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Equestria have just repelled the Changeling Invasion and Chrysalis is reeling over her loss. With the nation at high alert and the guard mobilized. The Royal sisters are preparing for what appears to be war with the Changelings, but unbenkownst to them, far across the lunar seas, a certain Western European nation was transported from our world to theirs. Whether the ponies like it or not, the arrival of this nation is definitely going to change their entire lives. (Currently undergoing a major rewrite)

(A serious France in Equestria ISOT. Because the US is too OP and the UK is too bland)

(This is my first fic ever, constructive criticism will be met with open arms :twilightsmile:)

Shout out to Silentwoodfire for proofreading my chapters, thanks man

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Great story so far! A few errors here and there, but a beautiful story for your first. I look forward to more updates in (hopefully) the near future.

as someone who has lived in the us his whole life i can say that the us is definitely op and somewhat retarded which is why i'm leaving this country as soon as i have the means to

6622172 We only really became "OP" with the creation on the atomic bomb, and our involvement with the 2nd world war, but then again, isn't that when everyone became "OP"?
Though with our current government setup and policies, I think "OP" might be too generous. Mildly powerful might be a better term. Especially considering most of our military isn't even stationed in the country.

like yours is better than mine, ok then I would try to make my better.

France to Equestria's home world? Looks promising.

Put it in the Read Later for now.

You're right, America is overpowered!


Care to point it out? I'm going to do a LOT of edits in the future

Man this is a great story. :pinkiehappy:

U.S is always as O.P as the power of friendship, the U.K might be to bland ( I don't know squiddly squat about them apart from the SAS, scones are good). Are you sure France will be able to defend itself from docile, pacifist, love thirsty ponies? Don't mind me, just filling in the gap marked "Anonymous Internet Asshole".


I know this is a joke but i'll just add a simple rebuttal to all the Internet posters who thinks the UK and US stronk and France weak.

French Foreign Legion

'nuff said

Comment posted by Teh_Naim deleted Jul 29th, 2018

put in scandinavia... it would be quite a blend



can you please make the format more compact next time and don't post the whole story in the comments?

Yes! An ISOT story! These are absolutely delicious! Have a Read Later boi.

Equestria has just repelled the Changeling Invasion and Chrysalis is reeling over her loss. With the nation at high alert and the guard mobilized, The Royal Sisters are preparing for what appears to be war with the Changelings. But unbeknownst to them, far across the lunar seas, a certain Western European nation was transported from our world to theirs, and whether the ponies like it or not, the arrival of this nation is definitely going to change their entire lives.

(A serious France in Equestria ISOT. Because the US is too OP and the UK is too bland).

(This is my first fic ever, constructive criticism will be met with open arms :twilightsmile:)

Revision of description.

Man I love this story. Keep up the great work.:heart::pinkiehappy:

It is very interesting to see a ISOT story, and it is developing interesting (following the ISOT rules about satellites, armed forces and so on).

I liked that you kept Celestia as a genuinely caring ruler, trying her best for her subjects and I hope that the fic did not fall in the trap of Celestia and Luna being deposed

I wonder: did CERN and the LHC come with the ISOT? After all the laboratory was installed between France and Switzerland...

One thing: although France had the initial technological advantage, I think that it would be more interesting if at long term France and Equestria become equal partners, rather than one dominating the other... after all, Equestrian magic could be really useful (Earth Pony magic for improved agriculture, Pegasi magic for weather control...).
Both sides would win with as allies.

Also, a bit of culture shock would be nice - how the French government and the population would react to the fact that the leaders of their ally actually raise the Sun and the Moon? :derpyderp2:

And will the Mane 6 participate more of the events? Twilight would love read about human science (and CERN), and Rarity would love the French capital.


Hey JFalk, thanks for your concerns and questions. I'll try to answer them accordingly

Regarding Celestia and Luna being deposed: HELL NO, Celestia and Luna being deposed would be one of the stupidest things the Ponies would do, you don't just depose a ruler that has ruled a very prosperous country for 1000 years in an instant.

the entire CERN and the LHC was not brought in the ISOT, but i'm not planning to cover scientific institutions yet. Magical research will be a new field of science eventually, it's just the situation right now is so fluid both French owned labs and CERN labs are ordered to halt future projects and continue with their existing ones only.

Oh Equestria will become more powerful by it's own right no doubt, but i'm planning for France to be the dominant power in this relationship.......like the US and UK/Japan

Regarding the Sun and Moon.

as for the mane 6, congratulations for your most accurate prediction, a Mane 6-Daring Do-French delegation triangle is on the next chapter........and now you've given me an idea about Rarity meeting French designers.

