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Conjuration is a lost art in Equestria. Celestia is bored, and decides to learn some summoning spells. She summons an otherworldy creature, but will it be anything like what she expects? A non adventurous HiE. Mostly just learning about interactions. I'm just gonna roll with it, and add tags an ratings as the story unfolds.

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Good premise
Let's see the rest when it comes.
Keep at it sir

Nice, but it feels like it is missing something... oh right it is missing the next chapter.

and that is why I steal books from the Royal eyes only chamber.

Honestly, this story is going to be nothing but a source of cheap laughs. Scootachicken, YTP, it's all in there. There's also going to be some interaction humor. Rather than the original 'OMG he's a monster' they will have learned their lesson with Zecora. Of course, they'll still be wary of him, but I'm thinking more like Pinkie Pie get's so excited, starts jumping on him, and accidentally breaks his ribs sort of thing.

i like this :pinkiesmile: its nice to see things on Celestia's perspective once in awhile.

284538 That's part of why I wrote it. There's lots of Luna out there, but nobody takes the time to get in Celestia's horseshoes. As for the 'what harm could an otherworldly bunny do?' part, I'm glad somebody got the hidden Monty reference.

What is up with fimfiction today? For a while the site was on an angle, then all the buttons went upside down when I hovered over them, and then all the comments posted were blank.

286206 I feel you bro. Good thing I don't write on this site :twilightsmile:

I'm starting to like this story. It feels kinda light hearted.

Man, you are a machine of stories. Where do you come up with all these ideas (and time)?

I can say that this story is..... A true joy to read
Keep at it sir! (will you kindly?)

i need another chapter plz

286517 Because I type over 60 words per minute, and what I type comes directly from my dreams. Seriously, I think up all this stuff at night. Which is why when I can't sleep I can keep writing, but it prevents me from getting any new ideas, so I kind of need balance.

"Since she had already summoned him once, she just had to keep the circle there."
Summoning circle + oblivious Luna = Uh oh...

287589 Shh, no giveee awayeee ploteee

this is very interesting. a cool concept, and pretty well written. keep it up!

Oh I can feel where this is going *smirk*

That man from Peru shit was funny
Thank you

I love this, I love your writing style and the speed that you update, please, continue.

"She wondered if they acted like monkeys as well."

this was an excellent chapter.

289663 now... that would just be mean!

funny banannas refrence commenter!

i also liked the spongebob rhyme. this is a VERY interesting story, id imagine the main char would be more disturbed by the slave thing though.

289858 Remember, his life is boring as hell. He'd rather be a slave to a magical talking pony and have a little excitement then just sit at home. Besides, she's proven to be a kind master, other than making him hold his breath, and if he's in Equestria, since she's the princess, he'd probably just end up doing whatever she told him anyways. Disobeying a nations ruler, especially when they can fry you from orbit is a bad idea.

o_o *gives chicken a hug* It's ok. We don't ALL think you're Scootaloos....



...I think I screwed up there, somewhere... e_e *hugs the Scootaloo instead...*

o_o I .... LIKE it. Tracking this Target! :D

Sorry but I can't contain myself much longer MOAR its AWSOME :rainbowkiss:

Speaking of Spongebob "IMAGINATION" *rainbow hands*

Speaking of this story, MOAR plz :trixieshiftright:

And then Celestia got a skittles addiction. The end.



MOAR :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: please, if thats ok with you :fluttershyouch:

Bitches love skittles.

We want MOAR, it's almost addicting to a point!
Keep at it sir!

lol, hey Celestia, Taste the rainbow! :rainbowwild:

Comment posted by esopbelac117 deleted January 21st

A pack of skittles...yes, just, yes. Bravo Sire, Bravo.

Can't wait for more. Love this sooo much :twilightsmile:

Mental Lune abusement..... Yay!

i know im being a bit hypocritical from previous comments, but it seems like this story was a bit too focused on explaining some things. remember if something does not seem reallistic it should be changed to seem better, not given a explaination...

i really say this because i want to give some sort of constructive crit. i dont want to leaqve you with awesome story, and then be done with it.

dont let anything i say lower your morale. this chapter was great, and i cant wait to see more!

also this is just a pet peeve with the whole slave thing largely. i cant find too many other examples of it. (goodbye my whole comments legitamacy!)

well hes boned, he proberly should of paid more attention to video games, would of know how to unsummon himself

295659 They'll find a way to send him back, and then he'll have to decide whether or not to do it.

295681 If this goes how I think it will, we all know the outcome of him staying or leaving. :trixieshiftright:

I totally thought of Tragedy in Black when he couldn't be unsummoned after giving them the Skittles

I hope things get better, *sniff* sorry a tear formed in my eye
Good chapter man, keep at it

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