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I'm interested in participating for this comment-driven story, but I don't think I have enough experience with Jojo to help with the Stand creation...sorry.

That's perfectly fine, friend!

If you need some help with, Stands are usually named after songs (of which said songs don't necessarily need to exist at that point in time) and usually have strange and mystical powers. They cannot resurrect the dead. That's it.

If that does not help, you can always wait until next chapter for the normal format of CD-Stories to come into effect.

Name: Smooth Criminal
Description: A white and black striped mechanoid with a zoot-suit and top hat. A single eye and no mouth.
Power: Smooth Criminal has the power to make anything it touches intangible. Objects cannot be large objects made up of smaller pieces but instead must be one solid mass. If Smooth Criminal touches a pony, said pony will become intangible along with everything it is wearing say for objects resting in its pockets. When in this state, become immune to damage from almost all forms of attack; blunt objects, gunfire, magical attacks are useless. What's more, ponies can only sink into the ground if an outside force or the stand pulls them down. While the pony may be intangible, the stand is still vulnerable to other stand attacks.
Type: Smooth Criminal is a close range fighting ghost. It is mostly adept to close-quarters fighting with quick punches and using its power in creative ways.

Currently workshooping with a friend about a potential Stand suggestion for the character. Should probably have it done sometime tomorrow.

How much time do we have until the final decision is made?
Ze1a7in and I already got a power and a name for a Stand, and just need to hash out the details of the design, but it's pretty late in the night for both of us right now.

Oh, awesome!

As long as the fic stays Comment Driven, it'll be updated once a week, or at least a week is the time limit. On the (apparently off-chance) this doesn't get enough participation and thus loses it's interactivity and becomes a more normal format, updates may get more sparse or more frequent depending on mood.

Alrighty! I'll keep that schedule in mind.
I think we should be able to finalise the design in that time frame ^^

Will there be a requiem for the stand?

Potentially! As a Comment Driven Story, that's up to the readers. However, I will not allow a Requiem to exist until later on in the story. And as a normal format, I am not sure I want that.

Name: Daft Punk

Appearance: [ DAFT PUNK ] resembles a fit, muscular man wearing Thomas Bangalter’s stage outfit. After it is pierced by the Stand-Creating Arrow, it becomes [ DAFT PUNK REQUIEM ], and its appearance changes to more closely resemble Guy Manuel’s stage outfit.

Power: B>A

Speed: B->A

Range: E->D (2 Meters -> 6 Meters)

Precision: B->A

Durability: C->B

Development Potential: A

Abilities: [ DAFT PUNK ]’s ability is known as [ FASTER STRONGER ]. While in effect, [FS] can exponentially multiply the impact of an action. IE, striking a lighter’s flint will produce an enormous charge of lightning, lighting said lighter may produce a geyser of flame, a single punch may demolish a wall, a thrown baseball will bore through steel, etc. The drawback of this ability is that, although it multiplies the impact of an action, the subject being multiplied also suffers the effect of that impact. As in the case of the lighter example, either action will likely cause the lighter to explode, destroying a wall with a punch will crush the bones in the arm, the baseball will be ground to dust. [DP] can use [FS] on its user, but not itself.

When struck by the Stand-Creating Arrow, [ DAFT PUNK ] becomes [ DAFT PUNK REQUIEM] and gains the ability [ HARDER BETTER ]. While under the influence of [ HARDER BETTER ], an object, person, or animal becomes incredibly resilient and self-sufficient. IE, a pony under the effect of [HB] would only be bruised by a bullet, and could go several days without feeling the slightest hunger or thirst. As with [ FASTER STRONGER ], [ HARDER BETTER ] can be used on the stand’s user, but not the stand itself.

When combined through proper training, both abilities combine into [ HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER ]. [HBFS] can best be described as unlocking the true potential of an object or person, enabling the use of a more powerful [ FASTER STRONGER ] without the risk of self harm.

However, [ DAFT PUNK ] and [ DAFT PUNK REQUIEM] can only affect one subject at a time.

Alrighty! Here's what Ze1a7in and I cooked up:

Name: New Divide

Appearance: New Divide’s appearance is that of a purple and red mechanoid pony. The neck, main body, and forelegs are purple in color, while the back legs and front hooves are red. The head is red, with a vague armored helmet shape and a white metal mask over its mouth and nose. The points where its front and back legs would connect to his body have the appearance of small wheels, which seem to "spin" whenever its Ability activates.

