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13 years have passed, Seth is now in his teenage years and has all but forgotten about the adventures his family used to have. Leaving his Island home on Signal to study in Equestria and broaden his horizons, this story will follow his misadventures.

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Hearth's Warming is almost here. This is a special time of year, even more so for Frost Jack, though not for the same reasons as every pony else. One Shot.

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[WARNING] This fic may forever change the way you look at Fluttershy [WARNING]

Fluttershy. Kind, sweet, quiet, and above all, shy. But what makes her so shy? Why does she take most of her comfort from those who cannot speak? And most importantly, what is she hiding?

A quick one shot.

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Lark Wolfe is 25 years old and he has a terrible fate. Bitten by a werewolf, he now spends his life traveling from town to town as a bard, trying to find a way to cure himself. Something happens, he finds himself in Equestria, and then more things happen. There is going be to a lot of music in this, as he IS a traveling violinist. I'll put hotlinks in the story to whatever he's playing. Also, Lark speaks with a very slight British accent. it's most entertaining to read if you think that way.

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Conjuration is a lost art in Equestria. Celestia is bored, and decides to learn some summoning spells. She summons an otherworldy creature, but will it be anything like what she expects? A non adventurous HiE. Mostly just learning about interactions. I'm just gonna roll with it, and add tags an ratings as the story unfolds.

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I'm Griffin, not much else to it. I've been bullied most of my life, which left me bitter and sarcastic. I'm a closet brony. What? You think I'm just gonna go out and tell a world that hates me that I watch a cartoon intended for little girls? I don't feel like giving the punks at school any more ammo. That's when cosmic powers decide I need to take a trip to my favorite fantasy land. But all is not sunshine and rainbows and it certainly won't be after I'm done with it. Equestria from the point of view of an extremely pissed off teenager, with a twist. Rust, the author of 'The Ballad of Echo the Diamond dog' is awesomesauce enough to have a cross over between our stories. Carnelian is a boss when it comes to art. Part of the 'Chess Game of the Gods'.

Violence, gratuitous swearing, and sexual themes. Reader discretion is advised.

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WARNING! This is a terrible sequel to a terrible fic! DO NOT READ!

2 years after the events of Monster, Nightshade is a national hero, much like the mane 6 themselves. Lyra still hasn't forgiven herself for what she did, and Fluttershy is trying to cope with the loss. When Discord breaks out, what will happen to Equestria? How will the mane 6 react? And what does any of this have to do with our stone imprisoned hero?
Firebolt is a fan character, winner of the cover art contest, by virtue of being the only entry, even though I ended up making the art myself. By 'making' I mean novice photoshop using paint. The cover art for this story, I also stole images from the web, and paint shopped them, although I have to say for my nonexistent art skills, it looks pretty good.

Warning: This fic will contain heavy Fluttershy shipping, and some more innuendo (because we all had soooo much fun with that in the last story) but once again, NO SEX, It's in the side fic, Ascended 'Clop' The URL is below.


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Nightshade, (OC, originally Davis) has a rather unique power, one that many with less than selfless intentions will give anything to get a hold of. He is on the run, and just when he appears to be caught, he finds himself in a new world entirely. Called a monster by his fellow humans, how will he fare in a world where ALL humans are considered as such? And can he stop the darkness within himself? An HiE story, no the main character will not be ponified, because then it would lose the whole point. Also my first fanfic, so commentary is appreciated. Mild Swearing, Gratuitous Violence, Rated T for Teen. I do not own any of the characters, except Davis because I made him up, and I really don't care if you use him in your fic or not just s long as you make sure to direct back here so everypony knows where he came from. All things pony related are the property of Hasbro (insert proper legal jargon here)

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