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not much to me, im your ultra nerd and geek. i work with technology for a living and a hobby. i do hope to try my hand at writing something for this site but thats a long time coming soooo.......


The earth is gone, but humans are not. Launched 20 million years ago, the humans of the Interstellar fleet Avalon Earth have finally made it to their destination. But what awaits them upon the planets surface is beyond what they ever imagined.
Follow along as they make history for all sapient life. Will the residents of Equis find a new friend or will it all devolve into war?

This is my first ever story. Please give feedback and let me know how I'm doing. But know not to expect any kind of an update schedule. My life is crazy right now, but i just had to write this idea.
Edited by Ullar and Dinova0610
Currently Teen. May later change to Mature for battles or the like.

I'm going to put this out there so it will help clarify things. In this alternate universe Equestria girls never happened. season 4 is not done yet so no tirek yet. Some other events have happened while more did not.

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hmmm. interesting, but not something that hasn't been done before. hopefully this will be good. watching for now.

Not bd story, though some of the numbers are bit way high, like 3 million year journey not impossible, but few factors there
-they could increase ship speeds over time so the travel is not that long
-the sheer population which requires resources, at the start of the mission Earth was sure in a bad shape already, meaning in fights and lack of materials to send out a ship with a carrying capacity of 3 million, for such move would need multiplay colonies in space already as likely mars and europa to supply the raw materials alone

Faved and tracking ;)

No problens except make the chapters at over a thousand words.

More words please! And just throw a sun at them!

In 20 million years we probably wouldn't even be humans anymore. I don't think any human civilizations have lasted more than a few thousand years.

The time period may make sense in terms of getting to Equestria at sub-light speeds, but from a "recognizable humans" perspective it's almost nonsensical. That's not the period of time you have one or two famous conflicts before a recent unification, that's a period of time to generate a history so massive that Earth history and culture is meaningless. In even a few hundred years no one would care about anything but their spaceships as home. In a few thousand Earth would probably just be a vague historical detail. I can't even guess what Earth or having a planet home would mean to them in a few million.

What would 20 million years of scientific progress even look like? If a destination could have been determined prior to the start of the voyage, then surely in the millions of years they would find countless other planets to check out, and the technology to analyze their destinations long before they got there. If understanding and using the "nanobots" found in Equestria was doable then surely in millions of years they would have invented such things on their own. I like to look at Asimov's The Last Question for an idea of what humanity might look at in millions of years; at each stage of the story they are less and less recognizable, and the problems (except the "last question") are very different, clearly having made the previous era's problems meaningless at some point.

6565809 Actually the ships can only go so fast due to physics. I am going by the current fact that the speed of light is a constant and nothing can break it. As for resources, just wait and see. That one will be explained in the future.Also, the evolution of man has indeed happened but not in the way you might think. :rainbowdetermined2: You will just have to wait for that as well.
6566208 Actually finding new habitable planets is a lot harder than you might think, especially while on the move. Scientists currently use massive telescopes to look at stars and watch for that single moment when they "blink". This indicates that something has moved in front of that star. They then go about focusing on what is orbiting that star to find the number, size, E.S.I. (Earth Similarity Index), and distance of said new found celestial bodies. However this will often take a stationary or slow moving object, like the Earth, as to receive the input back correctly. Finding more planets would be even harder at just shy of the speed of light. While it may ruin some things for you (so if you don't like spoilers even for the science explained don't do this) I would suggest researching Kepler-452b.
But no matter what, I am so happy that you all gave my story a try! I hope you enjoy it as it progresses.

I like it. :twilightsmile:

I hope the dialog gets fleshed out more with longer chapters. :)

Three million generations (of humans) would be about 75 million years, actually. They've been generation-shipping all this time? :derpyderp2:

Ha! I've always enjoyed the idea of magic-as-environmental-nanotech; nice to see it showing up here. :twilightsmile:

Very cool and ambitious!

Defenitely has a lot of potential, but I suggest going over it a couple times with an editor or just to add details.
Dialogue that includes things beyond the plotwould add a sence of...realism~
Im gonna hold off on any major crituque and let you tell the story you wanna tell. Then I'll give you a full diagnosis

6568731 thanks! glad you are liking it thus far. i will be going over it with a fine tooth combs soon but im not the best and my pals that are are not always available. the editing of each chapter will depend alot on when i can get in contact with them. so expect older chapter to be better both grammatically and with their spelling. but any mistakes you see and want to point out, please leave a chapter and where in the structure i screwed up, along with what i need to fix. pm me or just leave a comment on the chapter.

Well it's all about the average age they start generation replacing. We have noticed that in most countries, couples are having children later on, if at all. This is caused by different factors eg, education, contraceptives, fears of overpopulation.

Though these are space humans 20 million years on in a fanfiction based on cute talking pastle ponies so throw all logic, sanity and spare undies out the airlock!

Though let's see here...
3,000,000 divided by 20,000,000 equals 0.15
Well that can't be right
20,000,000 divided by 3,000,000 equals 6.66
Well that is just plain spooky

Though still there is not enough time to replace generations with humans past the puberty stage, so what the hell is this!? Some sorta dystopian future where humans are facing off against hyper genetically modified humans and we need to replenish the human numbers by any means necessary in a battle of genetic superiority?

