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[WARNING] This fic may forever change the way you look at Fluttershy [WARNING]

Fluttershy. Kind, sweet, quiet, and above all, shy. But what makes her so shy? Why does she take most of her comfort from those who cannot speak? And most importantly, what is she hiding?

A quick one shot.

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Not bad, I see you removed the darker edges of it you had planned. I like the reference to Party of One with Pinkie still believing Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were house-sitting for a bear. Overall a very cute and likable story, though the reveal came a little too fast. Could've used more buildup and emotion on Fluttershy's part, I mean she's been keeping this secret for....roughly 10-15 years? seems like that would be alot harder to tell the truth about than you made it seem.

1457510 Aaaaaaand Blue Shell

My jimmies ain't even rustled. :c

for the warning: oh, its okay. cupcakes f**ked up my opinion on pinkie pie forever anyway. this can't be bad...

Edit: nope. i like it

1457514 Trust me, it's not. It's not bad at all.

1457518 i liked it,i liked it a lot

1457512I guess this story is kinda.....

...Wow. I can't think of a good one liner....That's a first.


"Umm.... surprise?"

:pinkiehappy: Oh, this was awesome.

Two things - one, I love the fact that there's nine comments, and yet 0 (0) views, and two, the first Warning in the description has a typo.

Meh, it's non-canon, so even though this makes way too much fucking sense, the way I see Fluttershy still isn't changed, so that's all good.
Nice job by the way, it was a good read.

Very nice story, interesting concept. And it actually makes sense! I like it!

However, question is: why was Fluttershy not thrown out of Canterlot with the rest of the swarm?

On a side note, I admit that I was confused for a second there...


Congratulations, you've found the biggest plot hole with the "one of the mane six is a changeling" idea.

Funny story though.

1457584 Because the spell was designed to repel 'Invaders' In general, not changelings in specific, because they had no idea it was changelings to begin with, and the barrier kept them out, as well as anyone else trying to get in the city.

1457703 Nope.

Why did my brain narrate this in Morgan Freeman's voice?

Nice little twist in the story. Thumbs up my friend :pinkiehappy:

1457762 Because Morgan Freeman. That's all.

I am entertained.

Is the warning in the description supposed to be sarcastic or make us pay attention or something?
Doesn't seem to make much sense otherwise. Or perhaps make one curious enough to read the story?

It's just a quick one shot

It says Incomplete Blackly.

1458499What's the Blue Shell for?

1458808 You were first... Well, not first in the litteral sense! Of course, Blackwing already got rid of that problem.

You were first in not being able to think of a reply.

It was a first indeed.

I can't really describe how I feel about this. I can't say I hate it, because I can't find anything actually wrong with it.... But for some reason I don't like it.

I think this is a decent description:

1457514 You know, there's a surefire method for completely repairing your opinion of Pinkie Pie....

It says "quick oneshot" but the story is tagged incomplete.

What's real, what isn't? How can I know?

It wasn't magically stupendous or mind blowingly bad, just a good read.Solid but not revolutionary and sometimes a story just doesn't need to be that way for it to be likeable.

Very nice... I've seen lots of Changeling fics... but the :twistnerd: at the end was definitely a new one for me, I liked it

Pretty good. Another "One of the Mane Six is a changeling" story, but it's pretty well done. I also kinda liked the bomb you dropped with Bon Bon being Queen Chrysalis. A mustache for you! :moustache:

1458925 With that, Bonbon strode up to the group, before shifting into the form of a regular changeling.

She's not the queen. She's just a drone.


No, Bon Bon is just a regular changeling, she referred to Flutters as "Princess", which is why the others in the Mane 6 mentioned Chryssy.

If she's a changeling, why does she have a cutie mark?

1459276 It's called Pretty in Pink.

You read that story, you will love Pinkie again.

Truthfully I feel that ever since the changelings were introduced in the show that the idea of one of the characters being a changeling the whole time has been kinda done to death. Yet, who am I to say, I've done that idea for a minor character in one of my stories. So I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite.

Is cute. I actually hope to see a sequel someday, maby make a short series of it should the inspiration take you.

"My spell." Fluttershy nodded again.
Since it was Twilight saying "My spell," the Fluttershy nodded again part should be moved down to the next paragraph.

1459359 oh my god, that was beautiful.:pinkiesad2: thank you for restoring my faith in pinkie pie, is there anything i can do for you since you helped me?

1459383 You love our Pink Party Pony again. That's all the thanks I need.

You want to know what you can do?

You can pass it forward.

Help others to love her again.

I actually just recommended it to rbdash47, and he's got it in his queue for entry into the Pony Fiction Vault.

1459393 she used to be last on my favs, and now she is third. this is my list
i will pass this to others... but what was even worse than cupcakes was rainbow factory. *shudders* after a minute of reading it i was crying in a corner. but good thing no permanent damage was done...

twi and dashie tie for first...

1459416 Ah, bloody Rainbow Factory....

You know.... I remember reading its opposite a while back....

I can't quite remember what it was called, though, and it didn't give as strong an impact as Pretty in Pink, but it was still decent.

Oh, it's just, after the changelings invaded Canterlot, I've been working on a large scale version of the spell I used to unmask them that I used.

Redundant phrase is redundant. :twilightsheepish:

Not a bad story, though. I imagine family reunions are odd for poor Fluttershy though. :rainbowlaugh:

At first I thought the secret was that she IS a tree... Autumn, tiredness and all...
Very good! You managed to capture Fluttershy perfectly. Your portrayal of the others were, less than perfect. Then again, that's pretty average for a non-mane 6 episode.
The best part of the whole thing is the way you cite actual events, and explain them away.
(And given the duplicates in background scenes, I'm sure almost everypony is a changeling.)
As for the writing itself, many of the dialogue walls seemed very fast and sudden. I would suggest adding actions into those paragraphs, it breaks up the dialogue, and allows a little more description.

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