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I write books, make indie games, love Pokemon and FIM, and have a Ko-Fi, please give me money. Currently working on: Pokemon InfraRed and UltraViolet.


When yet another human is teleported into Equestria in the guise of an overpowered original character he made up for cheap laughs during his Youtube career, he decides to break tradition and ruin the story he's in as soon as possible.

And all it takes is three little wishes.

A satirical take on power fantasies taken to their logical conclusion.

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When Humanity met Ponykind, things went poorly for Humanity. Ponykind eventually won, but a Unicorn named Prancer blames humanity for every death in the process, and especially for the problems Equestria ran into when the war was over. Surely, humanity's evil nature must have rubbed off on Ponykind! That's the only explanation she's willing to accept. Determined to set things right, she travels back in time, and sets out to solve the problem by turning herself into a magical virus designed to "Take the evil out of Humanity", while making them stronger, smarter, and more magically powerful in the process.

What could possibly go wrong?

Disclaimer: The story's protagonist hates humanity, I do not. If you hate Prancer, or think she's an arrogant prat, it's because you're kind of supposed to. She blames humanity for Equestria's desire to from-a-certain-point-of-view semi-genocide humanity, man, and she decides the best way to fix the solution is to magically "Fix" humanity before Equestria sees it. I don't agree with her views, philosophy, or methodology. Or her quickness to assume that if Ponykind does something she doesn't like, humanity must be to blame. This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any characters, people, or worlds, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Remember, TCB isn't anti-humanity, it's anti-TCB humanity. That particular future version of humanity that destroyed its own planet and has no future. In this setting, choosing to remain a human and die a human would make about as much sense as a human refusing The Doctor's aid, refusing to get into the TARDIS, and choosing to stay on earth and "Die a human" by dying when the earth is swallowed by the sun. Same goes for trying to stop The Doctor, or in this case, Ponykind.

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Man goes to convention dressed as multiple characters at once. Man purchases a Twilight Sparkle mask. Man regrets his decision as he ends up in a Pokemon-filled Equestria as another Twilight Sparkle.

And then, something unexpected happens. And it's not the unexpected thing you've come to expect. Here's a hint: Derpy is involved. Derpy drops a piano on David Clarkson, knocking the memories out of him. David becomes a new mare, taking the pseudonym of Dawn Skystar and the role of Twilight's "Cousin from Manehattan". While Dawn is distracted by her new quest to defeat the Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and Champion while getting closer to her new pony friends for the sake of her new Social Link power, can Twilight uncover the secrets in Dawn's lost memories and the reason why she's here?

Coming Soon: A story arc in which Pokequestria is attacked by a Displaced from another universe, and Dawn learns about the multiverse as she fights to protect her new home.

Open for Crossover and Cameo requests, PM me if interested.

Feedback and comments are welcomed. I want critique and honest opinions: How am I doing, and how can I do better?

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In this world, there are ponies with amazing talent, incredible abilities, and great skill.

Coral is not one of those ponies.

This doesn't change when her family is taken by a birdlike beast beyond her world and imprisoned in a pocket dimension with a limited air supply, or when he gives her an ultimatum: If she enters a dangerous ancient temple legendary in his world for its difficulty, a magical anomaly filled with traps and puzzles that only the pure of heart can enter, and succeeds in taking its treasure and bringing it to him, he will give her family back to her. Besides, it's not like this pony will lose anything when the temple's magic resets her every skill back to the baseline average for a Pegasus upon entry. It's do or die, and she has seven days before her family runs out of air. Can Coral get her family back before it's too late?

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He arrived in Canterlot four years ago with a sack of bits, good eyes, and a greater vision. Now he's the sixth-richest CEO in Canterlot, the third strongest Grandmaster in the Pro Magical Duelling Circuit, and the most handsome, in his personal opinion. But behind the charming smile of this Gentlepony Adventurer lies a dark secret: When not selling enchanted armours or food imported from alternate worlds in his supermarket chains and fast food stores across Equestria, the well-connected, creative, unforgiving and absolutely brilliant Unicorn known as Silver Star has been running a rather profitable side business: Donning disguises and conning the richest, stupidest, and most corrupt monsters around the world and across the multiverse out of everything they own. Sometimes, the Canterlot Police Department, the secret multiverse-mapping "Map Club", and that law firm he bought will pass the cases they deem "Impossible" to him. Other times, he seeks out his own prey, or the wounded and helpless will come to him for aid. The risk, the rush, the thrill of a good plan executed perfectly, or better yet, salvaged despite unforseen complications... It's incredible.

But when even gold loses its lustre, Silver Star - formerly Star Apple - must make new bonds, reconnect with his family, and embrace friendship. But what does it mean when feelings start to appear in a heart he had believed to be beyond even the warmest touch? And when something is traded away... is it possible to get it back?

In the heart of Ponyville, oblivious to the machinations of Canterlot in his absence, as a disaster of his own making prepares to tear Equestria asunder, Silver Star Apple is going to find out.

But those pleasant slice-of-life adventures are put on hold when a new threat to the world rises. 21 magical cards have hidden themselves around Equestria, and the underground Diamond Dog Empire isn't the only group trying to collect them. Gather them all, and none can match your power. Can Silver and his new best friends find them in time?

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