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A side story to A New World, a New Way by zeusdemigod131

One is a panicky gossip, and knows more about the matters of other hearts than she should—if only she knew about her own as much.

One is a fiery flower mare who wilts lamentingly at the thought of her lucky little clover being picked by another—the luck in her own name only helps somewhat in that regard.

One is the hard-faced big sister, the strong stem that holds a family and a business all together—all the while hoping that she doesn't end up like her mother.

One is an alien, kidnapped and brought to a new world against her will, along with several others—though the heartache of losing her guide to the void of changes cuts much deeper.

Four ladies in a world flipped onto its head, each looking for something stable to hold, to see, to feel.

Proofread by MoldyShishkabob

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Love the bickering between the sisters, seems really fitting. And them just dismissing the problem as Twilights job, got a good laugh out of me.
Not too much else to say, it was a good start. Hoping to see more soon^^

Interesting start, but if I can say something (I will anyway, sorry) you explain too mutch. Nothing against explaining, my own story has a lot of it. But if you detail something, it must serve a porpuse, as of setting the mood or introducting something that will come out latter.

As one writer once said (I forgot his name, go watch Silver Quill to find out) 'If you don't use it, don't bring it.'

Looking forward for more and welcome to Equss.

Yeah, it's a constant problem I have. I'll try to tone it down a bit next time. :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Nitro Indigo deleted Jul 14th, 2018

Nice to see this again!
....really hope his xenophobia comes back to bite him...hard...

"Lupine" refers to wolves, not rabbits.

It's what an old dictionary I had defined it as, but I'll change it to the right word.

9045488 Also, I deleted my old comment asking if you had the artist's permission to use the cover because I thought it came off as rude.

Togekiss is good. I like Togekiss. Is she an OC?

She is. To my knowledge, not a whole lot of Togekiss in Wayverse, if any, so I definitely wanted to put in one of my favorite Pokemon.

904598 The only other one I can think of us Valerie in Game. I also have an idea for a Togekiss villain that I'm saving for a rainy day.

Aww, but how can something so sweet and fluffy be mean? :applecry:

Although, Gold's Togekiss Togebo was pretty mean-spirited, so it's possible.

I like lighter Wayverse stories like this

What's the warning tag referring to?

Innuendoes, references, and such that may appear. Mostly did it for safety's sake, considering how I write.

Glad to see this updated. Most “new way” stories have gone so long I don’t hold much hope for them, so it’s nice to see you’re still into it!

Thanks, and yeah, pretty sure Arcticbrony and I are the only ones updating our respective stories. I kind of missed the bus on the Wayverse hype, but I'm going to keep updating anyway.

You wanna talk about missing the hype, Tapu Meme started one just last year and updated it most recently in April.
But the hype train never stops, it just slows down, please keep going, I really enjoy what you’ve got so far.

What is this, a holiday? I just read through this a few hours ago and here you are again!

48 hours remain

Today I learned that you don't get notified of new chapters in a story you're tracking, it just... appears in the feed.

Anyway, it was a bit underwhelming that this was only one scene, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. This is easily the best-written story in the Newverse, in terms of pacing, grammar, and description. A pet peeve I have with a lot of the others is that they overuse epithets, usually by describing a Pokémon as "the X-type".

By the way, I'm amazed a Newverse story has gone this far without anyone explaining what a Pokémon is. To be honest, I find how quickly the Flower Sisters and Blue Sky realised Pokémon were sapient and cast the translation spell too abrupt.

Well, considering the amount of sapient creatures that live on Equus, it was a safe bet.

As for explaining what a Pokémon is, that is coming up. Glad you're enjoying it though.

Holy crap, some actual criticism for once.

9046808 My idea was that the Togekiss villain would have a self-righteous belief that humans-turned-Pokemon were inferior... But then I realised that she was turning into a way for me to rant about everything I dislike about the Newverse.

9052585 I started writing a Newverse story recently.

This might be a stretch, but I feel like some Newverse stories are themed around types. This is Grass, A Brave New World is Electric, my story The Tides Have Turned is Water (and so is that other cancelled Marelantis story, A New World With New Seas), et cetera.

I think I give this a try, not sure if so far Arceus or the other 5 party members that were always there annoyed me the most, but after a nice Ditto and Chrysalis story I want to give this a chance.

“Depends.” Daisy tucks her hoof beneath her chin and examines the little flower creature. “Do you think Unicorn magic will work on it?”

No it doesn't at least not till at least 5 chapters are over.
It's the ususal formular of the language barrier being destroyed around chapter 2-3.

Roselia glanced around timidly, before it muttered, “H-Hello.” It was a subdued feminine voice, barely more than a whisper. Everypony let out a breath of relief.

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the translation spell curse is real.

It wasn’t a forest the Togekiss recognized―and she had seen a lot of them. It wasn’t crawling in Weedle and Caterpie as Viridian Forest would be, and unlike Ilex Forest, the sun shone clearly through the thin canopy. The fact that was she still out of her Poké Ball also struck an odd chord with the Togekiss.

oh man, I can't really explain it, but I don't exactly like it if the main char has to share the spotlight with twenty other characters and humans making the unique main char less unique.

“A human.”

While I understand it in this story I also prefer it if they don't tell them everything right away.

If I'm honest I'm only interessted in Roselia and the three girls here. That part was nice enough.

If I could choose then I would probably want it to be change into a story with just her and maybe some stray pokemon or just her and the three, not sure if I even would ask for an adventure.

I just thought I give that opinion not that you have to react on the last one.

hhhmmm I hoped for more about Erika. For now I'm mostly reading the Erika parts, if I feel like I missed something important in the future I will go probably back for the other parts, I actually only wanted to get a feel for the story or if I at least like that character.

Is it some sort of unwritten rule to have a huge bunch of pokemon or the trainer and her pokemon there?

9086573 What was the story with Chrysalis and a Ditto?

It'S only the first chapter for now, but that is already nearly enough.

Huh. I honestly thought "lapine" was a valid English word synonymous with "leporine", but nope! It's the name of the rabbit language in Watership Down, and it's French for "female rabbit", but it's not a word in standard English. Today I Learned.

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