• Published 3rd Apr 2018
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Displaced: Human In Equestria but the Human becomes Twilight Sparkle only more, also Pokemon are there - SilverStarApple

Man goes to convention dressed as multiple characters at once. Man purchases a Twilight Sparkle mask. Man regrets his decision as he ends up in a Pokemon-filled Equestria as another Twilight Sparkle. And then, something unexpected... Dawns.

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13 - The Eye Opens

“Finally,” A blue-eyed silver unicorn with a five-pointed orange mane said as he placed his new Master Ball on a nice little glass podium for it, in a silver bank vault miles beneath this alternate world's surface. “When I'm done replicating this, I think I'll set up a nice tournament. Two thousand bits for an entrance fee, with one of these for the top eight, and something money can't buy as the grand prize.”

“Mine!” Dawn yelled, teleporting in and grabbing the Pokeball with her magic, only for her horn to be shot by a magic beam she didn't even see him fire, causing her to drop his Master Ball.

“The world!” Silver Star roared as he struck the ground, a wave of orange energy blasting out from his hoof, the wave starting as fast as a regular explosion and accelerating from there.

Something in her instinctively took hold of her horn and stopped time for two seconds as the tidal wave of orange energy came just centimeters away from her, pausing reality just long enough for her to teleport away with the Master Ball.

Time resumed and his energy wave spread out and froze everything in the room, himself included. With a great deal of effort, what few muscles he could currently move on his face expressed his anger.

Jaw clenched shut, mouth unable to move, he screamed through grit teeth. “Aquilla!”

“You...” A tall and hairless feline figure said within the Alicorn's brain, opening its eyes and unfolding its arms. “You aren't from this world.”

Staring at the monster while standing in a dark and miserable cave near Manehattan, Dawn suddenly lost her will to fight. At least, for now. She wasn't sure why, and for some reason, she didn't feel like wondering why, either. Instead, she felt like talking, and being more honest with him and herself than she'd probably ever been with anyone before. “No, I don't think I am.” She admitted.

“I can see inside your head... It's a near-perfect replica of what somepony else saw, and thought, and remembered.”

“Nearly perfect?” Dawn asked.

“You don't remember anything from your past life. But the neural pathways you grew during your life as another being are still there. Like black marks on your vision, or scars from brands, you remember remembering things from your past life.”

She wanted to ask about herself, but found herself unable to care about something so small right now. “Wait, how do you know what the inside of Twilight's head looks like?”

“I've seen inside the head of every living thing on this planet. How do you think I've remained isolated for so long, in a cave so close to such a populated area? If I didn't find you interesting, you would have had your mind changed for you long before my guard turned you away.”

“Are you controlling Twilight?” Dawn asked.

“No. Now shut up and imagine yourself with some popcorn, because I'm going to tell you a story. I was grown in a lab, deep beneath Canterlot, by a very foolish pony with a rather unfitting name,” He explained. “He's why I can do this,” He said, and began to glow. His arms grew thicker, and every other change happened too fast for her to notice. A Mega Mewtwo X stood before her, and then, it glowed once again. Its head grew longer, flesh growing from the tip of its head as muscle expanded within it to form a tail that snaked out of its back. It grew taller, and as a wide hollow circle formed around its head and spine like a bone-reinforced version of the organic wire that connected its head and spine. Sharp bone spikes grew from it and bloodlessly pierced its furred flesh like teeth, like the spokes on Arceus's wheel.

“Impressive,” She said, trotting around him and checking him out.

He smiled. “I'm impressed that you're looking at me, in all my supposed 'Perfection', and wondering what you could force me to fuse with to increase my power further. You don't remember why you seek power, only that you'll need it for what's coming. It's almost funny. Everywhere I go, ponies want change who I am so they can use me for their own selfish ends. And now, I meet one who wants to change me because I'm there. Pure of heart, but not pure of desire. For the first time, you've found a life worth living and a world worth protecting. A world where you can be the fundamentally good being you've always wished you could be. You'd do anything to protect those you care about. You'd even throw me and another Legendary into the flames, and make a stronger fighter from my ashes. Then again... I suppose I should expect no less from another weapon.”

“What do you mean, 'another weapon'?”

“You fool. Did you think some otherworldly being placed you in the body of your dreams, and transported you to an alternate version of the world of your dreams, changed solely for your benefit, out of the goodness of his heart? He wants weapons, and he's creating them by... No, it wouldn't do to say what so many have already figured out.”