Enjoyable story so far looking forward to reading more. I have spotted some gammer errors and little stuff like that. I wish there was more story's like this on fimfiction

Interesting chapter, the culture shock of the Mane 6 was very understable. I just wish that we can see some culture shock from the part of the French delegation too.


Well, the French already have their own culture shock partly because of Daring Do's expose on Equestria during her stay in France. I know I didn't really cover that event in detail, but suffice to say the French delegation did have a 'fun' time hearing Daring Do say stuff like weather manipulation, magic and other stuff as well during their journey to Vanhoover. That's why the French delegation has a more.....calm demeanor when they eventually reach Equestria and Twilight's well....Twilight.

6629874 Fair enough. It would be nice to see it in a later flashback. :raritywink:

6629747 I've noticed some 'grammar' errors too... Though, not in the story....

looking forward to tye hext chapter

Why is Equestria so backward? Even in the show they are seen to know cannons, the concept of tanks, some serious airships. Shouldn't the Equestria military have more gear ( At a WW1 technology level)

6636146 note that 1000 years of peace means they wont have a real military... mostly a guard force meant to keep the peace and in the event of hostilities begin conscription if they dont get enough recruits/voulenteers. basically a core of well trained and disciplined forces meant to shape up the massive amount of fresh troops they would need... even then military spending must have been abysmal. no experienced generals either really... and i doubt they have guns. Cannons mayby but nothing they can hold and even then its a question if the ever saw the need to make cannons for war. also do they have gunpowder or an equivalent. and one more thing Magic is pretty powerful and versatile against anyone using melee weapons, because they can just blast you, but if nobody is trained in using it in an offensive role then tough luck teaching new recruits how to do it in a short amount of time.


I would also like to add that Pinkie's party cannon is probably powered by air pressure and not gunpowder, and yeah 1000 years of peace doesn't do your military any good. Especially for a country without a dedicated officer's corps (Really all we see is Shining Armour and Spitfire.....I wouldn't call that a large officer pool by any means)

Well there is Celestia and Luna but still. Not enough good generals to go around.

I'm all for terrorist groups being taken out. Vive La Belle France!

You might think about changing the name to Liberte Equestria Fraternite.

As to the effectiveness of the military, I've heard it called "The Peace Disease". Basically, on a battlefield all that matters is "Can you win?" but in peacetime other considerations become more important in selecting officers. I remember Heinlein said "The most expensive luxury in the world is the 2nd best military. The one that is good -but not good enough to win" (ICR, probably either Space Cadet or Starship Troopers)

6636146 I would also like to point out that having access to cannons doesn't equal access to muskets let alone rifles. Remember that originally cannons were ment to knock down castle walls and not for the bombardment of infantry formations. So it's entirely possible to have cannons and still use swords and spears.

What the heck is an ASB? I think I've seen a similar premise, but the other story that I know of involves the Crystal Empire in Earth.


Alien Space Bats, a term used by alternate history nerds classifying a story where a country is ripped apart from our reality/universe into another universe.

6638826 Ah, so that's what it meant. Been trying to figure that out when reading reviews for 1648.

6638826 In that case, this is the second ASB I've read.

Nice fic!
Here are some suggestions when things cool down :
- Twilight and Rarity going to the Louvres museum,
- Rainbow racing a fighter airplane,
- Pinkie watching some good french comedy movies.

thanks black hoof. I'll take it to consideration when i'm writing the 2016 part of the fic.

This is by far the best and the most interesting story i ever read.Keep it up:twilightsmile:

You have a good hook to keep readers attention, grammar needs work though, decent amount of detail as well.

You have good work so far, but I would say to find a editor and a pre-reader or two to help iron things out.

First question I would be thinking before boarding any Equestrian airship. "Um, this is filled with helium right......right?"

of course not! Hydrogen is a much better gas for lifting airships human! why we trust it so much ALL of our airships are filled with it. It has really good properties and is capable of lifting a lot of weight as well!! win-win right?

Human: uhhhh

I absolutely LOVE this story.Keep up the updates:twilightsmile:

6652397 OH THE HUMANITY !!! LOL OR IS PONYITY I dunno .......so update 2day? maybe that countess singer pony doing a tour in france i mean celeb ponies in this story would be awesome....

hope to see more ...will twilight be in this again? she is the princess of friendship im curious if the other elements of harmony will have a polictal role or any role regarding their powers

Magical gauntlet?Humans are about to be very popular among those without thumbs.

so far i am not disappointed but i want to know why you choosed france for this fic

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