Abilities: The power of New Divide is to fold space between the user and any point within their line of sight. It allows the user to traverse the distance between those points in a single step, regardless of whether they would otherwise be physically able to cross them or not. (for example across an open chasm, up or down the side of a cliff, through a closed window, or an opening too narrow for their body to fit through.)

For attack purposes, this power can be used to fold the distance between the User and their target, extending the effective range of New Divide, but an enemy could in turn reach across this folded space to attack the User as well.

For defensive purposes, the User can fold the space over themselves, causing attacks to 'skip' over them. While space is folded over them like this, the User cannot move or attack outside the area they have folded.

Type: New Divide is a close range fighting Stand, using it's power for battlefield mobility, defense and extended attack range.

I actually saw a similar [STAND] in a story on FanFiction, although the ability was [ONE MORE TIME], allowing the user to rewind time, but with a cooldown of twice the amount of time that was rewound. I don't know about the requiem, as it was never mentioned.

Still, I'm all for [DAFT PUNK] being a thing!

I... honestly don't have much in the way of imagination for [STANDS], but my previous comment shows my opinion. Still, I'm following! See ya next week!

Name -Dromanza
A black furred diamond dog, age is 2100 yrs old standing at 6'10 with golden pupils and silver teeth. wields a short one-handed warhammer, wears only a silver chestplate and helmet.
powers- can create a shield of light to deflect magic and physical weapons, does block movement.

That's....not a Stand, sorry. That's an OC.

stand name - ENDLESS DEBT

appearance - unicorn, golden yellow eyes, white coat and black mane and tail (mane and tail look overly neat and tidy) with a purple tuxedo (just the up-er half though). cutie mark that you see is a pair of dice that landed as snake eyes.

abilities - endless debt can borrow good luck from anyone or anything; making them and their user increasingly harder for bad things to happen to them but they must pay back their good fortune with interest within 24 hours. the more they take the interest exponentially increases

in a fight endless debt will through cards, dice, and other things used for gambling at their opponent, which can explode, electrocute, burn, freeze, or cut like razer blades (or if they are REALLY unlucky at the time it won't do anything) (which one happens depends on what they need, and how lucky they are at the moment).

for defense endless debt would normally rely on it's increased luck for their opponents to miss or trip or something, but for when that's not plausible they can do a short ranged teleport (i.e. they explode into cards and reappear in a puff of smoke)

type: if it isn't obvious endless debt is a long range stand and doesn't do well up close

So the folding aspect is similar in nature to the effect of Kira’s father’s stand to people outside the photograph?

In the way Okuyasu's and Koichi's bodies skipped over the interior of the photographed space and simply came out on the other side?
Yeah, pretty much like that.

It creases up and folds in, like crumpling and creasing a sheet of paper for an airplane. Rocks move out of the way, grass gets taken in with the folding, and your whole theory on it being just a product of your mind is branded on the flank when you see ponies reacting to this phenomenon by backing away with confusion in their eyes. Just as soon as it started, it stops, and only about three feet away, separated by creased terrain, was the entrance to Ponyville Hospital.

That's an interesting interpretation of folding space! Literal folding!

And this story kicks off with the Return of Harmony? Interesting...

In response to

What are you going to do?

I say: test the capabilities of this "spirit" somewhere on the outskirts of town, and in doing so, "warp reality" enough to attract the notice of a certain mismatched Spirit.

What do you do?...

Investigate the source of the chocolate rain, see what the heck is going on and maybe see if you can find some answers to what is going on.

my vote is along the lines of Gold Experiences vote but with the addition of looking for Twilight; my in universe explanation for this is that he already was going to go talk to her about the arrow, so asking about this wouldn't be out the question, but personally I just want them to be swept up into the shenanigans the mane six are about to be apart of

I believe he was actually going to the hospital, not Twilight.

reread chapter one real quick it clearly said they where heading for Twilight before they got hurt

He was intending to head for the library specifically. Twi was almost an afterthought. And then after he got pricked by the arrow, he changed his destination to the hospital.

whatever he still knows of her and that's all my reasoning needs :ajbemused:


Now that we're on normal Comment Driven format, it's not a vote anymore. Everyone in the comments section can have a stake in the events. Just FYI.

Are "We" going to be the only pony with a stand in this fic? At least for the time being or will Twilight and her friends have/get stands?

There will be other Stand-users. Some friendly, some enemies. Some canon, some OCs.

Remember, this is a comment driven story. Which ponies and which Stands is, for right now, up to you unless you want to leave that to me.

What do you do?...