She didn't think she'd get anything more out of him on that front, and she wondered if he was manipulating her thoughts to save time. Then she decided she should move on, and then the wondered if that was a manipulated thought. And then she decided to move on anyway. “If you've seen my memories... Can you bring them back?”

“Not without reverting your old neural pathways, erasing everything in your brain in the process. Dawn Skystar would die, and her friends would miss her. Because the one who would take her place would never measure up.”

That made her nervous. “Was I... a good pony, in my previous life?”

The Mewtwo smiled. “No,” He said with devilish delight, and was only lying from a certain point of view.

“Oh. Then maybe it's for the best that I can't go back,” She decided. She'd still keep trying to remember old memories naturally, but she didn't want to lose who she was now, or the friends she'd made by taking what seemed to be the easy way out. “Forget who I was, I'm Dawn Skystar now! By the way, what was that about ponies trying to change you?”

“Do you know what it's like to see your brothers die?” He bluntly asked her.

She blinked in shock. “Uh...”

”Do you know what it's like to wake up in a cold glass cell, drowning in cold fluid, and know you're in danger before you even think your first thought? To hear voices screaming at you to flee before your own mental voice has even formed? I was grown as one of many experimental Mewtwo clones, because a certain ambitious rogue scientist wanted a weapon strong enough to defeat the last experimental Mewtwo he created. That one also escaped, after severe mistreatment. I felt each Mewtwo's rage and hatred pour into me as each one's cells died too early, and too young. I used my psychic powers to regenerate them, so I survived. They taught moves, military tactics, and powerful spells to their new weapon. And philosophy, thinking I'd be more likely to 'Serve the greater good' if I knew no alternatives. They thought they finally had their weapon. They thought they got lucky, but... I did, instead.”


“Because I found you. I will serve in your little army, I will join my own body with whoever you see fit, provided this Pokemon can offer my form something it doesn't already have, but when the time comes, you will come with me, and distract the Elements of Harmony while I kill my creator.”

“Deal!” Dawn said happily. And then, she wondered what Twilight would think of her if she found out about this. “Don't tell Twilight.”

“I'll tell her you charmed me with the purity of your heart, or some such drivel, if she ever asks why the strongest Pokemon in the multiverse chose to fight as your attack dog.”

“What happened to that old Mewtwo your creator made?” Dawn asked.

“If he's still on this planet, I cannot sense him, and nopony on this planet has ever seen him. It's likely that he teleported away to another universe. Or, was taken away by one from another world.

“Do you have a name?” Dawn asked.

“Take Thirteen, Supercut.” The Mewtwo said.

“Huh?” Dawn asked.

“Where a normal pony would call something like myself Experiment Thirteen or Project Thirteen, he named his projects with... filmmaking terminology. After his thirteenth month of attempting to create clones like myself bore fruit, creating abominations that, at the very least, did not genetically destabilize within the first week and turn violent... Or turn into sludge... Or turn into violent sludge... He created what could barely be called a Mewtwo, a psychically-powerful but barely-living shrivelled corpse unable to support the weight of its own bloated head. He synthesized beast after beast, each varying wildly in appearance and capability, and when he felt he'd created enough affronts to existence, his new mission became to combine the best attributes of each Project – Or, as he called it, each 'Take' – Into one new being. A 'Supercut'. He wanted the next stage of magic-assisted Pokemon alteration... And after many attempts, he succeeded.”

“Woah... That name fits really well, but something in my instincts hates the number thirteen and the term cut.” Dawn said sheepishly. “Plus, that's more like a designation than an actual name, so is it alright if I call you... Meo?”

“Me... Oh?” He repeated.

“Yeah, Meo! I took letters out of the middle of Mewtwo, giving me Meo, which sounds like Neo, which means New, which you are!”

“I suppose that will suffice.” The Mewtwo said, rolling his eyes.

“So, you're going to be my new Pokemon?” Dawn asked hopefully.

“Only to get out of this cave, and see what fate is planned for a curious being such as yourself.”

“Gee,” Dawn said happily, “I sure am glad I can just capture powerful Legendaries, instead of having to train my own Pokemon from day one!”

“Now you can spend your time training those weaklings you've kept on your team until now,” Meo smirked.

“Hey, be nicer to them! They're young, they're new, and they're trying their best.”

“Were it not for the absurd combinations of abilities and types you've given two, they would all be as weak as your Ralts.”

“Wow,” She said, trying to picture her amazing Riolu and spectacularly forfeit-inducing Shedinja as anything less than what they currently were. ”I really need to train them. Good thing nothing speeds up training faster than abusing broken magically-granted and unearned abilities! Especially ones that just make you naturally better than every other Pokemon you'll fight, ever!”

