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Awww. I'm too late.

The actual fuck dude, are you gonna post something every 5 seconds?


:pinkiesick: Uhg. Really sorry that I haven't been working on anything recently. Life has been cu-raaaa-zy! There has been school issues, family issues, friend issues; lots of drama and it always falls to me to sort things out. All the responsibility is a bit exhausting. On top of that, my tulpa just possessed my body for like 3 days straight and I'm feeling a bit woozy from that. Thank you for being patient with me, guys. :twilightsheepish:

820363> I actually do have many ideas for future fanfics, but my life is rather busy and I can barely find time to update Cupcake Factory as it is. Once I have finished this one (Which is going to be a long one. I haven't even introduced all of the main characters yet and it's already... What, 30,000 words?) I'll work on some other ones which will probably be a good deal shorter.

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