Still, this looks awesome. I'm gonna hold out for (In a nice way though) transforming space jet mechs

6568974 You will both understand in due time.
6566977 just wait you will understand soon enough.


Fair enough, I'm going by the modern assumption of 'generation', but maybe these are freaky Future Generations™. :rainbowlaugh:

6568893 At least your getting your story up
Thats good :raritywink:

6571822 yep. she is sometimes just a little to curious isn't she :rainbowdetermined2:

Well she did get a good close look :twilightblush:

Looks like Twilight has now got a half melted human in her hands.

Well then. That turned out MUCH better than MY first fic.


By that, I mean you're a better writer than me. :P

Yo, human, I heard you like rescuing so I rescued you while you were rescuing me... :rainbowlaugh:

Sgt. Valencio's cyborg parts are melting? Who knew alicorns were so... heat-resistant. :twilightsmile:

6572387 well it wont be muck of a spoiler so here's this (if the heat from the reentry and rockets was enough to start slagging a nano -carbon/steel alloy frame, what do you think it did to horse hide.) you will just have to wait to see how they survived though.

6572478 Yeah but it's maaaaaagic horse hide! :rainbowlaugh:

I hope she's not too cooked... :pinkiegasp:

6572483 it would seem that you are forgetting that here, No magic exists! Mu Ha Ha Ha!
Yes cliche evil laugh is evil.
and cliche

Moar! *clears throat* I would love to see more of this story from you, it's an interesting and well done take on humanity finding not only another inhabited planet, but finding Equis!


Yeah, it's definitely confusing me... :rainbowhuh:

6575257 Do you have any suggestions on what i could do to make it easier to read?

6575265 Maybe try to explain what's going on with a little bit more detail.

alright guys due to feedback i will be pulling the newest chapter : Pain and Healing down for a few hours at most.
please bear with me as i fix it

I'm enjoying the fic so far and it's not really confusing to me; however, Celestia did seem a bit ooc, she doesn't seem to be the type to fly into fits of rage.

6575555 if the person that was like a daughter to you was being held by an unknown force and you had no way of even knowing if she was still alive, would you not be enraged when you found all of that out?

6575697 i would say that as a mother figure to twilight her response is not angry enough as she actually listened to reason and pulled her roll as a ruler to the fore front

6575697 I'm not saying she wouldn't be angry, I bet she would be absolutely livid. I'm just saying she wouldn't express it in such an obvious way. Celestia is a thousand year old politician, I'm sure she would be able to tone down her emotions quite well. Other than this I think you're doing a great job and I'm looking forward to future chapters.

6575697 I would hazard that Celestia would be more concerned than outraged, unless it were obvious to her that they had intentionally harmed her (former) student. Being the Xanatos Gambit politician type that she is, schooling her reactions in most cases would be second nature to her.

Then again, she is also facing the stress of a potential invasion of hypertech aliens many millions strong. :rainbowlaugh:

Hopefully someone will fall victim to the ponies' innate supercuteness and calm Twilight down with a friendly hug or ear-scratch. :twilightsmile:

6575758 ill keep both of you guys words in mind for the future. for now she slipped. lets just see her again soon.

three-hundred million years

Damn, those must be the most fertile humans to have ever existed. i know that there are several million humans aboard, but still...

I am so far enjoying this story! :pinkiehappy:

6578536 Thank you for pointing that mistake out. it should have been 20 million years

6578536 You do know that fertility has nothing to do with genetic diversity, right? :unsuresweetie:

6605793 this is true. it will all be explained later. for now if you want spoilers to some things go look at the comments on my user page here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Zangetsu675
second page of the comments to be exact

Don't worry, Twilight. If the humans get uppity Luna can always drop the Moon on them. :rainbowlaugh:

Science the magic out of her!

6608792 okay first off, do you even realize the amount of destruction that would cause? it would literally destroy the entire planet. a meteor the size of Texas caused the largest extinction of life our planet has ever seen 60 million years ago. if that happened what do you think the moon would do. all that dust and debris would cause an ice age.
second they are in the san palpmino desert which is just south of las pegasus. an object the size of the moon would not only crush the entire desert but all of the country of equestria and beyond. the destruction of tyhe humans would mean the destruction of everything.
not to mention the there are only about 150,000 humans on the surface right now. that is out of 300,000,000. the rest are in a fixed solar orbit alongside equis. this means that they are outside of the reach of the atmospheric reach of the moon. and don't even get me started on the havoc lunas supposed powers would do to the tides.

so in short all will be explained in time.

6608945 Oh science will be taking care of magic alright

glad this chapter is finally out, I was getting worried!

6610107 yeah I've been dealing with the loss of my job by the workplace shutting down and trying to find a new job. plus all that just put me in a bad mood that made me very uncreative. sorry it took so long. from here chapters might slow down a bit due to my unemployment so just expect the update schedule to be crazy.

6610098 she just needed to concentrate for a few seconds

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