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This story is a sequel to The Forgotten Sisters

By chronology, I consider this the first story of the Discord's Master Plan (DMP) Series with TFS as a prequel to the series. This stars Síor as he is the last human on an earth now inhabited by many other sentient beings including ponies. This is his story as he lives through most episodes of the canon (rearranged to better fit set timeline) as well as other events that stray from the episodes.

I have also created a Google Docs versions for each chapter which will be posted in the author's note for the chapter. Keep in mind that I do most of my editing on the Google Docs. As such, they will likely be the most proofread (ie fewer grammatical mistakes).

The tags listed are mainly the ones that are most prominent. Other tags include: Slice of Life, Anthro, and Crossover.

Also, the maturity rating is questionable because I honestly have no idea if it should be Teen or Mature and I don't know if I will ever write any scenes that make it for sure Mature. As it is, I shall keep it at the Teen rating.

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aaaaagh good old human tech :ajsmug: completely useless:ajbemused: funny intro i like it:moustache:

but twas an authors note saying you are not writing one:ajsmug:


3556532 As always in HiE fics.:ajsmug:

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3556881 Out of curiosity, have you read The Forgotten Sisters yet? There's some background in there that's not entirely necessary but would be helpful so you don't get lost. I have tried to explain everything that has happened within the story but there's only so much I can do if you haven't read it yet. But no matter. If you don't want to read it, you don't have to.

3557102 Or is he? Remember that Discord controls the Elements so if Síor really is all of the Elements, it would be because Discord want that to be so. So, what is Discord's plan with Síor? (I'll be honest, I don't even know yet:derpyderp1:)

3557244 Indeed but what purpose does he, and the remaining Cult of Random Shady Nachos I, serve for Discord?:pinkiegasp:

3557398 Yeah, Síor doesn't exactly have the highest respect for Celestia yet, and he probably won't respect her like the ponies do. But he has to assert some amount of dominance in this world, right?

YOU FIXED GILDA. BY CELESTIA's BEARD :pinkiegasp:. ps this is all from my xbox. pc then my comments would be better:ajbemused:

another awsome story :twilightsmile:

1 question tho:rainbowhuh:

how many chapters are u planning 2 make. I hope its at least 30 chapts pls? :pinkiesad2:

Well, sort of. Síor mainly just put her in her place but she still has attitude problems. This will become important later on though.

It will easily be more than 30. I plan to include all of season 1 and a good part of season 2 into Síor's story but he will eventually split off from Ponyville and start to do his own thing. But as you've seen so far, each of the episodes corresponds to at least one chapter (even though I've pushed together Applebuck Season and Bridle Gossip) so yeah, it should be plenty more than 30 chapters.:yay:

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I knew it! When Vischand pulled out the juice cup for Qene and was all like: "Take a seat..."

I screamed, "PRINCESS BRIDE!!"

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As for my compilation of character pov's, I've decided that it will be connected to these stories. basically by the end of it all, there will be a pov for Síor (this story), one for each of the main ponies, one for each of the princesses, one for The Doctor, and finally one for Discord. They will most likely be written in this order, too. That's all for now.

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what.....? did that dip shit just tell his captive that he has a weapon any normal person would try and escape no?

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true...but did twilight not say she was gona experiment on him i mean as a scientist he must know what that leads to but i still see where your going with this keep it up

Well, yes and no. Twilight explained in her letter to Celestia that her experiment was this new spell that supposedly summoned the most dangerous being ever. She never specified what she would do with the creature she summoned and after finding out that Síor was not only sentient but sapient as well, she probably wouldn't do anything dangerous in her experiments, nor would she even if the summoned creature was not sentient.

I'm glad that you're enjoying the story, though.

Well, I hope you can stray from the changeling's invasion. I have already seen enough fanfics with changeling invasions. I don't want anymore of them because it's getting old.:ajsmug:

Well, as I'm sure you've already seen, the story is a pretty close parallel to the canon. The invasion planned is the same one that's supposed to happen during the Canterlot Wedding. I won't say either way if it will happen or not--or what any differences might be--but I will say that you'll probably like the outcome of what happens. However, that won't happen for another 15-18 chapters so you got a ways to go. (In case you were wondering, I have the majority of how each episode is going to be included planned out in the order that makes the most sense, that's how I'm able to give rough estimates of how many chapters away something is).

