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Pc broke down, art commissions are halted. I'll be using my phone for stories and it is prone to typos.


Twilight has been sent to a dangerous world of Skyrim, in her human form. Together with her friend, the Dovahkiin, both will try and survive as they find more adventures while looking for a way to defeat Alduin. And return Twilight to her homeworld.:pinkiegasp:

Join them as they meet other people and companions, as they discover legends and stories. Visit wonderful places all over Skyrim.:trixieshiftright:

Follow them as they pick a side in Skyrim's civil war between the Empire and the rebel Stormcloaks.:pinkiecrazy:

Twilight art Disclaimer.:twilightblush:

I did some editing of some sort, but the Twilight pony is not my work.:twilightsmile:

Minor gore(no intestines are going to emerge.) and no actual sex scenes. No boom boom babies.

Apologies, this fic has not been edited. Please be nice.:pinkiesmile:

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 77 )

Ful, suvulaan nu haav hofkiin do dovah. daar fen kos moor.

Zu'u hind pah grind hin jiik, dii fahdon. :pinkiesmile:

You have caught my interest, good sir. Although I'm assuming that you used the Dovah translator it's all fine, but I love Skyrim though and now there's a fanfiction about ponies and Skyrim, squee! :rainbowkiss:
I will wait for your next chapter to see Twi's reaction to Tamriel. :twilightsheepish:

6483365 Ahrk okaaron mu saraan borii rup mu fent piin!

What translator? :twilightblush: huehuehue...

I hope you'll enjoy the story as we progress!

Also, yes, it'll be fun to see Twilight's reaction to all of Skyrim's wonders. But I'll be sure to let her take it one at a time, otherwise it might be to much for our wee bookworm.:trollestia:

hi fent ni saraan pogaas lingrahiik, dii fahdon. Fah ziin do rup lost kosaan vorohah! :yay:

Will withhold judgement until after reading but I would just like to comment on how aw some a game is that after 4 years people still talk about it.
Edit: Okay, the idea is kinda iffy; when i read the description it seemed like more emphasis would be on the song, there are better ways for her to go to Tamriel that directly involve magic. The wording of the dialog and scene descriptions could use some work, maybe reread what you've written to make sure you convey what you're trying to.


Here's the artwork! :pinkiecrazy: I had it in my favourites on DeviantART.

EDIT: Also, now that I've actually read the story, I'm looking forward to the rest. Really good writing! :pinkiehappy:

This has to be the second Twilight in Skyrim fic. Ooop, better get the popcorn~

6483441 that's a good idea, perhaps I could draw another pony from Equestria using that method. A huge spell maybe? Those things where you prepare rituals and inscribed runes written on the soil. :heart:

I'll try my best, I don't have an editor, you see. And english isn't my first language, I first expect people to point out typos. :twilightblush:

6483691 really? If anything comes up, I could rewrite some so that both sides won't have any problem. :pinkiesmile:

6483846 No, the basis of the first Twilight in Skyrim fic is that Twilight explores the ruins of Skyrim. Nords and Argonians are ponified and Zebras live in what used to be Elsewyr. I forgot what it's called though.

6484441 oh, alrighty then.
I hope everything goes smooth from here.:pinkiesmile:

6485054 Shhhh... They'll hear you!:pinkiehappy:

Is the Astrid in this story the same Astrid from the Dark Brotherhood?

6485391 No, her name is taken from old norse, meaning 'Beautiful Elven Warrior'.
I haven't considered it from the dark brotherhood's Astrid.

6485458 Oh, are you following the storyline of vanilla Skyrim or modded Skyrim?

6485467 Both, I'll be sticking to the main quest but I'll be prodding through some other quest so that Twilight could see more of Skyrim.:twilightsmile:

6485475 Is Astrid one of your characters?

6485503 If the character creation for the Dovahkiin is considered as that, then Yes.

No offense intended, but I chose to skim through a lot of the chapter up until Mr. World-Eater showed up. :ajsleepy: Sorry, I have already played through the intro three times now.
I never played Skyrim with mods because vanilla play is good enough for me. :twilightsheepish:
But you remain to keep my attention, especially with how Astrid, (as in your character, not the dark brotherhood's leader) decided to help Twilight rather than running off for her own life.
One last thing, I believe "Sovngarde" is supposed to be spelled "Savngarde", that's what my subtitles always say when I play the game myself.
You keep writing this story, sir. I will continue to read. :moustache:

Ful, aulduin daal. . . ontzos.

