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Celestia called Twilight to the palace, to help her sister Luna who is lonely... Well that's what she wanted her to think.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 73 )

good story
cant wait for moar,
I guess twilight is a changeling or succubus or something that feed on lust or has a high lust.....

also please let the private who spoke up be flash sentry

That last bit reminds me of this...

7901711 heh thanks for the nostalgia trip.

7901721 when will night guard be rewritten?

7901753 sigh in all honesty I don't know, I am trying to focus largely on guided by the light trying to finish it before I move on, this was just for a break and practice, a little silly thing.

7901774 oh ok. I just know a lot of people are looking forward to the rewrite

So Luna realized she wasn't really a vampire and really only needed to get laid? "All this time I've been killing folks and all I really needed was some strange? Oh well, live and learn. I mean, y'know, me. I'm living and learning. Not, like all those people I killed. They're all still dead."

A vampiric Luna and a very lustful Twilight this is gonna go places:derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy:

7901779 no Luna is still a vampire, she's just experiencing love that isn't familial for the first time. And she really did need to get laid, it just never occurred to her because she was a virgin and to think it wouldn't have happened if another virgin didn't mistake Luna about to feed on her as sexual advances.

7901777 yes I'm aware, it will happen.

7901790 heh it was actually partially inspired by scarlet reverie by he who never finishes dark0259

7901711 oh god I have seen that movie in few years and now I got to watch it again,

7901801 that was good story, it sadden me that it was never finish,.....

7901834 I am honestly glad 2016 hasn't taken Mel brooks or Rick moranis

7901837 yeah that and survival is hell, trottingham or the twilight was dark tonight. Keep it hush hush but guided by the light has scarlet reverie and survival is hell twilights although they are non canon alternate versions.

7901846 i have yet to read that story but it on my list,

Ya ok ^_*

I love TwiLuna so much but when I read this...
I died of cuteness
... sooooooo much cuteness

Before I read it, what is the Gore for ?
and how bad does it get ?

7907492 it's teen gore and it's a vampire fic so that should give you an idea of how much, the gore won't be like deadspace levels

7907492 Seems more implied gore than actual gore. Can't really say more without spoilering and I refuse to do that.

7907851 few thing reach dead space levels....dam it now I got to replay the games

very good and interesting can't wait to see more.

couldn't stop laughing at Celestia actions

Still waiting for Twilight to piece together Celestias betrayal at the beginning and then wanting an explanation, an apology and perhaps some reparations, even though this is the reason shes together with Luna now, because it could have ended just like Celestia thought it would end. One way or another, justice will be served!

I am freaking out and fan girling out here
*gasp for air* I need air.
More. If not I think I'm going to cry and wait for the full moon, turned into werewolf (u heard nothing), and hunt you down. *-*
Sorry if that came out wrong and rude but this is just so awesome!!! :pinkiehappy:
Keep going you beautiful vamp ^.^

me think twilight is some kind of flame demonness, full of lust and rage

secretly it was pinkie holding up those signs

twilight you dog

Ha ha :rainbowlaugh:
I couldn't agree more

hmmmmm incest is wincest as they say.......
and poor Celestia all her descendants are useless it seem like......

I notice Twilight hasn't really mentioned Celestia trying to off her in the initial chapter... :rainbowlaugh:

8031393 well she is a little distracted and actually doesn't know that she was meant to be a snackrifice.

8031395 Shouldn't take her long to do the math, at least if things would stop being so crazy! :rainbowlaugh:

*appears next to Neokiva a smoked sausage in his mouth* mmmmmm so a dimi Ifrit and a Vampire huh hope Lulu likes spicy food. Plenty of silly needs a bit more ouchy bleedy on random ponys could start with the loud mouth stallion then move up to Bluebood. *hands Neokiva a smoked sausage*

7937444 you are wrong, it was pinkie and Candace who were holding up those signs

hmmmm make you wonder who was the djinn in her family......

yes, Cadence held 1 sign, Pinkie held 354 (each 40+ ft apart in all directions) simultaneously

when Celestia said, “Neeerrrds!~”

Celestia = about 20% less cool!!

great story. please continue this. I really enjoyed reading it

Wait one question...
How would a pony glove work? What would slapping someone with it acomplish? And most importantly, how many bricks can I put in it before I use it to challenge someone?


BD out

Lol by glove I meant those metal shoes on the forelegs and I don't think bricks would fit XD

“Oh fuckberries!” The private whimpered.


*suffocates to death due to laughter* (I die more often than Jack Harkness!!)

How does Celestia have a cell phone?

You know what, I've learned not to question these things, so...

Pfft the Equestria here is more advanced than canon

I like the idea of Twi being a demi-djinn. One of my disappointments with the show is they never really address the fact Twilight does that whole flaming wrath routine.

another idea is that she could be related to hades.

An interesting and even supportable theory. She did after all return Cerberus by herself in a single afternoon.

I read this twice.... and I still have no idea what I read. But I keep reading. Tracked and liked... its just to silly to stop!

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