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The part where he was talking about all the horseshoes technical shizwaz, I was all like; physicist. Applied or theoretical.

Totaly called it.

I guess in a way he kind of portrays both sides of the coin. By profession, he is a theoretical physicist but he practices applied physics as necessary. This is mainly based on myself at the time when I started writing this in the same sense. I wanted to be a theoretical physicist but I also saw the practical uses of applied physics so Síor is like: I choose both! 'Murica!!

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Yes he admitted to having a dagger but he doesn't try escaping mainly because he's in an unfamiliar world filled with unfamiliar creatures. Also, he's not a natural fighter. If you recall, he's a scientist, fighting back is not something he's very skilled at.

Was....was all of that based on the table top game Betrayal at the House on The Hill

By chronology, I consider this the first story of the Discord's Master Plan Series.

Well then when does The Forgotten Sisters take place?

7185218 Yes it was. It was actually a really fun to use Betrayal to write that chapter and it even changed a couple of things I had planned for certain characters so it was definitely interesting.

7500923 I consider TFS as a prequel to the series. It's not necessary to understand the rest of the series but it is definitely worth reading for more information about the story. However, as I write both of these, I might change this to say that TFS is necessary to understand the overarching plot especially in regards to a specific character (if you read carefully, you can probably figure out who it is).

....... A total of 98,192 words - DUDE, you need to teach me (or us, referring to other users) how to write so many words!!! XD XD lol jk, no jk tho

Brilliant work btw!! :D I can fairly understand your point in the book's blurb - "teen or mature?" - for me, I don't mind which - I just read for the content XD lol

Feel free to DM me - Oh, I also have a few other fanfic's on wattpad that could inspire some interesting plots or personalities into this work :P (as well as the fact that they all need more chapters too XD lol)

8119157 If you're enjoying this and would like a bit of background of the historical elements of some of the things mentioned, you should go read The Forgotten Sisters. It is chronologically a prequel to this story (and others of the series, Discord's Master Plan, that I plan to write) and goes a bit more in depth to some of those historical elements. As of right now, it is not a required read for the story but this may change depending on how I end up writing certain parts. Glad you're enjoying it though. :)

Also, when it comes to writing a lot, really the only factor is time. You may have noticed that I started writing this back in 2013. I wrote the prologue and first 10 chapters within a single month but that was only because I was participating in NaNoWriMo. After that, it was only 2 or 3 chapters a month and now I'm lucky if I get a new chapter up within 6 months of the last. I sometimes think it's because I don't want to write but that's not the case. I do want to write all of these fics but it's just hard to find the time to sit down and write. To put it into a little more perspective, I usually take about 3 hours writing a single chapter. That may not seem like much but when you take into account the adulting that I have to do (ie go to work, feed myself, and have a semi-healthy sleep schedule) as well as the small amount of social life that I have finding the time gets hard especially when I often get lazy and do nothing but watch YouTube all evening after work and in some cases even all day when I don't work. I guess what I'm trying to say is that writing just takes time and you just have to find the motivation to take that time out of your busy life and just sit down and write. (As a little aside, the main reason I was even on here to reply to your comment is because this is one of the rare occasions where I actually am sitting down to write. Admittedly I've probably spent more time than necessary writing this comment but that doesn't necessarily mean that I won't also be writing another chapter. Unfortunately, this particular writing session is for TFS so no new chapter on this fic but I do try to alternate so next time, hopefully is less than 6 months, will have a new chapter here.)

:pinkiehappy:Just broke 100,000 words. The hype is real.:pinkiehappy:


No gun...well, this isn't looking promising.


Princess Bride...XD

Worry not, he gets some defenses later on. I noticed that you seem to have started reading rather recently so I just wanted to welcome you to the story. I hope you're enjoying it so far. :)

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