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I am a Canadian who says "zee" instead of "zed", therefore I'm not normal.


About updates in the near future · 2:39pm Sep 6th, 2017

I'm starting college today, so story updates might be a released a bit slower and/or with less reliability. Just hang in there, college can be a bit time consuming.

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Actually, the Touhou Project is a video game series. There are a few episodes of a fan made anime series somewhere on the internet, I'm sure, but Touhou is primarily a video game series. Still Japanese in origin, but not anime. Common mistake though.

It's an anime character that explains it

Anime is really good but it can occasionally get really really weird

It's a Touhou character named Kogasa Tatara... Just in pony form.

To explain the umbrella... Kogasa is supposed to be a humanoid representation of a Japanese monster (or Yokai) known as a Karakasa obake, which is essentially an umbrella come to life due to being possessed by a spirit. Karakasa obake are often portrayed as paper umbrellas with one eye, and a long tongue.

'Looks at profile pic'....

I have no idea what I'm looking at

I've started working on my second story, which will be named CPU of Equis. It will be a standalone, so it won't be a part of a group of stories like Paradise Lost. Maybe someone will be able to guess what series is being crossed with just by the title, but I hope you all look forward to it either way.

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