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I am a Canadian who says "zee" instead of "zed", therefore I'm not normal.

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CPU of Equis... Redemption · 6:17pm Yesterday

To anyone who read and liked my story, CPU of Equis... When I finished it, I felt dissatisfied. I felt that I could have done much better than what I gave you. So, because of that I've decided to start working on a remake called CPU of Equis Re;Birth. Once I'm finally ready to submit the first chapter of the remake, I'm going to be taking CPU of Equis down to avoid complications regarding duplicates/rewrites. That should be fine, since CPU of Equis Re;Birth is meant

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I've started working on my second story, which will be named CPU of Equis. It will be a standalone, so it won't be a part of a group of stories like Paradise Lost. Maybe someone will be able to guess what series is being crossed with just by the title, but I hope you all look forward to it either way.

Progress! Charter 8 is on the verge of completion, so it's very, very likely that I'll be able to upload it later today.

Reason why Paradise Lost: Daughter of Gensokyo is listed as "On Hiatus": Good old writers block. I'm just having some trouble figuring out some of the details for chapter 8, but I'll get it figured out eventually, so hang in there.

(Read: Kon'nichiwa, tomoyo! Means: Hello my friend!)

Hello right back.

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