• Published 3rd Apr 2018
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Displaced: Human In Equestria but the Human becomes Twilight Sparkle only more, also Pokemon are there - SilverStarApple

Man goes to convention dressed as multiple characters at once. Man purchases a Twilight Sparkle mask. Man regrets his decision as he ends up in a Pokemon-filled Equestria as another Twilight Sparkle. And then, something unexpected... Dawns.

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5 - Don't call it a Mega Evolution

In her own bedroom, on her own bed, Twilight was lying on her back, thinking about the new pony, Dawn. Why would an imitation of herself exist in her world? Was it sent by somepony else, from another dimension? Was it created by somepony in another dimension to attack her or try to destroy this world?

What if, instead, it was sent here to protect her for some reason? What if there was something she had to do soon, and this pony was here to make sure she succeeded?

But who would do that? Could this pony be from the future? Could this be HER, from the future?

No, those altered genes... It had to be a clone of some sort, made by magiscience, rather than regular science. And if somepony had the ability to clone her DNA and modify it at will, why wasn't this pony accompanied by an army of Twilight clones? Did the cloner only have the resources to send one? Or... the opportunity?

Dawn teleported into her room, hooves landing on either side of Twilight's body, her nose's tip pressed against Twilight's, purple eyes staring deep into each other. “Knock knock!” Dawn chirped happily. “Guess who just finished baking a hundred and twenty cupcakes with Pinkie!”

Twilight squirmed out from under the new pony and rolled off the bed, eager to get her personal space back. How had this mare picked up so many of Pinkie's bad habits in such a small period of time, and then taken them even further? “Dawn, that isn't how knocking works.” Twilight said patiently. “You're supposed to appear outside my bedroom, and knock my door.”

“Ok,” Dawn said, teleporting away in a flash of magical white light. “Knock knock!” Her muffled voice called from outside the door.

Twilight rolled her eyes, took in a deep breath, and put on a patient and understanding face. “Come in!” She said.

Dawn teleported again, appearing just an inch away from her face.

“Look what I got!” Dawn said, turning around and pointing her butt in Twilight's face. Then, turning around again and leaning her left side towards the lavender Alicorn. Dawn turned around again and leaned her right side towards the lavender Alicorn, and only then did Twilight realize the mare was showing off her new bone-white vinyl belt.

It looked pretty good, for a bone-white vinyl belt around an otherwise-nude pony's body. Six Pokeballs were already on it, which Twilight was about to ask about when Dawn decided to grab a ball with her horn's white magical glow and toss it into the air, where it clicked open.

Light spilled out onto her bed, pooling into the form of a hollow dark-brown husk, shaped like an acorn, but with two small wings on the side and a white wispy 'holed circle' of smoke floating a few inches above the husk's top, like a Donut. Equestria didn't have religion, so nopony knew what a halo was. Its hollow eyes stared at her with a dead, unblinking and all-seeing stare, and Dawn shoved her grinning face right next to it. “Isn't she cute?” The blue-starred mare asked without even the tiniest hint of irony or sarcasm.

“A Shedinja?” Twilight gasped. ”But how-”

“I caught a Nincada, and trained it for hours, and when it evolved into a Ninjask and Shedinja, I gave the Ninjask away to Fluttershy. Can you make this one Water-type?”

Water-type?” Twilight questioned.

“Yeah, because Water-types are only weak to Electric and Grass attacks!” Dawn said excitedly. “But those types are super common, but nopony will see it coming unless you make Shedinja look like a big blue upside-down raindrop-”

Twilight used her magic to make Shedinja a Water-type, and she made it look like a big ocean-blue upside-down raindrop, the halo becoming a storm cloud, the wings becoming a deep sea-blue, the circular eye-armour segments becoming a whitish pale blue.

“-Just like that. Thanks.” Dawn said, visibly deflating a little, but in a metaphorical sense, as her mane was already straight. And then, she perked up. “Hey, can you make his second ability Volt Absorb?”