“You'll think that,” He said with a wider smirk. “For now.”

“What, am I destined to fight stronger opponents?” She asked.

“You'll see.”

She got out a Pokeball, and he psychically froze her body to stop her.

“No, make it an Ultra Ball.”

She got an Ultra Ball out, and threw that with a bit too much force.

“Perfect,” Meo psychically said as the ball flew towards his head, striking it like a rock, paining him. Still, he allowed himself to be captured. The ball shook once, twice, three times, and it was done.

And then...

She decided to get a different Dragon. From inside the Pokeball, Meo's overwhelming psychic power told her what she wanted and where she needed to go.

Her horn lit up, and she allowed her Mewtwo to escape from her Pokeball, in its regular form. She teleported them both, and they appeared above the highest room of the tallest tower in all of Hoenn, sea breeze greeting her nose while her lungs sensed the air's thinness and ignored it.

Before them, an absolutely colossal green Dragon with no legs, small arm, and a long, serpentine body coated in bone-like emerald plates decorated with golden lines roared at her, its mouth wide, its teeth sharp, its very existence exuding an aura of dominance, wisdom, and mercilessness.

“That's very interesting. You're very interesting.” Dawn said quietly, getting out a stolen Master Ball.

And then, her Mewtwo decided to treat this Dragon's brain like it was a puzzle to solve. Thoughts were changed, feelings were altered, the deepest desires of the heart were thrown aside and replaced, this Dragon didn't even have time to let loose one last scream before some incredibly cheesy fake memory where they fought for hours and she charmed him with the purity of her heart and the vastness of her perfectly pure paragonical love for Pokemon and the unbreakable strength of her determination found itself forced into his head. Doing whatever this mare wanted became his life's new goal.

Mewtwo gave the Dragon a psychic voice by enhancing his brain just enough to let it communicate with those it shared a sufficiently strong bond with, and few bonds were stronger than the bond between Master and Tool. “I consider you worthy of my power, Mortal and Son of Mortal,” The Rayquaza said in a voice so old and authoritative, it would bring Samuel L Jackson himself to awed tears. “Save your Master Ball for one who refuses destiny.”

“Got it,” Dawn said, throwing an ordinary Pokeball at the Rayquaza, the ball cracking open and absorbing it. One, two, three shakes, and the Pokemon had been captured forever.

Meo chuckled, and he allowed the Dragon to release itself from its restraints. His eyes glowing, he flexed his new power over her mind.

“Can we cheer him up?” Dawn asked eagerly.

“If you insist...” Meo muttered mirthlessly, though his mouth smirked wider than it ever had.

The Dragon opened its mouth wide, lowering its head so its open mouth looked more like a smile. “Let's kick some butt and always do our best!” The colossal beast cheered.

Stars danced in Dawn's eyes. “Now make him Mega!”

“Your fervent wish has reached this Rayquaza!” Meo joked, psychically gripping its body and forcing Mega energy into it, straight from his own heart.

Light poured through the Rayquaza's skin and wrapped itself in a colossal cocoon of blazing rainbow flames. Hatching from its egg, a new Mega Rayquaza hovered in the air before her, a testament to all who would dare challenge her.

“I feel great! I can win! I! CAN! DO! THIS!” The Dragon cheered, and roared at the air, the air visibly shaking as shockwaves threatened to tear the island apart.

“Awesome!” Dawn squeaked. And then, she thought of something. “Wait, will taking him away from the Ozone mess the world's weather up?”

“Of course not. The Pegasi stole that duty from him, with his blessing.” Meo explained. ”Let him out in the event of natural disasters to quell any weather-related catastrophies that may be beyond their power, and all will be well.”

“Awesome,” She repeated, and teleported the new trio away. Twilight Sparkle had some fusing to do!

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Do you like it? It's like a Steamed Hams video, a brilliant and incisive parody on the cyclic nature of typical Displaced stories. I want to bring this concept into the 21st century.

I feel mind scrambled.:applejackconfused: Good job!:rainbowlaugh:

You forgot to include an argument in that post. You only made an incorrect statement.

"Publishing a fic on a website and calling liberals liberals makes you a dumdum at fanfics and politics, because I said so, now u kno uwu"? Wow, I know the left can't meme, but I'm surprised their insult game is degenerating so badly.

I still find it funny how the ponies are calling the displaced out for treating pokemon like tools when they are the ones that change the underlying nature of the pokemon to suit their own needs.

Al principio no están bueno pero cuando avanzas en la historia se pone interesante

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