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I am Coming Back! · 5:36am May 28th

Okay, it's been two more months, but I have made more progress. The newest chapter should be done soon! I just got on new Anxiety medication and it threw me off. Sorry. But yes, Stand for Equestria will be returning shortly, thanks for y'all's patience.

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I Wanna Come Back · 1:21pm March 15th

So...five months since I updated Stand For Equestria...that's not good.

I'm not cancelling it! Hell, I have made progress on next chapter between last chapter and now, working on it's still good.

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Sorry For the Wait! · 4:17pm Aug 19th, 2019

Damn, more than a month since the last update of "Stand for Equestria."

I'm sorry! I haven't abandoned the story or cancelled it or put it on hiatus. I just have...a lot of projects, interpersonal drama, and a tendency to lose focus, interest, or just track of time between updates. I'll do my best to get the latest chapter done soon-ish, and if people are still genuinely interested in reading after the long wait, I'll knuckle-down and start getting updates out faster.

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Stand With Equestria: Origin of Harmony's Grand Stand/OC List! · 6:04am May 3rd, 2019

Per the request of Sunny Milk, I'm making this blog post to provide a public listing for OCs/Stands that are suggested to me that are not immediately used. This stockpile is of characters and Stands that are suggested, but are not in the chapters that they are in. I can use them forever, and if the situation gets the all-clear from me, the wonderful commenters and readers can also include them in their suggestions.

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Status of "The Lonesome Corner" and a New Story. · 2:12pm Jul 20th, 2017

Good morning/evening, dear readers. This is mostly to anyone who has liked or is following the "Lonesome Corner" story. As a lot of you know, the story has gone without an update for...a few months? I think? There are two main reasons for that.

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