“No!” Twilight snapped in disgust. A Pokemon that could ONLY be harmed by a grass attack? Who ran grass offensively? NOPONY ran grass offensively! Unless you had that one Pokemon from Zekko whose ability was like a personal Inverse Battle effect, turning its awful offensive Grass typing into one of the best offensive types possible.

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“Good point. Shedinjas only have one hit point, so healing's useless, which means Motor Drive would be way better! That way, getting hit by electric attacks will make him even faster!” Dawn enthused, missing the point entirely.

“Why Electric attacks?” Twilight asked suspiciously. “Why not ask for Sap Sipper, so your Shedinja will be immune to Grass attacks?”

Dawn leaned in, getting uncomfortably close. “My Riolu has problems controlling his sparks,” She stage-whispered, as if it was a horribly embarassing secret on par with wetting the bed as an adult, rather than the natural consequence of being a young Electric-type Pokemon and having only been an Electric-type Pokemon for less than a few hours. “And if she accidentally zapped WaveOcean and cost us a match, she'd be devastated! She'd never forgive herself! She'd-”

“Fine,” Twilight sighed, her horn lighting up and magicking an extra magic effect into WaveOcean the Shedinja's body. “Wait, 'Wave Ocean'?”

“I think it's a place I've visited... Or, somepony I knew in my past life.” Dawn decided. After all, Wave Ocean would make a nice pony name.

“Wait, if you spent all that time training your new Shedinja... How much did you train your Riolu?”

“Well...” Dawn said, and chuckled nervously. “I trained her from level one to level six on the outskirts of the Everfree Forest.”

“That's good.”

“And then I trained her from level six to level fourteen deeper in the Everfree Forest,”

“That's good.”

“And then I used three Pokeballs trying to catch a Nincada,”

“That's good-ish.”

“And then I trained my Nincada from level nine to level twenty, evolving her into a Shedinja and Ninjask.”

“That's good.”

“And then I trained my Shedinja from level twenty to level thirty even deeper in the Everfree and then we almost lost to a Venipede and I teleported us out of there.”

“That's... wait, what about Raiden?”

“She fainted to that level seventeen Venipede,” Dawn said, “And I didn't know how to heal her so I kept on fighting with my WaveOcean at my side until I got hungry. Then I went into town and looked for Pinkie, and I found her at this big beautiful bakery, and she taught me how to make cupcakes! She sang about it, too.”

“But Nurse Redheart... Wait, 'at your side'?”

“Yeah! I fought Pokemon, my Pokemon fought Pokemon, we both got EXP and levelled up-”

“Ponies don't level up!” Twilight yelled.

“Then why did you evolve when you reached Maximum Happiness?” Dawn asked with a smug catlike smile.

“That wasn't... I can't...” Twilight stammered in bewildered confusion.

Dawn's catlike smile intensified.

“Excuse me for one second,” Twilight said, trotting out of the room.

“Of course!” Dawn chirped happily.

Twilight closed the door behind her, and screamed in rage. Twice. And then she opened the door, and trotted back in. “Well, that was wonderful, a good time was had by all, I- Wait. How do you know about my Coronation?!” Twilight snapped. “You're supposed to have amnesia!”

“I started remembering stuff from your life,” Dawn shrugged. “Only your life, though, not mine, or anypony else's. You know, you spent a lot of time reading. Have you ever thought about dating?”

“Moving on... Ponies don't level up from fighting in Pokemon battles. You're supposed to have your Pokemon fight for you while you stand back and bark orders at it. Using magic to interfere in Pokemon battles is against the rules!”

“No more helping my Pokemon out, got it.” Dawn nodded. “What were you going to say about Nurse Redheart? Also, who is that?”

“Nurse Redheart, the mare at the hospital you woke up in, runs a Pokemon center.” Twilight explained. “Why didn't you just teleport there?”

“Good idea!” Dawn said, and teleported away, leaving Twilight alone.

For a few seconds, Twilight waited.

Dawn's Shedinja, WaveOcean, turned to stare at Twilight.

“You're in the wrong bed, Dawn!” Twilight quietly said to herself in an imitation of Nurse Redheart's voice. “I'm sorry, I'm an amnesiac, so I forgot what a bed is. That's okay, Dawn, follow me, and I'll drop whatever I was doing and take you to the Pokemon healer. Just place your Pokeballs right here.”

