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Twilight Sparkle is a gifted student when it comes to math and science, but even the smartest unicorns can struggle to control their magical abilities. And when precision fails her in her latest assignment for art class, Princess Celestia is more than happy to offer her help in overcoming the challenge.

To some extent, at least.

Cover art: Celestia Napping by Skecchiart.

Thanks to Noble Thought for pre-reading.

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This was a sweet and hilarious piece of art you have there.

hahahahahahaha fucking great man

That was adorably hilarious.

6761217 now we just need a chapter whit filly twilight painting on luna's face

aww i wanted to have celestia walking around the castle clueless for a bit while people tried not to laugh in her face (maby in her court)

Ha! Yeah, there's potential there. I just fell too much in love with the letter, and the bewildered teacher.


6762131 There's no reason you couldn't have done both. You could have told the scene with Celestia waking up and a member of the castle staff reacting to it, then cut to the scene at the end with the note and hit both points smoothly.

This was beautiful. From Twilight not being good at art because it's not science, through her inner fight whether to use Celestia as canvas or not, to absolutely using Celestia as a canvas. My cheeks hurt from grinning.

Never even occurred to me while I was writing it. Had the idea for this ending and ran with it. I'll pay more attention in the future. :twilightsmile:

Good! Exactly why it was written.

“She... she’s sending me to the corner for a thousand seconds. I’ll stay on the paper from now on.”


PPS #12 · Dec 26th, 2015 · · ·

She gulped, and slowly nodded. “She... she’s sending me to the corner for a thousand seconds. I’ll stay on the paper from now on.”

Man, that's not even 20 minutes. That's a pretty short time-out.

That was a sweet story!

Darn it! Why can't all art classes be that way? :trollestia:

It seems Celestia's got a thing for thousands.

Words cannot express the adorableness, and I cannot fault Twilight's logic.

6767951 Really? At my house time-outs were one-minute-per-age (so if I did something naughty at seven I got a seven minute time out.)


It's a little under 17 minutes. It's pretty long.

Ha, Twilight is Kagero.

*Snickers* Beautifully done. The ending was on point.

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Filly Twilight is so cute, and Celestia looks like a pretty kitty:trollestia:

Greetings, I've done a review of your story at your request via the Reviewer's Cafe.

You can find the review here.


You are most welcome!

But she needed to finish her assignment.

There's a universe somewhere out there that burned because Twilight said this once too many... :rainbowlaugh:

When Celestia says to learn incineration spells, well, who would have known the stars themselves were combustible...?

That was beautifully heartwarming!


The real pity is that Luna never got to see it.

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