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Behold to all, I am the ruler of Equestria! Reality is an illusion, Celestia and Luna are holograms, and I'm the true ruler. BYE!


I just can't believe it. First, my plans for universe domination are foiled by that stupid plumber, and the next thing I knew, the universe died and is reborn. And worse of all, I'm the only survivor. No one else but me lurked in the vacuum of space. I know, I'm the kings awesome, but this is too awesome.

Billions of years could really change you, but who do I care, I was dormant all that time, but I woke up to find myself in a crater that I made when crashing into a planet of talking multi-colored horses practically live off friendship, and I'm very hungry. Couldn't I at least crashed into a world that's worth mentioning here.

And yes, I'm Bowser, and I could not believe in all my life that all this trouble started with the Big Bang.

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Is this a Displaced story?

Definitely has potential. I'll be watching!

Oh, baby. I did pretty good.

this will be good. please keep it up.


No one else but me lurked in the vacuum of space. I know, I'm the kings awesome, but this is too awesome.

How is that awesome?

Not bad, curious how you'll take it.🤔

Kinda just popped into my head over here.

I honestly really hope that Bowser Jr survived the reset as well. That's liable to be an emotional reunion.

Well, what is your thought on this chapter.

Sooner than I expected, I made my recovery and was out of the hospital in no time. Apparently, Princess Twinkle Sprinkle or whoever she's called is letting me stay at her castle for now. This "Ponyville" that the hospital was set in was too happy for my taste. I could have sworn that there were heart signs everywhere I look. And just like the hospital, everybody was staring. My world was dead before I can rule it, so this world would have to do.

Princess Twinkle Sprinkle

Is that a reference I spy?

its okay a little fast paced for me but over all 9/10

thank you bowser for pointing stuff out for others. :ajbemused::facehoof:

I feel sorry for bowser right now. he has no one to talk to or friends from his place to hang around with.:fluttercry::applecry:

Even his son's nowhere to be found, so there's a very real possibility that Bowser Jr is gone too...

It's been extremely hard on him, there's no one from the previous universe, even his favorite child's nowhere to be found, as Rosalina and the Lumas died during the reset, and Bowser, well, he fell dormant for 13.7 billion long years to awaken in a world he did not want to be in. Though if his son did survive, it would be a happy reunion, indeed.

But, what if he landed in another generation of MLP, that's the question. H̶̪͒e̴͖͊̍ẻ̷̠̈́h̷̡͝e̵͎͛͂ḙ̴̺̃h̷͈͙̜̰͛e̶̲͎̞̍̔ě̵͔̊h̶̭̋̉́̿ͅe̸̼͚̿͌̑e̶͎̲͝h̸̲͚̗̜̣̝̄͘͝e̷̛̞͉̽͊͆̔̾͋̐̀̏͜ë̶̲̑͑̄͋̈́̾̓̚ͅẖ̶͙͉̜̝͍͙͐̿̆̏̇̄̀̈͝ȩ̸̞̺̥̭͂̉̒̓̀̾́̈͛̈͑ͅḛ̵͍͈̬͎̳̤̫̞͌.̷̬̦̼̋̑̂̉͒̀.̶̣̼̠͎͍̖̦̺̪̔͊͒ͅ.̷̤͇͇̗̳͗̋̓͑̿

Seriously, in all opinions, I think I did a great job on this story, don't you?

I do, I just really like Bowser Jr as a character.

yah. that's even more sad.

No, it isn't. This is Bowser himself, not some human turned into Bowser. But it's okay to ask.

bowser...... dude.......... when dealing with pinkie pie you can kiss you're sanity good bye.

I can only hope that's actually them, come to find him.... maybe he'll find Jr. Too. GOD IT STILL MAKES ME SAD.

This Bowser is apparently aware of the events of the Olympic Games and the Super Smash Bros tournaments if he can remember the skating rink and Pinkie’s wild Pokemon encounter.

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