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Sparkler was a hero. For a short moment in time, she could show herself to the world while she helped saving Equestria from doom and destruction. The problem was just that the world didn't see her.

Sparkler was a shadow. She followed other ponies, made sure they were okay and was always there for them when they needed her help. But they never turned around at her. Because what's special about a shadow?

Sparkler was invisible. Always going unnoticed, no matter how much she helped, no matter how often she jumped into the breach for her fellow ponies.

It had always been like this for Sparkler. She was the invisible shadow hero of her world.

Everypony is important. But some heroes aren't meant to be noticed.

A story inspired by "The Ending of the End" from the Season 9 Finale. "Unsung Hero" contains a few references to my story "Aunt Millie", but knowledge about it is not required to understand this story.

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Nicely done! Being praised is always great. Though sometimes, it's better to know that lives were saved, yet not to be unnoticed otherwise, to avoid unnecessary attention.

And I loved Dinky here and how you mentioned your other story


Thank you! Yes, I was glad that I could write a scene with Dinky here and that I could make some references to "Aunt Millie". After the last 3+ years prevented that, you can't imagine how much I'm itching to finally the sequel to "Aunt Millie" that I talked about in 2017 after I finished "Aunt Millie". I almost don't dare to say "It's going to come" anymore, but:

It's going to come.

But it will still be a few months until then even now, with the unexpected delays this year has brought. I am aiming for early 2021 right now. I hope I won't miss.


Thank you! And thank you for becoming my follower, as well! :heart:

It's fine, better late than never


That is true. Thank you for favouriting "Unsung Hero"! :scootangel:

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If your comment is supposed to be a joke because I grayed out Sparkler for the cover, then it's not a good one. And if not, a pony called Triple Diamond does not exist. Neither Derpibooru nor the wiki deliver results for that name. Either way, calling a pony a "recolor" is always horrible.

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That was a good story.


Thanks and thank you for the favourite! :scootangel:

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