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Dramatic Reading for Transient Traditions · 3:24am Aug 21st, 2021

This past December I wrote a story for Jinglemas 2020 for one Melody Song called "Transient Traditions." It's a "short" story about a reluctant Tempest being sent to spend the holidays with Thorax and the changelings.

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Signal Boost: "Sunless" by Korenav · 5:10pm Jul 1st, 2019

Hello, peoples!

I just want to give a quick signal boost and shout-out to a really great story written by my friend Korenav, called Sunless!  

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Signal Boost: "A Lapse in Reason" · 11:03pm Feb 14th, 2019

A really good friend, and an astounding writer, just put out the start of an amazing story called A Lapse of Reason. It's M-rated, so just a warning!

Fleetfoot has never been the romantic type. She's never felt that deep longing for a special somepony in her life — never had time for it either.

Then why does she have a crush, and why is she waking up in bed with him?

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Always Worth Living: Cancellation Notice · 10:05pm May 29th, 2018

No, this isn't some trick. Always Worth Living has been cancelled.

The reason why is simple. The story was written during a part of my life that I am now very, very far away from, and I've grown as a person and a writer since then. In addition, there are pacing issues that I have with the plans of this story.

I'm deeply sorry about this, and I thank everyone who ever gave this story the time of day despite its flaws.

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A Story I Co-Authored · 8:25pm May 21st, 2017

"It's a Start"

It was co-written with Arcitcbrony and took an embarrassing amount of time to write.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a couple overdue chapters to start...

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"Bad Language" Reading I Was Completely Unaware Of · 8:15pm May 26th, 2015

Yes, as some of you might already know, there is a Youtube reading of "Bad Language."

And as the title states, I was completely unaware of this (and if I was properly informed, this blog would've been posted a long time ago), and I only learned of this when I decided to check out the site's updates on statistics.

But, I am nevertheless thrilled that this happened, and I thank Winged T. Spears for doing this.

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Always Worth Living: Added Prologue & Hiatus Explanation · 3:49am Jan 7th, 2015

As you may have noticed, I have added "Falling Strong" to Always Worth Living as the prologue. It's something I've been considering, to help give the story some solidarity, after it was suggested by someone in the comments. And no, I haven't changed anything about it, but that might change very soon.

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Procrastination at Its Finest · 12:00am Sep 30th, 2014

Here I am, on a fanfiction site with possibly millions of stories, ready for my viewing and judgment. I have about eleven stories in my Read Later stash.

And am doing that?

Nope. Sure, I could be clearing out those stories, either moving them to my Faves or removing them from my sight all together. Sure, I could be writing, adding chapters and stories to my shrimpy collection.

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New Story: Pony Playdate · 8:27pm Aug 27th, 2014

After sitting within the confines of my mind for nearly five months, I have finally pushed out the first chapter of a new story I've entitled "Pony Playdate." It is a random/comedy/crossover (which I've also taken the liberty of noting with an AU tag; you'll see why in a moment) simply about a...well, here:

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How Wal-Mart Employees are NOT Brony Friendly (Or at Least the Ones I Run Into) · 2:48pm Jun 16th, 2014

I want to tell you all a story about some things that happened to me a while ago.

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