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Lily brings happiness to other ponies, one flower at a time. But when that happiness dies the next day, what was it really worth?

Revised 2/28/16

Featured on Equestria Daily 3/2/16

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I liked this. It crushed me, but I liked it.

I'm with 6905345 on this one.

I'm really confused about how much time is passing and I'm mixing characters up. I know that there was a deep meaning to this, but I don't get it. I couldn't pull emotion from it. Nice writing, though. Good ideas, but perhaps too short? Maybe not vivid enough in the descriptions of what's going on and when it's happening. I feel like this is a really good story that I just don't understand.


Thanks for your comment! I'm working on major revisions right now, and I think it will make more sense when I update it in about a week or so. [edit]Revisions finished, and story updated.[/edit]

I was able to follow the themes and metaphor really well. This was crushing and beautiful all at once. The ending wasn't overly tragic or unrealistically hopeful, it hit a nice balance. One of my top 20 favorite fics.

Not a ton of views, despite the Equestria Daily feature. Might have to go in The Unappreciated Story Society at some point.


6995728 I'm glad you found it beautiful, and thanks!

You wounded my soul. I was just going to eat a burrito and now I can't stop thinking of horrible tragedies and feeling awful about laughing at "the horror the horror" from someone with genuine PTSD.

Congrats on the EQD feature. You monster.

.... This is amazing. Utterly, beautifully sad. I love this.


7006583 Thanks! That means a lot. I put a lot into this.

Oh, you! making me feel so many feels. Really nice. I can relate a lot to her insecurity, at least that's what I got from the metaphor of the lily she kept trampling.

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