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-Two pairs of siblings were shattered too soon.
-One split by stone, the other by moon.
-In grief of loss the brother ran.
-Now he's come back to help all he can.

-Brother of Discord, back from the waste.
-Two thousand years, add chaos for taste.
-Meets with the elements only to find,
-His brother demented, both body and mind.

-Chaos, Confusion, and Entropy's friend.
-Discord's antics, what he's come to mend.
-Hilarity, Joy, and Jokes to spare,
-The little known brother of chaos' heir.

Picture is 'Chaos Mage' © *Sergon (I edited the hue a bit.)

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 380 )

thats great keep up the good work.

awesome story so far:pinkiehappy:! i am very interested in this story :rainbowdetermined2: keep up your awesome work and!



Redid the description, would you mind telling me what you think of it?

i like how you made the description into a poem like that its a nice touch to it and probably better. :pinkiesmile:

My interest has been grabbed.

I like these characters, and I hope to see more of this story soon.

The description... It's.. It's so awesome! :rainbowkiss:
I will continue to wait till the next chapter comes out cus I'm determined :rainbowdetermined2:

...You have my attention.

You have my attention.


You mean the cover art? It might be... later on...

If this story follows similar to this you are so definitely going to have to put up the comedy tag.

What I meant was when I clicked this in my notifications, I thought this was a screenshot of your story in a blog post. I was shocked when I was actually able to click something on it.

So.... AWESOME! :rainbowkiss: Can't wait for the next update! ^~^

this is awesome! can't wait for more.

Why can I only hit thumbs up once? Either way, tracking.

Please sir, MAY I HAVE SOME MOAR? :pinkiehappy:

This is a pretty interesting story can't wait for the next chapter :eeyup:

I love the concept of Discord having a brother with good chaos powers :pinkiehappy:

I really like this story so far, it's pretty funny and random.
I also really like how you used a poem for the description.
So this guy, while a bringer of chaos, also knows that chaos must have boundaries.

868931 Me too, but I don't think that it's that George has good chaos powers and Discord has bad chaos powers so-much-as George keeps his power in check, while Discord lets his chaos run-amok. George is responsible with his chaos.
I just read the first chapter, added it to my favorites, and then went to my favorites list. What did I find when I got there? Why, I found that this gem of a story had updated. The second chapter did not disappoint.


Thank you for the compliment, Now go tell all your friends and lets see if we can't get this thing FEATURED!!!!

You're welcome. Okie-Dokie-Lokie!:pinkiehappy: I just noticed that you added the "Comedy" tag. It definitely belongs.

Mm-mm. Seeing as this is getting interesting you should have a one point bring in Screwball (Either as the created daughter of Discord or as a puppet given life after Discords second entrapment [I have written 2 other chaos ponies in my blogs if you would like to use em as well]). George being human is just understandable with how many realms and such that are human based (The MLP Realm and parallels are all on one basis [Unlike everything else]).
Looking at this then George would be the older sibling. Maybe you could use the Order character (which is thought of being Discord's Twin but could actually be the other half that was separated when he went mad [what caused the madness/separation could be from another entity for just being bored and saw him as entertainment potential]).
There is a rank and tier to godhood and I will try and give an understanding if you wish to use it somewhat. Here they are:
Tier 1- Entities that are plane bound (I.E. Celestia, Luna, and Discord) and there power is limited within their kingdom (Though the number of followers/believers can strengthen and surpass certain variables). Gods/Goddesses are connected to one element (Celestia to Light/Dawn, Luna to Dark/Dusk, and Discord to Chaos).
Tier 2- Entities that are capable of forming their own outer-plane (I.E. Heaven/Hell or personal space [Entity strength determines size of personal space]).
Tier 3- Entities that Watch over and survey the Realm gods/goddesses and make sure a balance or concept is playing through the way it should (Whether that entity is known or unknown to everyone which includes those on the lower tier is based on the concept or rules given to it). Only one Tier 3 God/Goddess per world.
Tier 4- Entities that governs over Tier 3 Gods/Goddesses (Kinda like a manager over multiple businesses that are within it's area). Only 1 Tier 4 God/Goddesses for every 50 worlds.
Tier 5 and up are just used when connecting the concept of the Multiverses, Omniverses, and such

Great story, dude! :yay:

:rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: in that order...my emotions

Interesting, Please continue my friend.

Another nice chapter, I have a feeling i'm going to like Entrophy.

At first I was:rainbowhuh:
then I was:rainbowhuh:
and then I was :rainbowlaugh:

Pfff tell your editor sleep is for the weak.


Indeed it is, and therefore I am weak. But! I was up til 11AM with a few shots of Nyquil in my system. That's gotta count for something. :twilightsheepish:

Not yet featured but you did make it to the popular stories catagorize!

869434 Everyone knows that Methamphetamine's>Nyquil

i will watch this

nice story keep it up :pinkiehappy:

There is never a normal story when it comes to hats, even non-talking ones.

As soon as a talking hat gets thrown in the mix you know it's going to be a crazy story :rainbowlaugh:

I LOVE this story i cant wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

This story is genius, keep up the good work.

So... Discord has a brother but that brother is not full of 'evil' chaos but he simply spread 'just for laugh's' chaos... Right? :unsuresweetie:

873220 Ok. Just wanted to be sure :pinkiehappy:

I like the way how you called it a cheesy story, and then made the comment that cheesy stories is what makes good stories. :pinkiehappy: Keep up the work Mr. N(intendo)64Fan, I look forward to reading future chapters.

872251 2 examples come to my mind: this story and Team Fortress 2. Both have hats, and neither are normal stories.

873220 You've gotta love an answer as cut and dry as that.


Nother good chapter, Gerorge and Entrophy seem like nice peopler... er, beings.
But I can't wait for the trouble to start, George going around doing stuff is nice and all but I want to see some REAL chaos happen.
And my guess for the name is Ala... Ala Mode? I have no clue :applejackunsure:

BTW, how did you pick Geroge as the name?:rainbowhuh:

This isn't half bad. I smell potential!

I can't help but imagine the man having the same voice as what Johnny Depp uses fro Captain Jack, while Entropy has James Earl Jones' voice.

The sheer bizarreness of the combo made me laugh.

"Death has never solved anything, and it never will."
This is empirically untrue. I facepalm every time someone says it with a straight face. :ajbemused:
Doesn't help that he says it right after threatening to kill the witch if she doesn't stop.

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