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"If you want to get better at anything, you have to be able to enjoy being bad at it."


After falling asleep in the bath, Twilight's schedule is ruined and she becomes incredibly stressed--until some of Pinkie's hot chocolate gets to her.

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Damn I wish I had some of that hot chocolate. I can't make it worth a damn, just those packets.

I have never added salt to any of my hot chocolate it sounds so :pinkiesick:
but nice story :pinkiehappy:

It's just a dash of salt, you really don' taste it. The cocoa and sugar COMPLETELY overpower it.

LAWL. Nice short story :pinkiehappy:

I make my hot chocolate like this :pinkiehappy:
first I get a mug, a plastic jug, a spoon, hot chocolate powder, whipped cream, and mini marshmallows and milk.
then you see how much hot chocolate you want to make and pour the milk into the plastic jug and pop it into the microwave until hot.
once it's done I then pour into the mug one quarter of the hot milk and put in two spoonful's of chocolate powder. stir and then pour the rest of the milk in along with two or three spoonful's of chocolate powder.
stir it until the powder is completely gone then use the whipped cream to top the mug and then use the mini marshmallows to place on top of the whipped cream, and lastly sprinkle just a tad amount of chocolate powder and it's done. :pinkiehappy:
but I must say a higher quality hot chocolate powder and higher quality milk make a better hot chocolate if you can prefect it :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

I love simple little stories that indulge in these kind of things. One of the pleasures of life I like to get into that I think would be a good Twi fic would be her staying up super late... So she can experience that beautiful sensation of lying down and sleeping. Doesn't even need to be on purpose, she'd be reading a book or over a desk to the whim hours of the morning. Twilight and relaxing things just make a good combination. Especially for us late night readers. :P

I like it, it was neat and nice. Now excuse me as I twiddle my thumbs at one thirty in the morning wanting sugar. XD

3989418 Yup, us late night readers. But that's the last time I read Cupcakes and Rainbow factory (for the first time ever; I had just heard of them) and watching the 18 minute animation of Cupcakes and music video of what happens in the Rainbow Factory at 3:30 through 5:30 AM. I was super tired that day... :pinkiesick: :ajsleepy:

3965267 More in the 'dash of cinnamon camp' myself. Mmm :raritywink:

Even with the warmer weather here, reading this really makes me want a nice cup of hot chocolate. And a nice, relaxing bath.

Hello. Your review can now be read here on the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group. Nice story.

I feel like there's a joke at the end of this chapter I'm missing. Is there?

This is realy good I'm actually surprised it doesn't have more upvotes.

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