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Just a guy who wants to read some stories, join in on the community and maybe write a story or two. Anyway, just wanna have some fun and enjoy this place.


Gojira could never have imagined that he would end up in a world not inhabited by humans. Yet after a single conversation with an apparent "Goddess" he and the rest of the TItans have been thrust into a world full of peace. And also bright and colorful creatures called "Ponies". With most of his kind still in hibernation in this new world, Gojira makes a life for himself in this new land.

That was all 50 years ago.

Now, Gojira has had plenty of time to integrate and learn about his new home. He has a mate and children, and is happy and at peace. But that doesn't last for long. Gojira can feel that things are changing, that the world appears to be getting ready for something. He has a couple of ideas but above all that he senses that trouble is coming. Whatever the danger, whatever is to come, Gojira is ready to take it head on. For although his time in Equestria has definitely changed him, he is still the King of the Monsters.

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Please update this story

Is of interest please do

This has my attention.

U accidentally typed this twice, probably in a rush as u were getting the chapter finished:

"The moment she did Gojira got up and walked over to Twilight, grabbing her by the nape of her neck. Twilight yelped at the sudden movement while both Luna and Celestia giggled at the scene before them. Twilight turned to look back at Gojira and saw the look in his eyes and immediately her mood turned sour. Gojira huffed and walked a bit aways with her before setting her down.

"What's with the look hatchling?" Gojira asked.

"I know why you picked me up and I'm not happy." Twilight replied.

"Well whether this makes you happy or not is not my concern. My concern is to make sure you are able to defend yourself." He stated before adding, "Without. Magic."

Twilight huffed loudly, making it obvious that she wasn't happy. Gojira was starting to get annoyed with this, especially since his hatchling almost never had an attitude. But when it came to her physical training, her attitude always took a dip, and it only became more apparent over the years. It began to seriously get on his nerves and he made it known by letting out a growl that snapped her attention back to him.

"No attitude. I don't care whether you find this pleasant or not, this is for your safety." Gojira explained with seriousness, "I did this for Cadence, I did it for Sunny, and now I do it for you. So be ready, you have 10 seconds."

Twilight's eyes widened at that, "10 seconds! That's not enough time for me to properly analyze the situation! I need more time for a pro-"

"Times up!" Gojira yelled before barreling towards Twilight and starting their mock brawl. Twilight yelped and jumped out of the way so she wouldn't be trampled. Gojira lashed with his tail and slammed it into where Twilight was, slamming her into the ground. Twilight grunted in pain before looking up and quickly moving before Gojira's tail came down again."

Thank you so much for pointing this out, got it all fixed now,

which titan crossover? godzilla? titanfall? doom eternal titans?

If whoever's out buried and imprisoned in the snow and ice is who I think it is, then Godzilla's gonna be in for the fight of his life when he fights Ghidorah

Please tell me you aren't going to do what the guy who writes The Bridge does and make this story go on forever with chapters that are much longer then they need to be.


But seriously, this should be an interesting take on the first EQG movie.

Gojira honestly felt that all of these things could have gone differently if he had been there.

I want to see this now! Whether it be a side chapter in this story or a separate one, I want to see these ‘What If’ scenarios! They’d be funny! Especially the Canterlot Wedding one, as I can see a few different ways it could go! From simply showing up and roaring which causes all the changelings to run away out of sheer terror, to basically storming into the chapel-room-thing and going “I’m Gojira, King of the Monsters! Get out of my castle!” before blasting her in the face with his atomic breath!

Gojira and Celestia, equals? Ha! Celestia may control the sun, but her rule only extends over Equestria. Gojira’s rule covers the entire planet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the story a lot, as I am a big Godzilla fan. This is a good story.

I just find some of the conversational exchanges funny.

Bring on the next chapter! I can't wait to read it!

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Ohhhhh, someone's in trouble. :rainbowkiss:

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He received a wing slapped in his face with Celestia giggling, "Old sage?! If I'm old then you're ancient mister!"


I don't want to be a bother but, are you going to continue this store? if not that's all right :)

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