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While I have not read it completely, as I honestly do not have the present motivation to do so, I must say that so far, the story is interesting, and really good for a first story. My first story was a horrible Middle School attempt of working with a group of 4 friends(me included), and yours is better.

I will definitely get back to this story soon, so keep up the good work my man!

Have a blessed one!

8105282 Wow, thank you! While this is my first published story, my first real fanfic was a RWBY one-shot I made for the show's subreddit. Still, this counts as my first public story. Making my first story a comment driven one is a bit of a gamble, but people seem to like it so far, and it's only just gone up.


Heh. That one-shot was likely better than my attempt at a RWBY Story, trying to insert my character into the canonical timeline, befriending Juan(I never figured out how to spell his name) when they were coming to Beacon, and as far as I got was the end of that interaction.

Also, you are welcome my man. I just tried to start a new story myself based off SAO, if you want to offer any advice or the like on it. My writings are typically garbage, so perhaps we could both offer some input for each other(even though I am not new to writing at all, just bad at it).

Speaking of Comment-driven stories, I have not really found a solely comment-driven story throughout my years of reading Fimfiction, so the idea is intriguing to me. A gamble, sure, but an interesting one to connect with your viewers. I will say, however, that without a present fanbase to work with, you may not have much participation. Because of that, you may want to plan on how to continue regardless of participation.

"Comment Driven", huh?

I didn't think another one of these popped up. Well, hopefully this too will be fun. The writing on its own is pretty impressive for a first story. Sort of ambitious, too, considering the task this type of story implies. I figure it may be hard to mesh things together into coherent form. Then again, the participation this story format encourages may swiftly spark activity.

Good luck on your endeavor! And happy writings! :pinkiehappy:

Them King Sombra vibes tho.


Is it a coincidence that Lombado suddenly made its appearance upon having his existence discovered? As Twilight made a brief skim through the book, she discovers that the creature is theorized to have an extreme reaction to "Lombado". Exactly how or why, whether or not it is its name, is never clarified.

8105368 Sure! I'll check it out later. Also, if there isn't much participation, I do have an idea of where to take it. If I do get participation, then that plan won't come for obvious reasons, but it's a safeguard. Also, I can think of two other stories, which I'll list in the AN for Chapter 2.

8105374 Here's hoping it's the latter, though I do have a plan for the former. Also, thank you!

Well sir, you have caught my attention.

I never really read stories on this site as I've kind of grown away from a lot of things MLP and now I'm mostly here for the people, but with this introduction and with the story being driven by the comments section, it is a magnet that wants me to keep reading. I do enjoy the intro and am hyped for the future of this.

And while I unfortunately can't give you any real advice on writing, as I have very little experience myself, I will continue to follow this story and maybe make some very minor corrections that really bother my OCD, but chances are I won't considering that how well it looks already.

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