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All hail the glorious chapter three!

what have you done... :raritydespair:

also, add room for stories instantly, would you?

if this is to organise story writing, this would be my place to be .. :pinkiegasp:

You are correct! :pinkiehappy:

356292 Meh. I guess your right. And might I ask about your pic? Tales of Symphonia right? Lloyd was it? I havent played that game in ages.

Here's an idea:
As I already wrote in the Google Doc, Twilight is reluctant to save the day (because she hasn't read how to do it in any books yet).

The obvious thing to do next is to write a book, so that Twilight can read it and save the day.

But wouldn't you know it, all the quills were just used up by CMC's latest project.

A group of ponies must set out on adventure to find quills. Then they have to write a book using collaboration technique that will teach Twilight what to do, so she can save the day.

Well, at least you have this story to help your feel better about yourself, right?


Is anyone else unable to add to it anymore, or is that just me? :trixieshiftleft:

Here and ready to help.

Comment posted by Twifight Sparkill deleted Apr 9th, 2014

Every worthwhile project begins with a great idea. The sort of thing that defies the best known laws of understanding, and turns the world over on it's ass for the sheer amount of awesome it entails.

Then others get involved and fuck it all up.

Still, should be fun.


Oh who am i kidding? im a terrible writer :facehoof:


  • Viewing 4 - 23 of 23
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