Dawn's Shedinja, WaveOcean, continued to stare at Twilight.

Bum, bum, bum-bum buuum!” Twilight softly hummed to herself. “Thank you for healing your Pokemon, we hope to see you again, aaand-”

Dawn teleported onto her bed, a cheerful yellow Riolu riding on her back, leaning forwards with her arms around her neck. “Hello!” Dawn sang cheerfully.

Riolu waved to the Shedinja. “Rio!” She sang cheerfully in the same tone.

The floating blue Shedinja “Bounced” up and down from its spot in the air, spiked and curved lines of happiness appearing above its head, since it was a toon, the thing couldn't move its eyes, and the artist had to express its happiness somehow.

“Riri!” Riolu said with a wide smile, beckoning the Shedinja over with an arm. Curiously, the ocean-blue husk leaned forwards and floated over to the Riolu, and floated at the Electric-type former Fighter's side, staring at Twilight.

“Aw, did you make a new friend?” Dawn cooed, her horn lighting up to create a construct of hard magical light, a construct that looked just like a white copy of her Riolu. She smiled and used its right paw to pet her girl, who purred happily.

Twilight was stunned. “How can you- Wait, you saw me make an Ursa Minor construct,” She realized.

“About that... Can you teach me magic?” Dawn asked.

“You certainly teleported away from me quickly enough, back at Fluttershy's cottage,” Twilight snarked.

“I saw you use that spell, so I could copy it without having to worry about how I'd do it,” Dawn explained.

“Just like me,” Twilight said flatly, not even a little surprised any more.

“Not really,” Dawn explained. “Sure, my magic's as strong as yours – I think – but I don't have any of your practice USING magic. I don't have any experience using magic either. I don't know what the limits are, or what limits I can break safely, or what limits I can only break in emergencies, or what limits I should never even try to break. And I can't make myself go back and remember all that stuff from your memories. I keep remembering dumb facts about 'Mitochronulas's and cells instead. Hey, do you have any super-special spells only you or your family members can use?”

“I don't have any spells restricted to my family, but I can use the Elements of Harmony, and enter my Rainbow Power form.”

“By Mega Evolving!” Dawn said happily.

“I didn't Mega Evolve, I used the power of my bond with my friends to activate a transformation helped by a few special items...” Twilight trailed off, seeing the similarities. “Nevermind. Anyway, something tells me you wouldn't be able to take my place if something... came up.”

“Hey, I'm super friendly, and I know a ton about friendship!” Dawn protested brattily. “You and your friends were nice to me, which means we're best friends, so I'd die for you.”

Twilight gaped for a moment, stunned.

In Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie's tail twitched to the left. Then, her left hindleg twitched, followed by her right leg. None of that was right, which meant somepony in Ponyville just said something awful. Grabbing a strawberry milkshake and downing the whole thing, she spat it all out in a furious geyser of pink liquid. "YOU'D WHAT?!" She gasped.

Back in Twilight's room, the purple Alicorn was ready to speak again. Quietly, she asked the pony in her room, “You'd what?"

From far away, the faint sound of Pinkie Pie yelling could almost be heard. "My reaction was better!" She seemed to shout.

“I'd die for you," Dawn shrugged, as if that was something to casually say to somepony you met less than a few hours ago. "You know, if all our Pokemon were defeated, and there was a massive energy ball coming your way, and we couldn't use our magic or our wings, I'd push you out of the way and get hit for you. I'd die, and you'd live.”

“There's more to friendship than that!” Twilight protested.

“Then can you teach me that, too? Can you teach me friendship, and magic? I already remembered a few of the spells you know, but I don't know how magic works, so I'm reluctant to try them. Could you teach me the basics?”

Twilight's eyes lit up, gaining white sparkles of joy. “You want me to teach you the basics?”

Dawn matched her enthusiasm, her eyes doing the same thing. “I want you to teach me everything!”

Aside from Spike, when he went out to get groceries, no living thing entered or exited that castle for the rest of the day.