6485957 You really enjoyed Skyrim, huh? I did too, I tried Khajiit,Nord,Imperial and all Elven race.:twilightblush:
We'll be following Twilight's adventures in the next chapters, it's her destiny afterall. :pinkiesmile:

6486282 Bad guys always has a comeback!:rainbowkiss:

6486492 I have only tried Female Khajiit, then female Redguard now I play as a male Nord. I guess I do like the game (a lot) but when I let my little brothers play it they always start a new world, so I just go with it. :eeyup:
:twilightoops: I probably shouldn't let them do that...
Anyways, I would like to see what Twilight's destined to go forth into, those daedric princes really get involved in people's futures and choices. :trollestia:

6487004 Don't you have a saved game for each of your brothers? My brother and me, have our own characters in different saved game.:derpytongue2:

And I suggest getting a mod or two, the modding community are relentless. They make the game more immersive, or unrealistic, but they give new experiences – specially the beautiful followers with an excellent quest.:twilightsmile:

But, then it's your choice. :pinkiesmile:

6487035 I do make them their own saves but they like playing with my characters more of the time. :applejackunsure: Little kids usually can't be convinced.
Well I may consider getting mods later on, it should make the game more interesting. :pinkiecrazy: I will probably have to look up how to get mods though. :twilightsheepish:

6487054 You can get them in Nexusmods.com.:twilightsmile:
Yeah, kids are really stubborn sometimes, but let kids be kids.:pinkiesmile:

Wow this is good though sad twilight needs a hug

Twilight is an ideal candidate for an archmage.

plz don't let it be that you just quit after 5 chapters plz:fluttershysad:

Twilight taking on the College of Winterhold? That's definitely something that she would do. Also, based on the chapter so far, I can assume that Twilight's an Imperial in this form due to her having a tan skin in humanized fanart. Or she could be a Nord for all I care. Now that I think about it, Rarity can be a High Elf (because of her accent), Fluttershy a Bosmer (due to her affinity for animals), Applejack and Sunset Shimmer as Nords, RD as a Redguard(Yokunda) S and Pinkie as either a Breton or a Khajiit. Oh, and Spike as a Sahxleel (Argonian).

I like how the characters speak very much like those would in the actual game, nice touch.
I can imagine Twi to get drunk easily, she could only afford five bottles of Mead, being light in alcohol and the average size of a Mead bottle wouldn't be enough to make one drunk, guess people are different than others :twilightsheepish:, unless it's just her age, I always imagined her to be about nineteen or around that, but I guess sixteen fits with this story.
Lisa must be thinking something about what kind of a city Canterlot is now.
But love the relationship between Twi and Lisa, she is so protective of Twi, not sure if it's because her talent or because she really cares about Twi herself, even though they only met three days ago, it's really sweet. (But I'm not shipping them.)
Took me a while to find the Telekinesis spell in Skyrim after I heard of it, and Twilight just knows it, oh how I envy her so... :rainbowkiss: But I like shooting stuff out of my inventory! It's fun.:pinkiecrazy: Worth it.
Okay that aside, I saw some grammar errors, but I could still read it fine, spelling under my average standards is good, you have my encouragement to continue writing, my good sir :moustache: I will read along as you do write. :trollestia:
Sorry if my comments turn out long, I tend to do that unintentionally. :twilightblush:

Lisa: how many bottles did she have?

Hadvar: umm one. . .

Lisa: *facepalm*


I thought mead has 75% alchohol in them, so I thought 50% alchohol should be enough. But if I'm wrong then I can perhaps give her another or two.:twilightblush:
I didn't really specify how soft the mead was didn't I?:pinkiegasp:

As I was reading this I kept having flashbacks to the skyrim intro.

6489769 Really?:pinkiehappy:
Were you seeing it through Astri's eyes?:pinkiesmile:

I'm not fond of the CCO. I tried it out and it confused me as heck.

Zu'u sahlon lot waarth do lu ni do daar lein.

Ful, aulduin mindok kaaley ? Kusah.

6500081 Character Class Overhaul. I have that mod, but it's a mite unwieldy for me.

Tons of grammar errors that I haven't any time to point out, still readable though. :fluttershyouch: No offense to your writing.
I like what you're doing here with the characters and everything, I will wait the month for another chapter. :moustache: Still continues to grasp my attention.

Say, that Lisa, is she by chance the asshole guard bitch that ordered the Dovahkins execution? Becuase, if so, I from now on feel just a wee lil´bad about choping her to bits everytime I start a new playtrough in Skyrim.

6556567 The guard that ordered the Dragonborn's execution is most likely Legate Rikke.

Nope, Rikke is a Nord woman. This is she. http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Legate_Rikke

The bitch that ordered the Dragonborns execution lookes like a Redguard.
Thats what she looks like.

No, legate Rikke is the Chief Lieutenant of the Imperial Legion. She's probably in solitude or one of the Imperial camps during this battle.:pinkiesmile:

Yes, since I don't really know what her name is, or even sure she was given one. I decided to give her a bit of a character and a background on why she decided to execute the Dragonborn in the intro. She'll have her own chapter soon, it'll explain stuffs about her and hopefully a character development.:twilightsmile:

6557375 she looks like an Imperial with a tan skin tone for me.:trollestia:

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