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A sarcastic, insane nerd who has a weird talent for storytelling. I hope you enjoy.


Stand With Equestria: Origin of Harmony's Grand Stand/OC List! · 6:04am May 3rd

Per the request of Sunny Milk, I'm making this blog post to provide a public listing for OCs/Stands that are suggested to me that are not immediately used. This stockpile is of characters and Stands that are suggested, but are not in the chapters that they are in. I can use them forever, and if the situation gets the all-clear from me, the wonderful commenters and readers can also include them in their suggestions.

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And now I have been published:pinkiecrazy:

I've submitted it now!

I've just gotten to 1041 words on my story, it's coming together nicely! Probably the longest piece of creative writing I've enjoyed writing ever. :moustache:

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