usual tragic monster quota.


Poor girl.



Interestingly, Biollante wasn't my first choice for the villain of the piece, -well as much as you can call Biollante a villain anyways- and neither was Kamacuras. It was only after talking to some of the members of the Bridge server did I change my mind completely.

Originally, when the early drafts of this story were going about in my head it was DesGhidorah and Zilla who served the villainous roles as kaiju and Manda was slated to appear in a cameo appearance fighting DesGhidorah in the first round along with an equally cameoing Titanosaurus. It was after I watched Godzilla VS Biollante for the first time were the first seeds -no pun intended- of what this story was to become were planted.

I hope you keep Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash safe. Then again you have Ocellus listed as well.

I can't promise nothing, really... You do remember what franchise this is right? But in all seriousness, you probably have nothing to worry about. Probably. (I mean, Stellar Flare bit the dust last time...) Now, if King Ghidorah was in the story, then you should be worried. But as he isn't...


How does Rainbow know Soulshine?

Titanosaurus seems to be pretty popular. And Biollante...given her genesis and the fact that the bad guys got G-cells...oh dear.

So, where IS Her Mothiness?


How does Rainbow know Soulshine?

Well, the implication is that Soulshine's company is one of those big corporations, something that could easily be just looked up in Equestria's yellow pages. Or Twilight told her, or something.

Titanosaurus seems to be pretty popular. And Biollante...given her genesis and the fact that the bad guys got G-cells...oh dear.

Yeah, this is the part where you should be very afraid now.

So, where IS Her Mothiness?

Out for a fly, a fight or a f... Something a little more intimate? Yes, I went there. No, I'm not sorry. If I didn't reference that line in here of all stories... Anyways, she's probably somewhere, but like Godzilla, I aim to keep her out of this story's events. Hell, if the G-Cells weren't a requirement Godzilla wouldn't have even cameoed,

Finally, somebody gets his title right

Damn straight. Rodan is the Lord of the Skies. It's just a bit of a shame that Toho for the most part just thinks him a bit of a joke really, given after the Showa Era his combat ability, or more accurately his ability to win a fight dropped significantly.

Give it time. Sooner or later Rodan's real abilities will shine through. Only a matter of time

Yeah, in the meantime we have Legendary's depiction eh?

........ o-oh shit.

Do you take some glee in do this to us? This will not end well for Rainbow Dash if Scootaloo gets hurt.


Do you take some glee in do this to us?

Is this a rhetorical question? You have met me right?

Remember when I said the first chapter was going to be a very different beast -no pun intended- than the rest of the story? Here's why.

Maor plzz maoooorororor.

Don't worry, if you loved this? I'll find some way to top it when the kaiju fights begin again.

I'm on standby, bud. :)

And thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to help with this chapter. I've assisted you w/ chapters in the past, but this? This was beyond fun. It's easily the most fun I've had writing something like this ever. Glorious chaos, plus I got to use some ideas from my own unmade Rodan fic!

Oh my Godzilla...Scootaloo is going to become Biollante?!

Also, Rodan finally shows himself. Well, time for some Bear McCreary goodness!

Oh, I could tell you were having the time of your life, and yeah this was such glorious chaos. But really, nothing else suits the Lord of the Skies other than complete and total calamity. If Mothra is the motherly guardian protector, the Rodans are in every way her opposite. Also, killing off Soarin'? You're still a bastard for doing that. We really need to talk about your hatred for that Raindominus fic.

Oh shit indeed. Well, at least it could always be worse. I mean, it could be Ghidorah who woke up, or Gigan. This is... marginally better. At least the female Rodan has some reasoning capacity, and respects certain ponies.

Firstly... yes. All the bongo drums! So loveably chaotic.

Secondly... No sense in hiding it. In a single word... Yes.

Oooh, lordy.

By the way, I've kind of been in a little discussion with ScourgeofLightning over on that one thread I made. Do you think you could take a look at it and tell me if I'm on the right track or not, or if he has a point, or whatever?

Did that lightning attack kill the female, or is she still alive? If it's the latter, I have a feeling she's going to be the one to eventually bring Old Birdbrain to the ponies' side.

Still alive, as this paragraph shows.

With a gentle tenderness, he nudged her trying to coax her back to life. He let out a cry of relief when he saw her eyes open again, and wrapped his wings around her.

I stayed out of it, as with the internet I've discovered one simple law. Everyone must be right, and everyone else's opinion must suck. Some people are just stubborn that way. And why do you treat my word as Gospel anyways? Just curious.

