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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.



This story is a sequel to Fluttershy's Mansion

Fluttershy thought her days as a Ghost Hunter was over. But what she didn't know that it was far from over. When Ghost Studies ask for help, Fluttershy is throw in the Ghost Hunting busies once more, only this time the force behind it is unknown and familiar at the same time. Can Fluttershy handle five mansions instead of one? And can she discover the locations of the Dark Moon?

Base off the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon game and a lot longer then the first story.

And there going to be something different in this story. Read to find out, Happy Hunting!

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First down vote and first comment, mostly because I couldn't make it through the first chapter of this for two major reasons:

1) Not enough description of what's happening, why it's happening and what it's supposed to look and sound like.

2) I got maybe a third to half way through the chapter before my eyes actually started burning from my brain having to fill in missing letters and finish words off.

I think you've gotten a fairly common disease for writers, namely an over abundance of ideas and not enough time spent actually working the story you're actually dealing with. Particularly since it's not even been a week since you put up the previous fic for this series and the rest of your fics are all less than a month old.

You should probably slow down a bit and reread the fics you've got up, just see if there's anything you can spot as wrong or jarring and have the prereaders from the other fics go over this and just ensure that it reads properly.

3744059 This story was already done on Fanfiction and it was missing a lot of words in that site. It suppose to be like the game, However since I doing one mansion at a time it won't be up too quickly. And I use Google Drive to fix anything that wrong. Thank you for your points though, I do rush sometimes.


4212326 You really like this story too don't you?:ajsmug:



4212868 Yes, I do. How far did you get on this one?

4212884 I'm reading the first boss, Spider Queen.

4212887 I had help on the Bosses and having the CMC save so those scenes where written by someone else and I use them. Help get the story done faster.

4212893 Did you get my offer about me the Editor?

4212895 From Fluttershy Mansion? Yes, you ask me if you can and I say yes.

4212902 You have a Goggle drive account? If you do then I need your email at the same time. Send you email in the PM though.

4212981 Do you know any way we can share chapters? I'm also on Fanfiction and we just have to connect by using our Pen Names and I can send them there.

4213038 Just P.M. the chapter you want me to edit, duh.

4213041 Ok, give me some time and I'll send it. Since chapter one been done I'll give you chapter two.

This seem so awesome I started slapping my self :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Guess who. You seem to be doing a pretty good job.

4953301 Thanks, one last mansion to do and the whole thing will be finish.

nice cover for the story

5015234 It the best I can find. The cover for Fluttershy's Mansion was suppose be for this one, but I'll leave it been.

it might b luna,or celestiaor both who knows it might b the mane 6 or at least one of them?

omg rairity actually kicked a lot of ghost butt

now I think all the CMCs r rescuded I think

I bet the next pony to help fluttershy is twilight sparkle:pinkiehappy::raritystarry: after pinkie trys out the ghost seeker that is

that was awesome I loved it when u added the ghostbusters theme song nice job my friend:raritywink:

finally the ghost dog is coaut

poor spike he got hurt hope he'll b ok

awesome now its twilight's turn now

its about to finish i'm so nervecided:pinkiehappy:

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