I say we head for the library to see if it has information on what is going on or if it has any information on stands. Otherwise, go and see what the stand is capable of doing.
Also go and pick up that arrow, it’s probably best to not leave such a thing lying around.

oh yeah that's still there isn't? yeah, best to go get it before it causes some trouble

What do you want to do?

Considering that we are now in the presence of someone who not only knows what we found, but potentially has information about it, I think it would be a good idea to ask what the deal with the Arrow is. And if Discord isn't immediately forthcoming with that knowledge, try to strike a deal for it.

Don’t go directly with whatever he tells you. Pinkie can see your Stand. Fact check Discord with her when all this blows over.

on top of asking the obvious questions like "what's a Stand" "what is the arrows deal is" and "are there other types of Stands" we should probably get on Discords good side too (and since its Discord the best way of doing so would be to stroke his ego) with any luck we could end up reforming him early
but on the off chance Discord asks us to help him with his plans we should gently but firmly say no; don't want any jail time do we?
edit: also he mentioned his "pop corn" as something magical (which if memory serves that's the vines that attack the tree of harmony later) maybe add that to the list of questions after we get him buttered up

"What do you want to do?"

Keep him at arms length. If things get too suspicious, use New Divide to get the hell out of there. If he has answers, then its best to hear him out but not trust him.

Also, since Discord knows what a Stand is and it may be possible he has one as well, I vote to have him call it "Dazed and Confused" or DC for short. And if the same extends to the Mane Six, i've got this idea that maybe the Elements of Harmony grant the users a stand as well.

I've never watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure but from my understanding a stand is an extension of your soul/spirit and Discord is a spirit of chaos and disharmony so wouldn't it be possible that he can see Stands just because he is something close to a Stand already?

Hm, that is true. The stand is indeed a manifestation of the Psyche and one's fighting spirit. It could be possible that Discord is infact a stand with its own free will and no longer needs a host, kind of like the Stand "Cheap Trick".

What do you want to do?

I feel that we should ask "wait, did you say that you stole from the princess?" Cause that is a petty big deal.
Also if this is our phantom blood, does that mean we’re gonna get vampires?

I think that may have just been pinkie being pinkie and that she can’t actually see our stand. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if she could.

But here’s the thing. Pinkie being Pinkie could very well be Pinkie has a Stand.

So uh...kinda wanna test the range of the folding space ability now. It is supposed to be any point within line of sight, and we have a clear line of sight to Canterlot. This whole situation is above our pay grade, so might as well try and speak with the Princesses about it. Who knows, Celestia or Luna might have Stands of their own!

Cloverleaf: I've never watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure but from my understanding a stand is an extension of your soul/spirit and Discord is a spirit of chaos and disharmony so wouldn't it be possible that he can see Stands just because he is something close to a Stand already?

Cloverleaf? that was me who said that...

leaving you with a clear line of sight to Canterlot at the mountain site

okay now I want to see if New Divide could get us all the way to Canterlot from here... buck it, we need to warn the princesses anyway, let's do it!

We need to get to Canterlot and warn the Princesses immediately. They need to know about Discord, and Stands too, if they don’t already. No time for a train, NEW DIVIDE!

Oop! Sorry, I was relying on my memory for who wrote that comment. Shame my memory is *garbage.* I'll edit that.

We should warn the princesses and use the opportunity to fact check Discord’s answers. If anything tries to stop us either use new divide to simply fold past them or knock them out of the way. Also make sure we bring the arrow with us.

An Audience with the Princess(es), huh? What are you gonna do with that?

Tell the Princesses that Discord spoke to us, but deliberately leave the exact reason he did so vague. At least at first.

Any other suggestions I could make would be dependent on how the Princesses react.

However this goes, it’s probably for the best if Celestia or Luna possess the arrow. Don’t fight if they demand it.

no reason to deviate from the plan we had when coming here; let them know about our conversation with Discord, telling them anything that could help them deal with him, and ask them if they could verify what he said about Stands, if they can great, if not, a little worrying but no reason to immediately dismiss what he said just yet.

Discord has already stolen from them once, who's to say he won't again? sure we as the audience know that Celestia either already has a spell that stops Discord from just taking things or more likely will get one eventually, but we as Shooting Star we sure as hell don't, but yeah if they ask for it, it would be a little stupid to say no

Stand Name: Radioactive
Stand Ability: Light Manipulation, it can distort photons and increase and decrease the energy of light waves

Short Range Stand

Range:D (2-5 Meters)
Current Development Potential:A

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