I just like to get a second opinion when I can. But I get where you're coming from.

Oh, by the way, something I noticed in this story, and the last one too as a matter of fact. There's a couple of parts where it starts half-way through the action, and then randomly flashes back to when how it started. Wouldn't it be easier to just write it linearly? It might make things easier for the audience to follow as well.

Er... yeah. Probably. But it was a stylistic choice I was trying for this chapter really...

I noticed a similar occurrence happened in Rebirth of the Queen as well. Just something I noticed.

Poor Scootaloo. I hope they can find a way to truly save her or just let her Rest In Peace.

I was about to be mad.... I was about to legit un-favorite this and leave after seeing that ham fisted argument at the start...... and then G-Cells at the end.

If you're going to be mad at anyone, be mad at me. Most of that was handled by me—not by Brick.

I just felt like that was... it could have been handled a bit better and not as.... I dunno. Forced and awkward as it ended up being and the fact it was done purely as a set up for Biollante does sorta help it.... but not by much.

That's understandable. I was aiming more for a battle of the morals. I'm sorry it didn't work out that way for you. Still, thanks for being civilized in your criticism. :twilightsmile:

I apologize for any hamfistedness of the argument, the way I figured it there had to be something hitting you like a brick here, otherwise, it wouldn't be anywhere near as effective as it was. Granted, as Vertigo mentioned most of this was him, but I didn't exactly stop him. This stuff needs to be discussed. It wasn't exactly like Biollante's original debut was at all subtle now, was it?

Hell, Godzilla's debut in 54 was a metaphor for the bomb and that was real subtle wasn't it?


I'm a little confused. Is Scootaloo dead at the moment or just mostly dead? If she's dead, then her soul should already have passed so they can't transfer it...I think. If she's mostly dead, she should be in an infirmary/hospital, not a morgue. Oh well, too bad short-sighted luddism and moralizing prevented her from a fate better than becoming a giant plant thing.

And wow, the Rodans sure killed a lot of ponies. Oops.

And poor Ocellus is left behind. Oops.

And now Scoots is going to become Biollante. Oops.

I get the feeling that Leo Battra is going to make a mess of everything. Hopefully they can bring down Biollante becuase I think Scootaloo is going to be very mad being stuck in this body.

Ever heard the term "A Spanner in the Works?"

Battra Leo is that spanner. He's actually not so different from the Rodan Male, being incredibly arrogant and prideful over his own abilities. Battra Leo's a threat, yes, but he's not very smart at times which could probably be his undoing.

And just to clear things up, the Rodan Male is basically the Showa Rodan in role mixed with the MonsterVerse Rodan's appearance and general demeanor. His mate is obviously the second Rodan from the 56 debut with the appearance of Fire Rodan.

Welp, Flutters earned some massive respect from me! Not every day you see a Kaiju actually wilt under the Stare

Yeah, I was bouncing around that idea for several odd weeks, deciding if I should include it or not. I mean, it's quite ludicrous in a lot of ways. Rainbow using the Rainboom to take down a Kamacuras is one thing, as that actually makes sense with the concussive force it'd create. But the Stare? There's using what you got from canon, but Rodan cowering under the force of a little pegasus pony is certainly up there especially for a generally serious story.

I then remembered what story I was writing, with what fandoms. I mean, ponies meeting massive kaiju? This is already ridiculous by design, and it's not like Godzilla isn't already silly. I mean, Jet Jaguar was a thing...

Plus, the idea of the prideful Rodan cowering via pony is too funny not to use.

Tbf, if Scoots was in that much pain, what Titano did was honestly the best for her.

And I realize I may catch some flack for that, but I'm just stating the truth here.

Yeah, it probably was, I will be honest. Doesn't mean we, nor Titanosaurus have to like it, but was argueably the best solution. Plus, you know, we still gotta get here somehow right?


Also, fun fact time. I originally thought about having Pharynx be Ocellus' true daddy and having an entire subplot devoted to it, but as time went on I forgot about it, or just couldn't find how to work it in. You can sorta consider it puesdo canon, at any rate. Maybe it is true, it's just not mentioned.

Making that Oxygen Destroyer is going to bite them in the flanks, if ends up creating Destroyah.

Wow, just wow. I think in the end there will be nothing left of Scootaloo. The King may need to mercy kill her but I doubt he will like doing so. Rodin is going to make everything far worse.

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