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Im a country boy from south western United States and Im a Brony. Fav. pony is big mac. Although all ponies are best pony.


Dan was just a normal cowboy, working on his parent's ranch. When a stranger comes to visit, and asks Dan if he wants to go to Equestria, all hell breaks lose. He wakes as a minotaur, and has to fit in with this new world. He gains friends and enemies along the way to enlightenment.
Will he be able to cope with racism as ponies cower from his magnificence?
Will he ever find a way home? Or even want to?
What does the future hold for our hero of the jungle?

Contains country slang and abbreviations, such as turning "Coming" to "Comin" and "Running" to "Runnin".
Contains language inappropriate for some readers.
Contains Gore and Death
Viewer discretion is advised.

Part of the Chess Game of the Gods collab, a universe created by Blackwing and Rust.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 65 )

Noticing a lot of Griffin the Griffin References.

LIke the story, keep it up.

Huh, I wans't expecting the pony, but it was a reasonable twist with good comedic relief. I'm liking the story so far, very interesting.

New Chapter! :yay:

I'm digging this story. I actually like it better than a lot of the stories in the Chess Game universe. Except Griffin and Echo, sorry but those two have got you beat.

Still though, Good Show lad :moustache: we need a fancy pants monocle whatever its called on the right sidebar.

im enjoying this story, out of all the fics i've enjoyed this is in the top ten

Those are my two favorite stories as well, and i believe their writing skills to be far superior to mine. But thanks for the compliment!
What was your favorite part so far?

Same question that I asked Trent Roogna, what's your favorite part of the story so far, anything you guys think should be added in or removed to make it more appealing?

I love how you've established and developed your character OUTSIDE of Ponyville. We already know who he is and how he's had to develop his character as resident of the Equestrian Universe; therefore his importance as a character is not dependent on the mane six liking him and including him in everything (in my opinion that is the fatal flaw in a lot of otherwise good stories). I'm sure he'll meet them eventually and go all fanboy, but he has friends already to support him if something like :pinkiecrazy: happens.

i can not find a singular reason why i enjoy this story, i just do. and those are always the best ones, ones where you can't pick and choose what you like, because you like it all

Welcome to Equestria folks! Where you have to pay an arm and a leg to get in, and the bugs are huge!

Why do I suspect that you lopped off his limbs JUST to make that terrible joke?

Actually I came to the end of the story and thought, "what's a good pun to get over the fact that Bronze just lost an arm, and a ton of guards a dead?" Then it just hit me.

Or I did just mutilate the hero just for shits and giggles.

I'll never tell :eeyup:

When I got to the end of the chapter, I had the mental imagine of that crew waltzing into Ponyville singing a rousing chorus of 'What would you do with a Drunken Sailor', each singing in a different key.

Why did I think that? :pinkiecrazy:'s been rubbing off on me.

Seriously, that song, sung that horribly would be pretty much be an unintentional declaration of war upon Harmony.

Although I do enjoy that song, Barrel-of-fun has already used it in his story Wild Card. Although I do like the things that other authors have done, and even incorporated a lot of their ideas into my story, I do believe that using a song that has already been done in another is going a little far, and borderline plagiarism. Don't worry though, I already have plans for the next couple chapters that will tie in later in the story.:eeyup:

Yay, getting someone to proofread the story! Who is it? :raritywink:

i chortled at the cannon joke

Question. Your description says this isn't Chess game-verse, so how does Celestia know Griffin the Griffin.


Although you are right, and this isn't a chessverse story, it is heavily influenced by it. And I mean Heavily. I originally wanted to do a chessverse story, but then decided against it for the time being. I didn't want to be restricted by their crazy rules, but like their ideas. Besides, I never actually said that Celestia knew Griffin the griffin. She knows a griffin that is a human. So technically I never mentioned Griffin, but referenced him. Hopefully later I'll see about sending my story in to the mods over at Chess Game of the Gods, but for now, I'm just gonna reference and reference and reference until someone sues me. Besides, I'm sure BlackWing wouldn't mind his story getting a little more propaganda.

Hope that answers your question.

One of two things is true:
Either you forgot to add the drunken accent on your character's dialog.
Bronze's crew are idiots.

Accepting a job with shady details based on a drinking match? moronic. I can see it if they were all plastered, but they didn't act like it (option number one)

There are several reasons why I had Bronze accept the offer:
1. He wishes to know that there is at least a small chance of returning home.
2. Quick, Gear, and Toni all want to help Bronze in whatever way they can.
3. They needed a direction to go in now that they were done with New Findings.
4. Although they weren't drunk enough to have slurred words, Quick, Gear, and Bronze were at least slightly inebriated, so that they had semi impaired judgment.

Although I see what you mean, accepting a deal from a cat-man in a dive while they were drinking can seem like a bad call. But he does show at least minimal knowledge of Bronze's true beginnings, and possibly has a way for him to go home.


Although I will not be revealing any future events, I will tell you that the cat-man plays a role later in the story. Why do you want the cat-man dead? Any reason in particular, or just for luls?


Fair enough, he is pretty arrogant. Would it make you feel better to know that "Nar-Kuth" translates roughly to "Mittens?"


Yo. You want this to be in the chessverse?

Sorry about this chapter, I had to go out of town for a week and have no access to the internet, so I didn't have a chance to edit it. :twilightoops:

Wow. A reference to Echo the diamond dog. Very nice.

I think at one point that you put 'tour' instead of 'tore'
Other than that you did pretty good and I didn't have any issues with the flashback.

Everyone piled their assorted swords and daggers against the steel pole, givin it the impression that the hat rack was about to go on a killin rampage.

God damned hat racks and their rampages



big lug grabbed his impromptu weapon with both hands

Not possible as he lost his arm in chapter 10 when a beetle chomped it off, unless something happened between chapters where he got a replacement

dyeing - dying

fallowing - following

Bronze better show up with some kickass battle wounds and if the pattern is to be continued then he's got another "flesh wound" according to the black knight.

Will he be able to cope with racism as ponies cower from his magnificence?


Is Dan based on you?

What gave away the part with the pony for me was how overly dramatic they made it.


"The part with the pony..."

Which part with which pony?

What I think of as soon as I see this chapter name


I could only imagine lookin like the Hulk in the Avengers.


Must "the world turn black" in every second chapter?
He pass out all the time.

I like this, It new and I haven't seen something like this before :)

I love this story it awesome keep up the good work

Gear yelled over the noise the other fifty or so guards?

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